2237-04-17 - Everything and Nothing

Everything and nothing has changed for Finn and Eva.

Date: 2237-04-17

Location: Officer Berthings, //Galactica//

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Scene Number: 982

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It's not that Finn doesn't have a dress uniform. He does, of course. It's not that it wasn't pressed and ready for action...well, ok, it was that it wasn't pressed and ready for action. He hasn't had to wear it in quite some time, so it's been poorly folded over several moves. Finn has it in a bag that he's brought by Eva's berthing in hopes of getting some assistance of the non-wing mate variety. No blowing up Cylons required, just mad ironing skills. "Getting ready to be called Major Eva soon?" he offers with a quick grin that slides easily across his face. The bag is held in his left hand, and he's still wearing his flight suit, though it's halfway down around his waist.

Eva glances up from her fussing, twitching the skirts just so. It's stupid, given that it will never look like that once it's on, but that's not a point! She's a woman playing with a pretty thing. A smile, "I'll never be that. I'm sure they think my head will get even bigger than it is." She steps over to you, taking the uniform out of your hands, and starting to unfold it, "I have a secret weapon for this." A glance, at the flight suit, "Though I'd be happy with you in that."

"Yeah, I doubt there's a promotion in my future either..." Finn offers with a faint smirk. "Especially not after my performance lately. Maybe I'll get a nice demotion...decrease in responsibility...Plus then I'd have to call you sir." he waggles his eyebrows jovially at that, but there's a hint of frustration to his tone. It's buried deep, but she knows him well enough by now. There's also a hint of whiskey on his breath now that she's gotten closer. He gives up the bagged uniform when she takes it without resistance. "Secret weapon?" The smirk returns at her final comment, "I think I'd be more comfortable in this."

"Finn O'Day, are you completely mad? You escaped from a cylon house of horrors, you rescued your commanding officer, and two of your squadronmates, and you became the first human ever to fly a cylon aircraft out of cylon controlled airspace." Okay, so she sort of helped with those, but that's not important. Finn did do all of the heavy lifting. Eva holds the uniform in one hand, lifting the other to cup his cheek, momentarily serious, before it breaks, and she steps back, "Would you really call me sir?" She nods, at the questioning tone, hanging the uniform up as well, "I managed to trade for this baby." It's a uniform steamer.

"Hey now, you flew the damned thing, I just help keep the air going." Which is partially true. He did whatever else ECO's do in a Raider...Which is a pretty unique job. "I'm just off my game I guess. You had that heavy on you, and..." he sighs a touch, letting out a slow breath, "I just couldn't seem to get it done." That moment of seriousness hangs there, he leans into that touch to his cheek. Then she steps back and he smirks at her, even if it is only a shadow of a smirk, "Probably not." He then eyes the steamer and huhs quietly..."I was kinda hoping you'd traded for a still..."

"We did it together. It took both of us to get out of there." Eva shakes out your uniform, separating the jacket from the bottoms, and sets the steamer to begin warming, the slosh it makes, well, it's already full, "Don't. Don't do that to yourself. I was fine, we got it done. It was rough, but that's war." A wryness, in her smile, "Not a still, but we do have shore leave coming up. We can buy the parts then." A moment, to study your face, before she adds, "Antonie and I broke up." Which is probably something Finn needs to know.

"I know..." Finn begins quietly and rakes a hand through his hair. It's gotten longer than regulation, what with the kidnapping and the time planet side. He needs a hair cut. "I'll get over it, I'm just in a funk, Cherry." The kind of funk that has him drinking more than usual. He slips his pocket flask from an interior pouch in his flight suit and unscrews the cap. Her mention of parts for a still has him arching an eyebrow, "Can we now?" he muses as he lifts to flask to his lips, and takes a swig. No secrets there. And then she mentions that she and Antonie broke up and the flask lingers at his lips longer than usual. Finally he pulls it away, wiping at his mouth, "I'm sorry to hear that..." Though given how things have been going, he's probably not really that sorry. "What happened?"

Cherry was probably a maid in a former life, because she can steam the hell out of a uniform. Which she proceeds to do. Although, to be fair, it's probably more a side effect of being in the Virgon Royal Navy, where every uniform comes with a stick to place up your ass before inspection. "I'll have to work on that." She manages a smile, but there's not much cheekiness in it, as the question comes, and Eva studies the uniform she's working on, "I fell in love with you." She might as well be honest about that. Eva pauses, the steam momentarily masking her face, before she turns it off, "I could have maybe continued, if I lied to myself about it," like she had been, "But how could I do that...after everything?"

Finn just sort of idly watches as she goes to work on the uniform. Finn knows how to handle his clothes for the most part, like every military officer, it's part of the life. Still, this is more extreme than he'd have managed on his own...which is of course why he brought this to her instead of fumbling through it himself. There's silence at first, and Finn takes another swig from the flask before screwing the cap back on. The flask is put back into its hidden pouch inside his flight suit. He reaches out a hand to touch at her arm, fingers only grazing against her skin at first. "I didn't want to assume I knew what you'd choose to do after we escaped..." he says quietly and then adds on, "Are you ok?"

