2236-11-12 - Last Night of Freedom - Enlisted

Enlisted soldiers enjoy an ice-breaker party, then find out it may be the last for awhile.

Date: 2236-11-12

Location: Rec Room

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Scene Number: 704

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A week after the floodgates opened and crew members started arriving in earnest, the powers that be have decided to start some organized team-building activities - the first of which was just an ice-breaker social. Yeah, toss a bunch of people from all different colonies together in a room and tell them to play nice. What could go wrong? With thousands of crew and critical jobs to fill, it was obviously necessary to split the parties into multiple shifts. This one is geared towards the enlisted marines of 1st platoon and some other various enlisted groups. The usual rec room amenities are open - cards, pool, vids, chitchat. And of course there's booze. Gunny Cross is here somewhere, making sure that nobody gets too silly.

Harrison is just /great/ at ice breakers. You can tell by the way he attempts to medicate his natural inclination to scowl with an immediate beeline for the alcohol. He has a bottle in hand now as he stands, vaguely awkward, and considers one of the card tables.

Isolde Asa is at a table, drink at her elbow, and is shuffling up a deck of triad cards. She does so with the expertise of someone who has probably shuffled a lot of cards, but she doesn't exactly have the reputation of being an excellent hustler. No, she's average at best, but she does give off an air of being quite good at something she's actually mediore at. But, it's fun, and that's what counts. Toothpick between her teeth, she shuffles thrice more, waiting for the last couple seats to fill at the table.

Cate arrives, looking around for familiar (or quasi-familiar anyway, after only a week on board) faces. Spying Isolde at one of the card tables, she'll lift her hand if Isolde looks her way. But first she grabs a bottle of beer. Seeing Harrison standing there eyeing the card tables, she wonders, "Thinking about jumping in?"

Harrison blinks at Cate a moment, like he didn't expect someone to actually talk to him. (At...an ice breaker. Okay.) "Maybe," he says, and then, "I guess." His Tauron accent hangs heavy on his words. He steps forward to Isolde's table and glances at one of the empty seats in silent question.

When she spots Cate's greeting, Isolde offers a far-too-cool up-nod. But her expression breaks into a broad, dimpled smile, and the computer tech almost laughs. This causes the corporal sitting at the table already to give her a weird look, aand she offers a snort. "Oh, please... like you don't sometimes look idiotic in public." She sets down the deck for the Marine to cut, and then she nods to the open seats for Cate and Harrison. "Sit, and be merry."

Cate's eyebrows lift at Harrison's response. "Something to pass the time anyway." She smiles at Isolde's invitation. "Hey Asa." But she doesn't sit immediately, instead glancing at Harrison, as if to see if he plans on joining as well. "Cate Rhodes, by the way. Medic."

Harrison hesitates a moment, and then sinks down in a seat. He glances at Cate at her introduction, and then around at the others at the table. He clears his throat and says, "Harrison Brady. Marine tech."

"Good to meet you," Cate offers to Harrison. She takes a sip from her beer before sitting down in one of the empty seats, nodding to the other folks at the table. "First platoon?" she wonders, not entirely sure who all they invited to this particular shindig.

"Oooh, another tech," Isolde says, brightening. "We are taking over the ship." She starts to deal. "I'm Isolde Ka... Specialist... I work on Galactica's computer systems and moonlight on the deck." She adds, a bit sourly. "And sometimes in mechanical. We had some showers break down in the head today. Fun, I say... fun." She flashes the new pair a grin before she finishes dealing.

"Yeah, that's right," Harrison confirms to Cate's question. He settles a bit in his seat, setting his beer on the table, and starts digging in his pockets. He frowns vaguely at Isolde. "I'm not that kind of tech. Vehicles and weapons, not computers."

"Better the showers than the toilets," is Cate's reasoning. Then she tilts her head at Isolde. "Ka? I thought it was Asa? Have I still been mangling your name?" She looks over with interest when Harrison mentions his job description.

