2237-06-01 - Reunions

A few Aquarians comes together at a bar on Scorpia and a brother and sister are reunited.

Date: 2237-06-01

Location: The Igloo, Scorpia

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The Igloo. It was made shortly after the fall of Aquaria as a place for expats to come and reminscene on the former colony world, now fully in Cylon hands. A few small pictures hang on the wall, and there's recreations of Aquarian beers and drinks. One wall is the most somber, however. It's a wall of contact, filled with missed connections and small pictures of people that are looking for each other or families.

Jonas dropped in for the first time while on leave, leaving a note for 'Leonerd'.


If you know who you are. I'm safe. On Vanguard with the Timber Wolves. I miss you. Please contact me if you get this.

  • Jon

After leaving the note, Jonas took a seat at one of the tables, ordering an iceberg and currently setting out some pretzels, dressed in a pair of slacks and a loose collared shirt.

Lyn had visitors earlier in the day, and the fact the socializing didn't make her want to punch anyone in the face encouraged her to put on a light and breezy little dress and investigate the Igloo. Someone told her that her father's photo was on one of the walls, and she needs to see it, even if just to remind herself that she is the man's daughter, and she can be as strong and brave and good as he was. Who even knew Arda owned heels? Course the whole outfit was bought about an hour ago on a whim, so probably no one. She steps inside the bar, trying to quell the feeling that this was a terrible idea, she hates people, and she should run back to her rental cottage. But the line of people behind her require her to go inside, and she rides the wave of humanity with a dour expression on her face.

As his drink gets delivered, Jonas takes a draw off of it and as he sets it down, he finds himself gawking at a woman that's entering. That's.. naw. Can't be. He looks down at his drink, wondering if the ice is more than just alcoholic as he lifts his head again, "...Lyn?" he asks, realizing that she's a woman on a prowl, and well, looking damn hot is the best revenge for the whole broken heart thing. He has to take her in again, before he shakes his head in disbelief.

"I can count on one hand how many times I've seen you in heels, Lyn, and still have fingers left over. Break your ankle yet?"

Lyn is grateful that so much time in snow and on ice has hardened up her ankles, because right now they're the only thing keeping her from faceplanting on a sticky bar floor, and barely at that. She isn't used to wearing heels. Who the hell wears heels when you live in the Arctic? That's like asking for broken bones when said heels hit slick terrain. She misses her combat boots already. She wobbles over towards the bar proper, and squints in the dim lighting to read the recreated beer offerings. "Can I get a Thula Ice in the bottle?" she asks the tender.

Arda stiffens at the all too familiar sound of Jonas' voice and she looks over at him as the beer is set on a napkin for her. "Um. Hi?" she offers, awkwardly. She hadn't thought she'd run into anyone here she knew. "I, yeah, I was just trying to blend in. I heard Dad's photo might be up here somewhere." She nervously wraps the napkin around the bottle with that weird little origami tuck she's been doing for ages. "Didn't think I'd see you here, Jonas." The 'where's Walker?' is left unsaid.

"I left a note for my sister here." You know, Lyn, one of the people you abandoned him for? Jonas ohs. "I hadn't been looking too hard, but I bet it is. If not, I bet we could find one." Because despite what happened, Jonas does still hold a deep respect for her father as he gestures to the chair across from him. "Yeah, I can tell. You look good, Lyn. You don't have to stay if you don't want. I'm sure you'd rather be..." hunting? "...well, anything's better, right?" he asks in mild amusement.

The bartender brings the drink over, setting it on the table. "I've got it, on my tab." Jonas offers before Lyn can offer to take it. "Enjoying your leave? That house looked nice. But good to see you're not hiding there the whole time."

Scorpia's jungles and mid-afternoon siestas are about as far from home as an Aquarian can get. And yet, someone's thought to recreate the lost little world here, at a place aptly - if cheekily - named. Not terribly long after Lyn walks through the door, in wanders a diminutive girl with fair hair, aviator shades and a neutral-toned dress in some shimmery fabric that falls modestly to her knees. She looks like she might be lost, and briefly consults a fellow who's leaving, shades slid off and twirled absently while she gesticulates.

Lyn blinks at him a few times and it takes her a bit to parse the meaning of his words. When she does, she barks out a rather unladylike laugh. "Oh shit, Jonas. I'm not here to pick up guys! I was just really coming to see Dad's photo and maybe have a taste of home, beer-wise." Dating isn't something Lyn is remotely ready for, even if it's been two years. "I was told sometimes there's fancy parties or whatever after awards ceremonies so I bought this in a shop to shove in my locker just in case I need something for one of those someday. This is just a dry run for whether or not I will break my neck in the heels or have a wardrobe malfunction."

Lyn slides into the seat across from him when it's offered, and she turns the beer bottle around multiple times in her hands, clearly very nervous. "I'm scared of finding the photo. I only have one of him and mom and Jackson and I, and it's just a little thing. I didn't get anything else off Aquaria in time." With her back to the door, she doesn't see the girl just yet.

