The AresMUSH games directory lists all public games running AresMUSH.

Open Games

Game Category Address Activity Status Up
Excelsior! Comic Open Up
Seven Nations Fantasy Alpha Up
Pokemorph Paradise Fantasy Open Up
Concordia Fantasy Beta Up
Luminiferous Aether Fantasy Alpha Up
Alveraxus Fantasy Alpha Up
Atharia Fantasy Open Up
The Lost Realms Fantasy Open Up
The Swan Path Fantasy Beta Up
World Hymn Online Fantasy Open Up
Dragonfly Dreams: Egg Game Fantasy Open Up
Seaside Modern Alpha Down
Ares Demo Other Sandbox Up
Imagine Other Alpha Up
OtherSpace Sci-Fi Alpha Up
Wilds of Pern Sci-Fi Beta Up
Star Wars: Restoration Sci-Fi Beta Up
DOA Sector Sci-Fi Open Up
Keys Supernatural Beta Up
Obsidian Reverie: Ascendency Supernatural Beta Up
Shattered Supernatural Open Up
Harvest Moons Supernatural Beta Up
NeitherlandsMUSH Supernatural Alpha Down
City of Glass Supernatural Open Up
StarCrossed Supernatural Alpha Up
Disquiet Supernatural Alpha Up
The Sixth Estate Supernatural Beta Up
The Devil's Due Supernatural Alpha Up
  • Activity - Summarizes player activity over the past few weeks. (0-4 stars)
  • Status - Reflects the game's play status, as reported by the game owner.
  • Up - Reflects whether the game has checked in with AresCentral recently.

Games In Development

Game Category Address Activity Status Up
The World Needs Heroes Comic In Development Down
Time of Sacrifice Comic In Development Down
Legends and Legacies Comic In Development Up
Yet Another Fucking Comic MUSH Comic In Development Up
Artemisia Fantasy In Development Down
Before the Ring Fantasy In Development Down
Jade City Fantasy In Development Down
Civita D'Alba Fantasy In Development Down
Dry Gulch Historical In Development Up
Rotten Apple Supernatural In Development Down

Closed Games

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