"A tech is a tech is a tech," Isolde quips back easily. Then Cate asks after her surname, and she offers a wry smirk. "My sister got transferred to the Galactica... I'm deciding a name-change is in order." She starts to grin, and clarifies to Harrison. "I'm actually Asa, but let's say for tonight, I'm Ka, and that's okay." She peeks at her cards, and then looks around at the others.

Harrison frowns vaguely at Isolde's quip, enough to suggest a certain amount of disagreement, but he doesn't argue. He focuses on taking up his cards instead, sorting and considering and discarding when it's appropriate. "Right," he says, glancing between them dubiously at the back and forth about Isolde's name.

Cate seems to pick up on Harrison's frown, and isn't so reluctant to speak up. "I dunno," Cate replies with a light smile to Isolde. "A doctor is a doctor to some extent, but I wouldn't really want a dermatologist trying to take out my gallbladder." The name explanation gets an arched eyebrow. "You just might throw Newton into a tailspin with that one. He only just learned your old name. Cool about your sister though - I mean, assuming you get along."

"My goal is to always find ways to throw Newton into a tailspin... he makes it so much fun," Isolde replies back to Cate. Then she looks at Harrison after Cate's input, and she relents. "I more mean that techs should be proud of each other... and the work we do. That's all." She shifts in her seat, a bit awkwardly, and then starts the bets. She belatedly returns to the topic of her sister, and she shrugs. "We get along... okay... she's a head doctor, so that adds a certain... layer to things."

"Like a /head/ doctor or a head doctor?" Harrison asks, peering at Isolde (and gliding right on past the tech disagreement).

"Sure. Techs are underappreciated," is Cate's assessment of tech pride. "Nobody pays attention when things are working, only when they break." She also looks curious to hear the answer to Harrison's question.

"Head doctor... shrink... psychologist," Isolde offers, though she pauses with a slow frown. "Or is she a psychiatrist?" This question is more posed to her shoulder as she looks aside than anyone else. Then she looks back to the other two. "But, yeah... she's here to make sure we all stay sane, but it adds a certain awkwardness to our sisterly love."

"That's true," Harrison actually agrees with for a change. He jerks his chin in a nod at Isolde's answer. "Sounds not awkward at all," he drawls.

"Psychiatrists go to med school. Different kinds of doctors," Cate offers to Isolde's frowning contemplation. She nods agreement to Harrison then smirks, "And I think that presumes that we were sane when we got here."

"I confess... I kind of ignored my sister's successes for a while... I'm the baby of the family, and was too busy making trouble." The tech laughs lightly at Cate's note of sanity, and she shakes her head. "I know I'm not."

Harrison snorts quietly at Cate's comment, but he doesn't lift his gaze from his cards as he's quiet for a few moments.

"No comment," Cate says with a smirk on the subject of being sane. She slants a glance to the quiet Harrison, then asks Isolde. "Just the two of you, then?" She eyes her cards blandly, making a modest bet.

Isolde matches Cate's bet without thinking twice, and she shakes her head. "Oh, no... our brother is the Golden Child. He's my father's great legacy." No bitterness here, folks, move along. "He's still on Tauron, I think... he doesn't really share where he's stationed." She shrugs a shoulder. "I'm not very close to him." She offers a weak smile in reply, and then gestures. "What about you two? Siblings?" Ice breaking, remember?

Harrison's gaze flicks up as Isolde continues, studying her a moment as she mentions the distance between her and her brother. Then it drops down to his cards again. "Nope."

Cate ahs. "Well, I suppose in some ways it's better not to be the Golden Child. Less pressure. And no. Bazillion cousins, but no siblings." She looks over to Harrison. "You're from Tauron?" She shifts a few of the cards around in her hand, organizing them.

"Cousins are like having siblings, but you don't have to live with them," Isolde says, almost like she's quoting something. She raises the bet when it comes to her go. She looks over to Harrison the Quiet, head tilted a bit at Cate's question.

Harrison glances at Cate briefly when she identifies herself as a fellow only child, then reaches for his beer to take a long pull. "Yeah," he says as he lowers it. His voice a touch drier, he says, "That obvious?"

