2237-05-29 - At the Arcade

Abigail, Aubrey, and Jonah enjoy a visit to the local arcade.

Date: 2237-05-29

Location: Arcade, Boardwalk, Argentum Bay

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Scene Number: 1064

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The Argentum Bay Boardwalk is one of the biggest tourist traps on Scorpia. With it's small niche shops, small cafes and mix of arcades and boardwalk games, it's the perfect place for off-duty military personnel to spend their hard-earned cubits. After waking up at the hotel in the morning, Jonas woke up Abigail to go for a walk after something caught his eye at the end of one of the docks.

A large Ferris wheel that towers above the boardwalk and water, because well, it's a Ferris wheel. But first a visit to the boardwalk, which finds the newish couple walking along, Jonas dressed in a simple collar and button down shirt and dark shorts as he grins over at Abigail. "So what should we start with first? Shopping? Food?"

Abigail, in deference to the arm she's still favouring, and the dastardly Scorpian heat, is wearing a long blue and black striped cotton shirt, tucked into a pair of loose black and white striped pants, tied with a bow at the waist, a floppy hat hiding her face from the sun. A small duffel is over her good shoulder, "I wouldn't mind walking a while, seeing the sights. Nothing to eat for me, unless you see any salt water taffy." Which...Jonas may or may not know what it is.

The familiar (to Abigail) sounds of Banshee's howling comes from the arcade on the boardwalk. Aubrey is playing some sort of fighting game with different Scorpia clan fighters in one-on-one combat, ripping out spines and yelling FINISH HIM! She is currently whalloping some big dude who looks dumbfounded that the lithe bikini top and shorts clad brunette is whooping his ass at a video game. Her hair is wet, so she has clearly already been in the water today. "That's another 5 cubits you owe me!" she crows.

"Salt water taffy?" Jonas' question comes, predictably. "I know what taffy is." he's quick to correct, he's just never heard to it as that before as he chuckles. "Alright so food later." Glancing at Abigail with a grin, the crowing from the arcade is nearly lost in the general din of the boardwalk but since they were angling in that direction anyway, Jonas is looking at the overly large stuffed animals and the exorbitant amount of tickets it would cost to earn one for Abigail's bunk.

The sounds of Aubrey's voice might well have been lost in the din of activity, if it were not for Abigail's ability to zero in on any and every instance of Aubrey kicking a unsuspecting guy's ass. It's a point of pride between the two women, and Abigail tugs Jonas' sleeve, starting off in that direction, "It's sort of a beach thing, I think. It isn't actually made of salt water. I don't think." She releases Jonas' sleeve, to point at a skee ball game, "That's my favourite."

Aubrey gleefully divests the big guy of his cubits, and then quips, "Off to spend it, see ya!" with a little fingerwaggle wave at the still boggling Scorpian. She grins and turns to spot Abigail and her man and veritably skips over to gently hug her sister-by-choice. "You're out of sick bay!" she exclaims, giving Jonas a smile too.

"Hey Aubrey." Jonas greets as he allows the 'sisters' to greet each other first. For you see, Abigail has already pointed out the game she wants to play, and Jonas is moving to secure the skee ball so that he can start to try to earn the tickets he's going to need to win the woman the grand prize - which really, looks like it would take up her whole bunk with the bean bag goodness.

Jonas rolls Athletics: Good Success (8 7 6 3 2 1)

Abigail moves easily into Aubrey's hug, returning it with as much strength as she can manage, still with her abdomen too tender, "I threatened to blow the place up." Of course, "I'm so glad you made it down. I'm so jealous." Of Aubrey having already been down at the water, "You want to champion me, at skee ball?" Her left hand is still mostly useless.

"I rolled enough big dumb macho men already to buy the booze for the Ace party for Jigger and Socks. It's been a productive day already," Aubrey announces. She and Abby pretty much never paid for food or drinks from their own pockets back on Picon. Pretty girls, a few batted lashes, and then leaving the guys in their dust on the waves or in the arcade.

Bree grins at the request. "Sure thing, this was never my best game though, but I'll try." She sidles up to the next machine.

Aubrey rolls Athletics: Good Success (8 7 7 5 5 2)

"Champion you?" Jonas asks, looking over his shoulder with a lift of his brow. He collected thirty tickets with his first game - he can get one of those cheap little spider rings or a couple of suckers, which he's sort of feeling like when Abigail turns it from them just having a little fun to a competition. "I already won the best prize in here." he points out with a smirk at Aubrey as he doesn't seem to mind the competition too much.

