2237-04-20 - Timber Wolves Assemble

The brass officially announces the Timber Wolves.

Date: 2237-04-20

Location: Ready Room, Galactica

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Scene Number: 746

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Duty uniform spotless, Paige arrives about 7 minutes before the briefing and finds herself a decent seat somewhere in the middle of the room. She gives a brief nod of greeting to those she knows, but otherwise isn't very chatty just at the moment. Curious, though. Yes. She is curious. She just doesn't show it. All business, this one.

Erin sits somewhere in the back. Preferably behind someone else, where she can remain relatively hidden. Sunken into her chair, she apparently is doing her best to be inconspicuous, even though it's impossible to hide when you're sitting at a desk. In front of a podium. With a sparse, sparse crowd.

Still, she's attentive. Watching the officers and others, particularly the former when it appears as if they are about to get started. So, much like Paige: business-like, in her own, feline, recon way. (Hiss.)

Cap has crammed in an -awful- lot of recreational madness in during her leave so far, so there's relatively little moaning or groaning from the chronically chipper viper pilot. If anything, she's in very high spirits from all the fun and excitement, and has to willingly push it down once they arrive. Gotta look all dour and serious for military stuff! Not that she isn't (serious), as she plops into an empty seat with a notepad on hand and all.

Liv is incoming, filing in with her own uniform crisp, clean, lined as it should be and has been engrained, aside from the fact the the upmost button is undone. Claustrophobic.

IN fact being crammed into a room with people (doesn't matter how few) she takes a seat closest to the back door and simply hunches forward, propping elbows on her knees and chin within cupped palms. Reverse slump!

Long black hair is knotted back along her nape into a bun with ends splayed out around edges while she dutifully picks at a spot on her cargos.

More troops filter in, filling all the desks. A few even have to stand in the back. Cate is one of them, slouching against the wall in her duty fatigues. They're nowhere near as neat and tidy as Paige, having been worn all day on duty.

Paige smiles faintly at the Admiral's joke, a small twitch of one corner of her mouth. Otherwise, however, she retakes her seat with little wasted movement or figiting. The faster seated and attentive, the faster this briefing will end.

Up. Down. Erin complies with tradition. And then sits, listens, and keeps her mouth shut. Plus, no smile. No smidgen of amusement. Serious. Super serious.

No pause, though Liv stares dead-ahead as she rises, her posture ramrod, chin paralell, shoulders squared. It seemed mechanic, if it was not for the fact that somewhere in the backdrop of those cool eyes an unspoken amusement dances, or perhaps anticipation.

//Pleasepleaseplease. Send me somewhere fun.// Hands at sides in lax-mode curl into small fists that resume a prop for chin as she seats herself.

Cap is good about formal routine, up and down she goes. Whee. Well, not quite whee. That's part of that bubbly personality she's keeping under wraps. Internal whee? But really, her intent focus on the Admiral isn't there just because it's supposed to be there, she absolutely wants to know what is happening. She's curious, fascinated, probably a little awed. The notepad remains ready!

Finn watches from his seat as the Admiral comes in and starts off into a very short speech. Hopefully short. It'll probably be really short. Which is good. He arches a brow faintly at the comment about expanding capabilities and glances around to the others, then back to the Admiral.

Cate does her best not to look as put-upon as she feels at the exercise in tradition. She does, at least, straighten up and pay attention.

All right. This is interesting. Erin's eyebrows rise. And she pays a bit more attention now, if that were possible. (Apparently, the Admiral knows how to keep an audience.)

Paige blinks mildly at the announcement. That small smile returns to her lips and her head cants. Well. There's a development, to be sure. As the Admiral leads off the applause, she follows suit, fading as the Colonel takes his place to speak.

Special...operations...All of them? Finn huhs quietly and looks around to the others once more. "Wonder who will be training us..." he mutters quietly. That should have been in his head, but...If no one wants to lend out special ops, then who will make them all special ops? He claps when the Admiral claps.

There's a moment, one where Liv holds a breath, and those eyes dart from the podium to those seated or standing within the room and then go back to the podium as it is relinquished. A few solid claps into cupped palms that had released the prop of her chin comes in accord.

Curiousity killed the... well, whatever. That's life here anymore. Turns-of-phrases her father had once spoke to her did not count.

Cap does a bit of a side-to-side look, along with a side-order of 'Who, me?' at the announcement. Well, they did say -train-. She only has limited time to sit there being dubious of who let her in the room, though, before swept up in the applause, first reflexively and then with a little more vigor.

Like Cap, Cate is taken aback by the announcement. She actually looks around like... wait, what? There's an almost deer-in-headlights look on her face.

