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The AresMUSH games directory lists all public games running AresMUSH.

Open Games

Game Category Address Activity Status Up
Empire State Heroes Comic Open Up
Astonishing Tales MUSH Comic Open Up
The Savage Skies Fantasy Open Up
Trelawney Cove Historical Beta Up
Crystal Springs Modern Alpha Up
Ares Demo Other Sandbox Up
The Network Other Open Up
The Last Road Other Open Up
StargateMUSH Sci-Fi Alpha Up
The Lost Colony Sci-Fi Alpha Up
Firefly - Still Flyin' Sci-Fi Open Up
Different Stars Sci-Fi Beta Up
Spirit Lake Supernatural Beta Up
Gray Harbor Supernatural Beta Up
Obsidian Reverie Supernatural Beta Up
Shattered Illusions Supernatural Open Up
The Woodward Agency Supernatural Beta Up
  • Activity - Summarizes player activity over the past few weeks. (0-4 stars)
  • Status - Reflects the game's play status, as reported by the game owner.
  • Up - Reflects whether the game has checked in with AresCentral recently.

Games In Development

Game Category Address Activity Status Up
Patterns Of An Age Fantasy In Development Up
Sanctuary Modern In Development Up
Sometimes A Great Notion Sci-Fi In Development Up
Into the Void Sci-Fi In Development Up
Lost Innocence Sci-Fi In Development Up
The Big Dark Sci-Fi In Development Up
Moon River Supernatural In Development Up
Antillia Supernatural In Development Up
BhamMu Supernatural In Development Up

Closed Games