Aubrey rolls Athletics+Reflexes: Great Success (8 8 6 6 6 4 2 1)

Jonas rolls Athletics+Reflexes: Success (7 5 4 3 1 1 1)

"I can't throw with my arm." Abigail, after all, is left-handed, "You ever hear people say...she throws like a girl? I throw even worse than that with my right hand." She settles in, to watch the two try their hand at the game, right hand cupped under her left elbow, to support and ease some of the pressure on her shoulder, "But if you get," she craned her neck to read the prizes board, "1500 more, you get a stuffed...is that a walrus?" No, it's a seal.

Aubrey listens to the satisfying CLACK of the balls sliding into position, and reaches for one. The leggy brunette cups the wooden sphere in her hand, winds up, and plinks that ball right into the big 50 point hole. "Don't even go there, blondie," she quips at Jonas, "Or I'll raise the stakes so Abby sleeps in MY bunk tonight!" She grins mischievously.

"I think that a lot of guys would be panting at that idea." Jonas replies with a snort as he rolls, and only gets a paltry ten tickets, while Aubrey is clearly cleaning house with the machine. "Yeah, maybe if I spent my whole shore leave here, I could get you that." he says with a laugh and a wink at Abigail as he feeds the machine one more time, apparently pondering a game that gives him a better chance at tickets.

Jonas rolls Reflexes+Athletics: Good Success (7 7 7 6 3 3 3)

Aubrey rolls Athletics+Reflexes: Success (8 4 4 3 3 3 2 1)

Abigail is happy to watch the battle continue in front of her, and doing a passing good job of cheering for each of the contestants in turn when it is their turn, "Well, we've been there before." A snork, of laughter, before she straightens, watching the tickets being collected, "Well, that is true. You could buy the same thing three stores down...but you wouldn't have the thrill of victory!...and the papercuts."

Bree laughs so hard at Jonas' panting comment, she drops the ball into the 10-point row that you have to be realllly bad to miss. "Only if they got to watch," Aubrey retorts with a grin. She looks over at Abigail aghast. "They don't have automated ticket counters on this backwater planet? Oh hell, you're counting these yourself, girl. Papercuts and salt water aren't fun!"

Another batch of tickets are added to the small pile, as Jonas chuckles a little. "If you were doing that, I wouldn't need to try to win her a stuffed animal." he rolls his eyes good-naturedly as he moves away from the skeeball, a small tap to Abigail's hip as he's moving to something more his speed, the little shooting games with obviously flawed rifles.

"I know, right? We need to get back to civilization." See? Something Picons and Aquarians can agree on. Scorpia is not civilization. "Don't worry, I got them." If she has them, it also means she can pick what prizes she gets from the wall. "Did he just make a penis joke?" Abigail offers that to Aubrey as she leans over, stage-whisper style, "I think he just made a penis joke." Another snort of laughter, "You heading oof, Aubrey, or you want to walk with us a while?"

Aubrey claims her fist full of tickets, pulling off Abigail's floppy hat and stuffing them into it. She has no pockets! "I can hang for a bit before I have to go buy the stuff for the party." She steps up to the little fake shooting range beside Jonas and looks over the crappy BB gun with a wrinkle of her pert little nose. "You know these things are designed to miss the broad side of a barn, right?" she asks him with an arched brow.

"Well aware." Jonas says with a smirk as he moves over to them with a waggle of his brow. "And Gale, you've seen my penis, you know if it's a joke or not." There's a shrug of his shoulders and a wink at the girls as he settles in and feeds the beast.

Jonas rolls Firearms-3: Success (7 6 3 2 1)

Aubrey rolls Firearms-3: Success (6 5 4 4 4)

Abigail laughs, lifting a hand to smooth her hair as Aubrey pulls off her hat, pushes back at her after she's used it. Again, the happy spectator, Abigail finds one of the benches close to th shooting game to settle, and if Aubrey catches her eyes, she gives her the classic 'call me' hand gesture, complete with a waggle of her brows, in answer to Jonas' comment about his parts. Never give two women an open invitation tot talk about your bits.

"I DIDN'T NEED TO HEAR THAT!" the Banshee yowls, firing at the targets and only hitting one, on her final shot, because the sights are so off it takes that long to compensate. The she chuckles. "Oh wait, we all shower together like a bunch of animals. I suppose most everyone has seen your penis by now." She hasn't. Even if she was in there when he was, she wouldn't look at her sister's man's junk. She-bros before Man-hos.

"It's a thing of wonder to behold or so I've been told by reliable sources." A wink at Abigail, because when the man tries to offer him a new rifle for the next shot, he shakes his head. "Nope, I'll stick with this one." he says, as he's already adjusting his fire for the next go around. "And yes we shower together, and sleep together."