Trial by fire. Yeah, well, what else is new. Paige's faint half-smile becomes more a half-grimace, but that doesn't detract from her interest. She's confident she can take anything they throw at her. Or, more accurately, she's confident she can force herself to take anything they throw at her. How well she comes out the other end? Only time will tell. But, she's no quitter.

Erin doesn't move. Or raise a hand. Or say anything. She just -- she's just unpreturbed. Cool as a cucumber. Alternately, she's thinking about something else at the moment. Like kittens: heaps of fluffy, fuzzy, blue-eyed kittens. (Mew, mew, mew.) Focused. Or not at all here.

Canting his head to the right at the trial by fire comment, Finn just smirks a bit. Like that's any different from before. And then there's the ask on questions, "Will there be changes to our internal command structure? Whose gonna be CAG, are we breaking into smaller squads or flight groups to be more specialized?"

//Is there a method to your madness,

is it all about pride?...//

Liv looks down at her hands, splaying fingers out before her gaze, staring through them it seems as she slowly smiles and then the flash of teeth reveals the smile. She is not surprised, but she is more than ready and willing. This is what she wanted - to make a difference and be toe-to-toe instead of sidelined. She owed it to...

Liv rights and casts a glance to Erin, lingering before it skims the room and opens mouth to speak and inquire but 'Who do I report to?' is asked, in essence, by Finn.

A moment is taken to then look upon Cate, and then Paige, committing to memory for the near-future.

There's another round of up/down as the troops are called to attention. Admiral Bauer heads out, but Ryan remains in case there are any final questions.

Cap continues her display of emotional range, from the initially energetic, to the curious, to the disbelieving, and now... well, for the first time she looks a bit worried by the whole thing. Scared even. Can't all be hardasses... or perpetually high-spirited and positive, in her case, since no one would have described her as a hardass at any point! The girl swallows when she hears they're being transfered, in part because 'they' is just such a nebulous thing. She's made friends and now she may never see them again. Add to this another nervous sideglance as she takes in who is in the room there with her, apparently now her comrades in this particular new endeavor. So this time, she -does- lag slightly in the up-down, rising in a bit of a daze after everyone else.

As things seem to wind down, Erin suddenly makes a move. She gets up from her seat, and walks with her back level to the floor to where Liv sits, plopping down next to her. "Interesting," she notes to the other woman, her tone clinical and crisp. "That they would decide to diversify further." They may be friends or something. "Thoughts?" Erin reaches out to nudge Liv lightly on the shoulder.

Questions asked and answered, Paige lets out a soft, thoughtful, 'hmf' at the end of it all, leaning back in her chair. Finally, after a few more moments of thought, she pulls herself to her feet and looks around at the others, her new 'squad mates'. Her ears rise subtly at Erin's question. "Surgical strikes, maybe? It's a war of attrition, if we don't find something that works better than just throwing bodies at the front."

"How much do I need to pack?" Once the rest of the queries pass through, Liv speaks up while rising, her voice wavering only slightly... Something in the backdrop is bothering her but only those attuned to that would catch on to the ice overlain that relates to the hue of her eyes. But beneath she was a maze of jungle that may have traps, and may have a beach.

When Erin comes closer though and nudges her she snaps out of the reverie that has her snapping her uniform in areas where her slump had caused creases. She is considering this a clap on the shoulder, despite... "We have something "dressy to go obtain", right?" Hidden answer: Later. Her thoughts are all over, and the light lift of a smile shows as much.

There's a light lingering on a patch and she casts a look towards Erin that may just relay as much. Looking up she lets her words carry. "Welp, tomorrow is still coming and as usual I have a Shop to Thrift through last minute. Also, drink with an umbrella in it might be beneficial?"

Offer extended, but none the less the Admiral, and Ryan both get a cast of that pale azure gaze and a nod with a small smile.

Cap just sort of lingers once they're back to sitting. It might be the sort of lingering that leaves her conspicuously visible after a lot more people clear out, the one of few stragglers haunting an increasingly empty room.

Well that was interesting. Finn nods once the session is over and gets up out of his seat, "Sounds like it'll be just another day..." Probably not, but how much different can it be? And then he's off and out of the ready room.

Cate wanders over to Cap, since she was sharing the wide-eyed look. "Almost feels like there's been some kinda mistake," she says softly.

"I don't drink casually," replies Erin to Liv, apparently pooping on the idea of getting down to shore and enjoying the ground. That, and whatever Paige said has her attention. The diminutive Marine eyes the Captain for a couple of seconds before responding.

"That's one reason, I suppose. If we number few -- " Shrug. " -- dividing further for operations may not be wise. But I presume the Admiral and her staff have made a wise choice." And, as her words suggest, Erin is all right with being selected, even if she probably wasn't asked to do so.

A hand is offered to Paige. "Hayes. Marines. Some call me Chilly." Because, welp -- she does seem frosty.