"Sometimes," Cate agrees with Isolde. "There are some I barely know, others who are practically like brothers or sisters I guess." She matches the raise, and then looks over at Harrison. Hitching her shoulder, she says, "Just learning to place the accents. I never knew anyone from Tauron before I came here."

Isolde brightens at the confirmation of having a fellow Tauron present. "Hypatia?" She tilts her head. Then she looks to Cate, and starts to grin. "Your life was incomplete, wasn't it?"

Harrison snorts again, this time at Isolde's question. "No place near so fancy," he says, tossing a few of his cards in to discard and pulling their replacements from the desk. "Middle of nowhere."

"Apparently," Cate replies good-naturedly to Isolde's quip, spreading her hand a little. "Hypatia - is that the capital?" she wonders.

"It is. It's --" And then Isolde is interrupted by the PA clicking on. She drops into silence, listening to the report. She, for one, does not join the cheers. She looks apprehensive at best. Her fingers give a small twitch around her cards, and then she looks back over to Cate and Harrison. "Historic moment," she repeats, tone a bit uncertain.

Harrison seems content to let Isolde answer, but his silence grows even heavier when the admiral comes on over the PA system. He doesn't offer any cheers of his own; in fact, his expression has grown even graver. He remains still even when it comes his turn in cards, as if he's forgotten he's playing.

Cate is also not joining in the cheering. But she doesn't look apprehensive either - just presses her lips together in a look of grim satisfaction. "Well, at least we won't be sitting around on our asses for another week." But this calls for a bigger sip of her drink.

Isolde sets down her cards, demonstrating a fold. "Yeaha. Woohoo." There's no real excitement there, and she takes another deep swallow of her own drink. She starts to lean back in her chair, back heavily sagging into it. "Guess I better make sure she's ready." But she doesn't seem to be able to get out of her seat.

Harrison finally realizes it's his turn and drops his cards as well to fold. "Excuse me," he mumbles, rising and taking his drink to head back out of the Rec Room.

The announcement seems to have tanked the card game pretty effectively. In short order, it's just the two of them left at the card table - though there are still plenty of marines hanging around the Rec Room. Cate sets her cards down as well, and takes another swig from her drink. She's watching Isolde as she does so, though. After swallowing, she asks, "You okay?"

The computer tech blinks as Harrison stands, and it seems to jar Isolde from her thoughts. "Oh, yeah... see you around." She glances toward Cate. The Tauron woman looks uncertain, shifting in her seat. "I think..." She then leans forward. "What should I do before tomorrow? I've never..." Been told that tomorrow she ships out? Told that tomorrow they go to war?

"Never been into action before?" Cate puts forth a guess as to the end of that sentence. Eyebrows arched questioningly, she awaits confirmation before actually venturing an answer to the assumed question.

"No..." Isolde confesses quietly. "I'm very behind the scenes." Way, way, way behind the scenes.

Cate nods slightly, considering her response for a moment. "Everyone's different. Pray, drink, get laid, watch a vid... any or all of the above." A pause. "Okay, maybe not all... that would be a freaking weird night." She smirks, trying to lighten the mood. "Whatever keeps you sane-ish."

Isolde rolls her lower lip between her teeth at Cate's suggestions. She glances over around at the other enlisted present, and then back to Cate. She smiles slightly at the lightening statement, and then she finishes off her drink. "Whatever keeps me sane," she repeats, thinking about that. "Okay." She taps her glass a couple times. "Okay." Now she starts to stand. "Thanks, Cate," she says softly. "I'm... gonna go ask someone to go get some sliders with me." Which may or may not make any sense.

Apparently it doesn't, for Cate offers Isolde a perplexed squint. "Sliders?" she echoes blankly. "But you're welcome. Take care." Somehow it has more import than the typical farewell, as if she means the words literally.

"You too," Isolde offers, and her smile is gentle and uncertain. But then she's heading for the hatch.


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