Jonas rolls Firearms: Good Success (8 7 6 5 4 4 3 2)

Aubrey rolls Firearms: Good Success (7 7 6 5 4 2 1 1)

Abigail gives a sage nod. "Well, that is true. Spend enough time locked up in a tin can, and everyone starts looking good." Although that obviously what Jonas was referring to, it is a fact, and a humourous one. Things tend to...happen...on a ship. "But give me some time to track down those sources. Two is a very small sampling." She hasn't moved from her bench, though she has sets the duffel down on the seat beside her.

"Well the whole ship has seen me nearly naked anyway, thanks to the posters they put up for my Ace party," Aubrey notes with a laugh. She too waves off the change of gun. "You have no idea how weird it is to adjust to communal living when you've been a sort of pin up girl for years, where keeping just enough covered was what made you money, the mystery of it and all." This round goes much better, since she can compensate for the crappy sights.

"Imagine how Rothschild must feel, what, with the entire weight of Leonis on her broad shoulders from being their recruitment girl." Jonas points out with a shrug, before he notices something out of the corner of his eye and grins. "Hey, after this round, want to get a picture together?" he asks, gesturing to the photobooth that's off near the entrance and exit to the place, one of those that can do color and black and white photos.

Jonas rolls Firearms+3: Good Success (8 6 6 6 5 4 4 4 3 3 3)

Aubrey rolls Firearms: Great Success (8 8 7 7 6 5 3 2)

"For me, the weirder thing was actually meeting someone who had had your pinup, well, up. I mean, I don't mind it, but I think that I'm not that girl in the photographs, anymore than you are. We're selling a fantasy, not necessarily our fantasy. I mean, I generally do not wear a full face of makeup or bat my eyes sexily at all hours of the day." A thoughtful sound, at Jonas' comment, "She chose that weight though. Just like we did. We knew what we were getting into, same as she. Of course, her celebrity is way bigger than ours, but you're still selling yourself for public consumption." Abigail looks back, leaning to catch sight of the booth. "Sure."

"Oh damn, I didn't even think about the Praetorian," Aubrey admits before scoffing at Abigail. "Speak for yourself, sis. I don't leave my bunk without going through the full routine of spackle and eye-batting practice," she says. She does exceptionally well on this round of shots, and it might be coming clear why she made Ace in just 9 days aboard the Vanguard. Her pretty isn't nearly as dangerous as her aim.

Gathering up his tickets and setting them down, Jonas is nowhere near enough to get the seal that Abigail is pointing out earlier, though Aubrey has that well covered as he points at a small penguin if surf shorts. Taking the bagged plushie, he offers it to Gale. "Here you go. As close as you'll ever get me to a surf board." he teases a little, waiting for Aubrey to join them to head over to the photo booth.

"Oh, how little you know me, my Aquarian friend." Abigail promptly takes Mr. Surf Shorts and tucks him into the hat already full of tickets, as she rises from the bench, taking up the duffel again, and jamming the hat between her chest and the duffel, "Come on, Bree...we can add it to our scrapbook for.." She stops, abruptly, pressing her lips together. Aubrey would know...she meant to say 'for Addison." Still, she powers through, as she too waits for Aubrey to join them, "So this party? For Jigger and Socks?

Aubrey grabs the hat from Abigail to add those tickets to this pile, and cashes them in. She delivers Abby her stuffed seal with a grin at Jonas. "Oh she'll get you on a board someday, you can bet on it. I was thinking of trying to teach Jigger while we're down here for leave. Maybe it'd help him dodge a few missiles instead of taking them to the cockpit all the time." She follows them over to the booth but she doesn't go in. This seems like a cute couple thing to do, and she's a bit of a third wheel. A hot third wheel, but still. But Abby's words have her swallowing hard, her cheery fading for a moment, and she nods and climbs in. "Yeah, figured beach campfire, roasted dogs and potatoes, and lots of booze."

Noticing Aubrey's pause, Jonas leans over to Abigail for a moment, a quiet word for her ear alone before he smiles warmly at her and Aubrey. "You two first." he offers to the pair, squeezing Abigail's hand before letting go. "For your scrapbook."

Abigail knows how to put her game face on, and she does, taking, perhaps, what joy she can when it's offered, which has always been her way. A touch to Jonas' forearm, before she slips into the booth. She snaps a strip with Aubrey, one of the two of them, laughing and smiling, one with the pair making funny faces and using the two stuffed animals as props. "I've heard stories about him. He's got more lives than Janus has faces." Actually, that's not an apt analogy, as Janus only had two faces, but damnit, she's not from Gemenon! "I could do with that last one."

