2237-05-24 - A Letter of Condolence

Jonas writes to the parents of Sergeant Adam Jayne.

Date: 2237-05-24

Location: Medical Bay

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24 May 2237

Mister and Missus Jayne,

My name is Jonas Ignvar, and I am a Marine with the VX-1 Timber Wolves. I was the radioman on the mission that claimed your son's life. It was the first mission I had served in with him, but I can tell by the reaction of the other Marines on site in the mission that his loss had a deep and profound effect on the men and women of the Marine Compliment.

Sergeant Jayne's actions during the attack that claimed his life were beyond exemplary. His actions saved the lives of over a dozen prisoners, and every member of his squad last night. Though almost all of us were wounded, his timely orders and commands, carried out even after he went down, led to the successful completion of the mission.

I know that this does not do much to calm the ache in your hearts today, but I thank you for your son's service and sacrifice that saved everyone that he was in charge of last night. I hope that this is a small solace in your time of grief. Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss and the prayers of those that were touched by your son in this darkest hour that he was the light that provided our way.

Sergeant Jonas Ignvar
VX-1 Timber Wolves


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