Pace Preferences & Availability

  • Formerly wyncress ... the list of current/past characters was bugging my OCD.

  • Async, async, async! I have two kids, I work weekends, adulting is hard! NEVER worry about being 'too slow' where posing is concerned. Re: live events, I will only sign up if I am CERTAIN I can maintain a live pace. Otherwise, one-on-one is preferred solely due to the fact that I will sometimes be distracted. At most, I can handle async scenes with up to two others as long as we're on the same page.

  • I try to check notifications when I can; I don't have a SET connectivity schedule, which really isn't as big of a deal anymore, via Ares + Portal. If you need to reach me promptly with questions/concerns or just want to chitchat, message me on Discord -> tamecrow

  • As noted prior, I am a part-time weekend warrior (Fri thru Sun) at a job that does not allow for ease-of-posing. I am not able to check scenes and offer responses until well into the afternoon, PST.

  • Wednesdays are also limited for me, with posed responses not being dealt until well into the afternoon, PST.


  • Romance (monogamous or polyamorous), Slice-of-Life, Drama-Bomb (within reason), Gore/Grittiness/Body Horror, Backstory, Comedy

  • Within reason -- (not in every scene) -- I am fine to occasionally go beyond the FTB for certain plot-points... preferably if our characters ICLY jibe well and have a well-grounded story. As players, too, there needs to be mutual respect, consent and communication!


  • Love triangles.. sorry, not my bag. If it comes down to it, my character will step out of the equation and leave y'all to it. I would rather avoid it.

  • Child / elder / animal abuse, sexual assault/rape, racism, bigotry, misogyny/misandry. (NOTE: I understand the above can occasionally happen off-camera for plot flavor/backstory, etc. That's feasible. I will just not actively PLAY any of this out. Thanks!)

  • RPed miscarriage. Off-camera/backstory/vague mention is fine.

In Closing!

  • Friendly, nonjudgmental, easygoing; I'm a 'Switzerland'.. ie. very chill and not looking to pick sides. I have full faith in peoples' abilities to work out their issues and talk things through. We all fuck up..... hell, I've played some real stinkers in the past. Hopefully we all grow from it!

  • I am not one for arguments, drama, grudges, etc. Have a history that you're actively trying to better yourself from? Starting over? I will totally support that. Were you an absolute dumpster-fire on previous games in previous years but you are actively trying to do things differently and improve on your behaviors? So long as you're not hurting others I will happily help you in your cause.

  • In short... don't be an asshole; don't be cruel. RL is stressful enough and we're all in this hobby to escape from that for a bit.


Past Characters