Community Plugins

These community-contributed plugins can be added to your game.

Click on the plugin name to view the plugin's details in GitHub. You can install plugins directly from the game using plugin/install <github url>. For example: plugin/install

Note! Be sure to check the README file in each plugin's for any additional installation/configuration steps. Use these plugins at your own risk. Community plugins are not officially supported (unless otherwise specified).

See the AresMUSH submission guidelines if you want to contribute your own plugins.

Plugin Category Description Author Web Code Installs
Compliments Skills System for giving compliments to other players. Tat 19
Cookies RP Trivial acknowledgements for fun RP. Faraday 23
Cortex RPG Skills Skills/chargen system based on the Cortex RPG. Faraday 1
Dice Roller Systems Rolling dice from the portal. Faraday 17
Dotcount System Count FS3 ability dots. Ren 1
ESH Traits Skills Setting Powers, Skills, Advantages, and Flaws. Clockwork 12
Economy System Basic economy system. Lyanna 4
FFG RPG Skills Skills/chargen system based on FFG's Genesys/Star Wars RPG. Faraday 0
Fate RPG Skills Skills/chargen system based on the Fate RPG. Faraday 15
Generic RPG Skills Generic RPG plugin. Faraday 14
Luck Give Systems Give your FS3 luck points to other characters. Tat 6
Marque Systems Marque system for Kushiel-based games. Lyanna 1
OpenWeather Building Weather system that uses real weather data from Mudpuppy 10
Pendragon Traits Skills Traits system for Pendragon RPG. Lyanna 4
Post Event Community Post event changes to a forum. Tat 17
RP Preferences Community Roleplay preferences. Faraday 17
Random Scene RP Suggest random scene prompts. Tat 7
Renown System Renown system for games where points are awarded for deeds or achievements. Lyanna 10
Simple Inventory Systems Simple inventory system. Tat 9
Text Messages Skills Simulate text message conversations in scenes. Tat 66
Traits Skills Simple system for tracking character traits. Faraday 14
Weather Building Simple weather generator. Faraday 15

- Web Portal Support Included

- Custom Code Required