It's like they're a couple of teenagers again, making goofy faces, faux blue steel stares, duck lips, bunny ears behind the head. Aubrey's heart feels a little heavy, but she knows, deep down, Addison has to be alive or Abigail would have felt it. She climbs back out when they're done. "Yeah, and his being a human target rubbed off on me in that last push on Canceron. Landing my bird was not fun. I had an engine out, my comms were smoking, and I was leaking atmosphere like a holey bike tire." She grins. "I'm gonna head out and buy the stuff for the party now. You guys are invited of course!"

With Aubrey heading off for the time being, Jonas steps in, wrapping his arms about Abigail's waist. "You alright, hon?" he asks in genuine concern, a little brush of his fingers into her hair before glancing back to the photobooth. "Shall we?"

For a moment, as the glare of the flash fades from Abigail's eyes, and she stands alone on the phototbooth, her face is laid bare, the rawness of her emotions there, fear, and pain and guild and anger and half a dozen others. But it's with a practiced effort, that she pulls it all back in, turning a smile towards Jonas as he comes in, and she tucks herself into his side, trying to stand up on tiptoes a bit so that they are not so off in height. "Yes, let's."

There's a look at her, perhaps a bit of hurt that despite having seen her laid low by the news of her brother, that he was there by her side for it, that she still needs to feel like she has to shelter him from it all. Jonas puts on a smile, though not as brilliant as hers, more of a grim one as the two of them pose for some pictures for themselves to share of each other, the last one ending in a tender kiss, his fingers set against Abigail's cheek.

A series of four shots, though they get them printed in both black and white and in colour. But Abigail doesn't step out of the booth, not immediately, instead turning to look up at the tall Aquarian, her good arm slipping around his waist, "It's not what you think, Jonas." Yes, she saw the hurt in his expression, "I'm not trying to put on a happy face to hide from you. I just...if I don't...if I let myself face that darkness, the...the idea that I might be alone, truly alone, it will eat me alive. And I don't want that. I want to still feel things, and to feel joy, to laugh, to know that I can still be happy. I'm not hiding from you. I'm hiding from me."

"I'm not one to hide from, Abigail. I know, I don't have a twin. I don't know what it's like. But I do have a sister. And when Aquaria fell and her ship was among those destroyed, my heart dropped." Jonas admits quietly. "I didn't want to go through that alone - but I was abandoned because Lyn put herself before us. I... I don't want to go through that again, Abigail. Maybe it means I'm clinging. Maybe it's me hoping against hope. But.. I'm not letting you go as easily as I let her leave."

"Everyone is someone to hide from, Jonas. I wish that I could make you see that this isn't personal. It's not a slight against you. It's me doing everything that I can to stay. To stay, when all I want to do is run away and find the piece of my heart that's been ripped out of my chest. If I'm putting myself before you, it's only because this is what I need to do to preserve my own sanity. So that I can continue to function, continue to be who you need me to be. Who Addison needs me to be, if I'm going to find him and bring him back. So that I can continue to be here, with you."

"I'm saying, I will be here." Jonas responds, pulling her close to hold her in his arms. "I can never replace that which is lost, but when he's found, I will still be there. You are never going to be alone in this. I promised you that already." It's all he can really say before pulling her up into a kiss that tries to convey how he feels.

"I know that you will, Jonas. I never doubted that. But I also don't want you to be hurt because you feel as if I'm hiding myself from you. I'm doing everything I can just to stay on this side of sane. On this side of normal. It's all I can do." The kiss Abigail accepts, returns, arm tightening around you in a tight embrace.

"What can I do to help you feel normal, Gale?" Jonas asks quietly, resting his forehead against yours lightly, looking into your eyes with a wealth of promise between the two of them.

"Nothing, Jonas. Don't you see? There's nothing that anyone can do. Nothing that will make me feel normal again, until I have him back, until he's safe." It's an impossible thing. "All we can do is what we're doing, just trying to live our lives a day at a time, and enjoy the time that we have together."

Jonas nods and gives you an embrace, not too tight, he knows you're hurt - he's seen the bruises himself in their time alone. Finally releasing you, he kisses you one more time. "I'm here. So is Aubrey. And we're not going anywhere." She just needs to stop in - doesn't even need to ask. For now, he's taking your hand. To lead you back to their room. Because it just seems right.

Abigail accepts the embrace, holding him close, cheek pressed to his chest, careful of his injuries too. "I know."


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