There's something almost comforting in the routine of managing a uniform that goes a long way, though possibly not long enough, towards calming Eva's nerves, so there's no fumbling, when she sets down the steamer on the top bunk. She's quiet, watching your movements, noting the flask, but not commenting on it, remaining still, as you touch her arm, "I chose you down there. I chose you here. Niemec wasn't blind. I think she saw what was happening before I did." The final question brings an uncertainty to her expression, "I suppose that depends on what you choose to do, now that we've escaped."

"No...I suppose she wasn't..." Finn replies, his lingering touch on her arm shifting into him taking her arm and drawing her in closer to him. It isn't sudden or abrupt, and it has a sort of casual, familiar feel to it. At least for him. "I told you that I loved you too, down there. That hasn't changed..." He falls silent then, watching her.

It's always been this way, between Eva and Finn, this easy compatibility, the feeling of something familiar and comfortable. "And I think she had...something else she wanted to pursue as well. It just..wasn't right for either of us anymore." Eva's hand settles on your bicep, her tone questioning. They've always danced this strangely cautious dance, "You're not just going to kiss my hand again, are you?" Come on. This is Eva and Finn we're talking about.

Finn is quiet as she speaks, a faint nod offered. He's listening, just not adding anything to it. He draws her in closer still, moving his other hand to cup her cheek, "I could try a foot I guess, if you are tired of the hands?" He grins at her, and then leans in to kiss her on the lips. It's still tentative and he's still being cautious, since this basically changes everything.

Eva's face wrinkles, the look of disgust obviously put on, as she plays the straight man this go around, "Ew. No." But the look fades a moment after, eyes falling closed at the touch of his hand, opening them again only in the moment right before he kisses her. The kiss is returned, and her response is just as tentative, and perhaps uncertain. Not of you, but...this is uncharted territory for her.

The kiss is light, and lingering. It's not that there isn't any heat to it from Finn's side of things, it's just a low smoldering sort of heat instead of a burning inferno. He draws back a few moments later, leaning his forehead against hers, "Better?"

Eva, usually forceful to the point of being pushy, in this instance, is happy to let you have the lead. The hand on your arm rises, again allowing her fingertips to settle on your cheek. The slow burn seems to have much more appeal than the raging fire. A smile, as you settle against her, "Better."

There's a quiet smile on Finn's lips, and he slides the arm that was on her arm around her waist then, "Alright, so that's better than the hand, and you aren't interested in the foot. I'm learning so much." There's a quiet smirk and he leans down to kiss her again, though he stops short and looks over to his uniform, "That thing won't shrink my kilt, will it?" ... Kilt?

Eva tucks herself into the circle of Finn's arm, which is not so different from how she might have stood with him before...except that this isn't before and everything is changed. She lifts her head, about to return the kiss, before she tilts her head, looking back critically towards your uniform, "That depends on whether or not you're planning wear anything underneath that kilt."

Finn grins against her lips for just a moment and then pulls back to eye her with no small amount of curious scrutiny. "Relax, it's got some under garments to go with it. It's not the standard Aerilon uniform, but I was part of a small flight group that had a specific uniform. It was a historical thing, I guess. Those standard navy farmers have to wear pants."

Eva allows a very dramatic, very put upon sigh to escape her lips, once you affirm that yes, you do plan to wear undergarments. "Well," sigh, "then I suppose the answer is no, it won't shrink your kilt." A flash of her usual sunny smile, "I think it's fantastic. And it matches my hair." Because if green doesn't go perfectly with red, then what the heck does?

"That's a relief...I never could have gone home with a shrunken kilt..." Home. Aerilon. Because they aren't actually going to live forever on Galactica. He returns her sunny smile and leans back to look at her hair. As if looking was required, it's crazy red. "I think it'll work..." And then a glance is spared for her dress instead of uniform, "Not wearing your duty uniform, then?"

Eva shakes her head, "Not on your life. Nearly twenty years I've been wearing that uniform." Eva pauses, the idea of that sinking in. Nearly twenty years, since the first day she started at the Academy. "And it is still as ugly then as it is now. No. It's a dress for me." Again, she holds up a hand, "Which reminds me." There's an edge of playfulness in her expression, "Want to be my date for the dance?"

Twenty years...Finn hmmms quietly at her an arches a brow for a moment, "Only thirteenish for me." He shrugs and plants a quick kiss on her cheek before looking over to the dress and then back to Eva, grinning at her and shrugs, "I guess. Otherwise it'd just be awkward."

Eva finally slips away, because she does have a dress uniform to steam, before she can enjoy the fruits of her labours, "Well, I am quite a few years older than you." A solemn nod, at your commentary, "Wouldn't it though? You'd have to find someone to go with...I'd have to find someone to go with...then we'd have to ditch them and go home together. So much melodrama." Eva flashes a smile, before she turns to work in earnest.


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