Cap looks up when someone approaches, and to her credit, has one of her usual smiles ready for Cate... almost immediately. But there is a second she takes to summon it up, and then a nod afterward, the same slow-motion movement as her last time rising for the Admiral. "Kinda, yeah. Well, I dunno. I'm sure they have us all for whatever qualifications they need," and in lighter circumstances, she's been known to brag or spin tall tales of her flying exploits, "But... yeah. I guess it seems like the sort of thing that should be all grizzled vets. But if the Colonies are all holding onto those... well, maybe that really does leave us. Guess we should all be flattered?"

Paige returns the handshake and gives 'Chilly' a nod. "Paige Greystone," she says by way of return introduction, and then promptly ignores the inevitable looks her notorious last name garners. "Raptor ECO. They call me Princess," for obvious reasons, likely. Her tone when she says it, though, is neutral. Maybe she's got some coolness of her own. She gives Liv a nod in greeting, too. Marines, she knows, tend to be pretty forthright about things. She values that. So, she's good with 'making friends'.

Cate nods to Cap. "Yeah, I guess so. But..." She chews on that for a moment. "It's kind of crazy." She gives a what-can-you-do shrug and then says, "I'm Cate, by the way. I know we kinda met in the city with Cherry, but I don't think we were really introduced."

"Caprica Duncan," a name far fancier than anything about her, "but everyone calls me Cap," offers the now-smiling viper pilot who has managed to shrug off or otherwise mask her initial shock in reaction to the big announcement. And when the shopping expedition is brought up, she decides to point out, "At least they're letting us all get dressed up and go dancing before they send us out to meet our doom." She hauls herself up, finally shaken of whatever daze or verbal shell-shock from the announcement. "Well. At least I'll know some people there."

"Graystone." Erin nods her head curtly, sighing after. She looks on to Liv for a moment or two. "I was planning to just go in my formal uniform." Then, she looks back to Paige. "And when I was younger, I didn't really /get/ to go to the dances that often." Beat. "Not sure I'd do anything but sit somewhere and watch."

The woman named 'Chilly' looks on to Cate and Cap, who aren't far away. "What about you? You planning to go to this formal tomorrow?" asks Erin to Paige, albeit off-hand and whilst looking elsewhere. Her eyes do return.

"Cap," Cate echoes. "Nice to meet you properly. And yeah, guess we get a sendoff at least. All the more reason to visit the beach I guess." She presses her lips together, actually not seeming all that excited by the prospect.

"I'll be there," Paige concedes. It's not often she dons the formal wear that was so much a part of her youth, nor the fancy gowns that made her a 'face to be watched' in the fashion industry before her enlistment. At least, this time, it'll be for a better cause than most. Awards and promotions are worth celebrating. Especially in wartime. "I suppose I'll take some leave tomorrow before the ceremony to find something appropriate." Uniform at the ceremony, sure. But something nice for the ball.

Cap glances over when there's a question about the formal, and here, she's all back to her normal enthusiastic self. "Oh, you couldn't keep me away! I already bought a dress for it! And I've... never even -owned- a formal dress, let alone one like this. Gods, its so fancy." Then she looks back at Cate, grinning big. "Oh yeah! I wasn't sure if I'd even get another chance to go down but I'd hate to miss it. I hear they're beautiful. And I already bought a suit, too." That day probably didn't end at the dress shop, and turned into a bit of a spree. "Reminds me that I should go and bug my CO about getting a second pass. Lets hope we both can, and maybe some of the others we went shopping with." She misses the other woman not being quite as enthusiastic, it seems. Either way, she's up on her feet and heading out. "If not, I'll catch you all at the formal!"

Erin lifts an eyebrow. She looks to Liv. Cate. And then, back to Paige. "I don't know many people on this ship," she concedes slowly. "But, based on my experience, something tells me that attractive, available men are going to be in short supply." And then, she smiles a toothy smile. To no one in particular.

It ends quickly.

Cate smiles a little at Cap's enthusiasm for the dresses, not quite sharing it herself. "Sounds like you had fun shopping." At least someone did. Cate nods and says goodbye when the other woman leaves, then glances over at Erin and Paige. Reluctant to interrupt, she offers a faint smile in their direction and then starts heading out herself.

"Somehow," Paige says dryly, a hint of that small smile touching her lips again, "I think we'll survive." Okay, to be fair, she is purposely and entirely single, right now, and has no intention of changing that anytime soon. "However, I suppose we'll just have to wait until tomorrow night to be sure." With that said, she gives a nod to Cate as she passes and to the others as well. It's one of those unconscious, formal gestures of her upper class Caprican upbringing she's not even conscious of... like an acknowledgement of 'fellows in privilege'. Which, well, in many regards, they are. "I should return to my duty station. I'll see you all tomorrow, I'm sure." With that, as with the others, the captain takes her leave.


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