"Ah, well, you definetly look good enough to ask to buy a drink for." Of course Jonas has already done that as he lifts his drink, offering a toast. "To lost and found friends and family." he offers in a toast, and of course with Lyn sitting right in front of him, his view is understandably obscured by the idea of the lovely brunette in front of him.

The man that Leonie asks for directions from points to the board and several of the pictures around the place before releasing the lithe woman to continue her search.

Lyn snorts softly, and she clinks her bottle to his glass. "I'll drink to that." She sips from the bottle and closes her eyes for a long moment, remembering the many, many bottles of real Thula Ice that were consumed at AST. "I'm pretty sure we kept this company in business," she murmurs, looking at the label. "They didn't get the south slope right on the label though."

Leonie furrows her brows and shakes her head, seeming to think he's misunderstood her. She slips a datapad out of her purse, and drifts off a few steps with her eyes glued to the screen. A brief look up as a waitress stops by and touches her arm, wondering if she wants to sit. And she happens to spot a man seated nearby, engaged in conversation with a brunette, who yanks her attention away. She stares for a few moments, then murmurs an excuse me, and begins weaving her way closer.

"It's worth the shot, Lyn. You know, that's the tricky thing about memories. They can sometimes play tricks on you." Jonas comments as he pokes at the icy slush he's drinking. "Like this, not exactly as I remembered. Could be better for all I know, though." And Leonie has the angle of approach, coming in at Jonas at an angle where he can't notice her approach.

"I just miss him so much," Lyn murmurs softly. Her dad of course. Jonas too, but she isn't about to tell him that. "If he was there, not in Heim, when it all went down, things would have been different." Hell, they might have held enough of the planet to stay if Gabe had survived the surprise strike. She looks over at a wall, and thinks she spies a shock of white-grey hair and a stern face on the wall. She starts getting up, unvlocking Jonas' view.

It's moot anyway, because by the time Lyn stands up, Leonie's right there, and reaches over to rap her fingernails lightly on the tabletop. They're painted blue, as is not uncommon for her. "Excuse me.." A flick of her eyes to the brunette, an apologetic smile, and back to Jonas with a mock serious expression. "Leonerd? Really?"

Jonas is caught completely by surprise as he hears that familiar voice and his startled expression is evident as he looks up. "Leonerd!" he cries out joyously, suddenly lifting Leonie off the ground as he stands up, crushing her in a hug that would make Lyn and Abigail both jealous as the blonde embraces the lithe one. "You're here! How? When? Where are you going?" he asks, refusing to let her go until he has his questions answered.

"Zeus' electric balls! Nee Nee?" Lyn blurts out. Leonerd might be preferable. Two years ago, Arda was one of the last Colonials off Aquaria, having stayed behind an extra week to do long range recon, trying to find Jonas' brother and sisters. She didn't succeed at finding any of them, and it marked the end of their relationship when she was too ashamed to return to him after. Her eyes are wide as saucers as she looks at the girl, trying to insure herself she's real and not a figment.

The Ghost's hand not holding a beer covers her mouth, taking a staggered step back, to give the siblings some room for a reunion.

Leonie laughs as she's swept up in the embrace, and throws her arms around Jonas with a soft clink of bracelets. She may not have big marine biceps, but she's capable of a good hard squeeze. "Since last night! How was I to know that I'd be shipping out to immediate shore leave?" She laughs and pecks him on the cheek, grey eyes shifting to Lyn - and her look softens. "I ended up here by accident, if I'm honest." A beat, and a warm smile for the woman. "You two must be married by now. Any fat little babies yet?"

"By accident? No such thing!" Jonas says as he moves to set down the little sister and grabs a chair from a nearby table for her to take a seat. "Where are you heading to, then?" he asks as the question hits home, and he quiets. "Naw, sis." he drawls quietly. "You know me, I'm a better uncle than a father." he says with a hint of sadness to his voice.

Lyn looks like she was just punched in the gut at the question. She shakes her head a little, swallowing past the lump in her throat. "Fraid not. I managed to screw up with your darling, handsome brother, and he's traded up to a better model." Her smile is strained, but she sets a hand on Leonie's shoulder. "It's good to see you, it really is." Alive and well. "I'm just going to go find my dad's photo, I'll leave you two to catch up," she hastily adds, scooping up her beer and tottering off on those heels to peruse the walls.

"I-" But then Lyn's trotting away, leaving a slightly bewildered blonde in her wake. Leonie skews her lips to one side thoughtfully, then claims the chair her brother pulled out for her. Her dress is smoothed out over her lap absently, as her pale gaze lingers on her friend for a few more moments.. and then eventually returns to Jonas. "What's going on?" she whispers to him with a perplexed look.

"Gods dammit.." Jonas hisses softly. This was supposed to be a good night. A return of a sister to his life. He takes a moment to soothe his own frayed nerves. "She didn't contact me for two years. She wants to keep saying I moved on. And it's not that. It's just.. it's hard to pick up pieces and act like nothing happened. And.. we're not the same as we were at Thula, Leonie. None of us are." he frowns a little, shaking it off as he turns his attention from the retreating brunette back to his sister. "And you're dodging the question. Where are you these days?"

Lyn stops at the third wall she peruses, and there it is. A photo of her father, Colonel Gabriel "Whiteout" Arda, the commanding officer of Arctic Station Thula. It's a candid shot. From what she remembers, it was likely taken of him ordering them around on a SAR that happened not too long before Heim. She stares, a hand moving to trace her fingers over the visage, her heart clenching. "Hi, Dad," she whispers. "Been a while."

Leonie gives Jonas a dubious look. "Don't make me knock your heads together. Because I will." She will. "A limoncello, please," she tells the waitress who stops by, again, to ask if she needs anything. "And I'm not dodging anything. I told you, I've been posted to Vanguard, effective last night. I haven't moved my stuff in yet, but it's mostly books and crap anyway.." Piles and piles of books.

"...you mean we're stationed together? Aww frak me, there goes my dating life." Jonas says with a laugh and shakes his head at Leonie. "Don't bother, that ships out of port and scuttled." he points out and grins. "I'll see what bunks are near mine if you want to grab one, but if you want some privacy.." he shrugs.

Lyn looks at the photo and tries to commit it to memory. "I screwed up, Dad. I don't know if you knew he'd been planning to propose, but I frakked it all up. Mom and Jackie are safe though. I'm still fighting the good fight. I miss you, every day." She lets out a breath and tips her bottle towards the image of Gabe. "I won't forget you pop, I promise." She sips the beer and sets the half full bottle on a table as she heads for the exit.

"'fraid so, Jonny boy." Leonie gives her brother a little love tap aka punch in the arm, lips skewing into a fond smile for the man. She darts her eyes away to see where Lyn's gotten to, and frowns a bit as she sees her headed for the door. "I didn't mean to screw things up," she murmurs. "Um.. bunks?" A flick of her eyes back to Jonas. "No, of course not. I don't need to know about every time you put a notch on your bed post."

"You didn't. This is the new normal. She sees me. She runs like I'm the plague." Jonas doesn't seem to be in that big of a hurry to go chasing after her, admittedly, but thats what it is as he grins at the punch in the arm and reaches over to tossle her blonde hair. "Hey.. you may know." he says, speaking up. "Her brother's out there someplace, ran across him lately?"

And like that, Lyn is gone. Poof! The incredible disappearing Marine trick!

Leonie's drink arrives about then, and she shoots the waitress a grin before taking a long slurp. "Mmmmm." She must've been thirsty. "Her brother? What's his name again? I don't think so. Not flying vipers, anyway. We Aquarians are a rare breed, you know." She gestures with slim fingers, a spin of her wrist to elucidate. "How's the corps treating you, anyway?"

"Three squares, chance to get back at the frakkers that kicked us off our planet? Pretty good. And the Vanguard's a good group, first time I've seen pilots and Marines all thrown together in a unit like this, but it works. Rank's pretty loose and easy, we all know what our jobs are so we don't step on each other." Jonas offers, allowing himself to share the skinny with her. "You'll fit in pretty easy, it's girl heavy up there from what I've seen so far."

"Girl heavy?" Leonie repeats, making a bit of a face. It's well known between the two that she's always been a bit (well, a lot) of a tomboy, and gotten along better with men. "Hmm," is all she has to say on the matter, slurping again at her drink. "This is really good. Try a sip." She pushes it toward him.

"If it doesn't knock me on my ass.." Jonas chuckles softly as he takes a drink from hers and hisses a little. "That's pretty good. And close to what was back home." he admits as he considers her. "I mean it, by the way. I doubt that Lyn and I will ever work out. She made her decision, I made my own, and it is what it is now." he offers with a shrug. "You? Any guys I need to be worrying about chasing your six?"

Leonie looks a touch disappointed. Presumably about things with Lyn likely not working out. Though it could be because he's still sitting there, definitely not knocked on his ass. "Okay," she concedes, ducking her eyes to her drink, then flicking them back up again. Her bracelets clink softly as she stirs with her straw. "I won't hassle you. Too much." She shakes her head. "Nope. No guys." Sluuuurp. "You know I don't date in the military."

There's a small chuckle at that. "Smart girl, you learn well." Jonas points out with a rueful smile as he leans back. "She was talking about Abigail. Another Marine. I guess she figures I'm already married to her." There's a definite eyeroll at that, before the radioman returns his attention back to the door, as if expecting Lyn to walk back in again. "The Colonel's holding a cookout on Saturday, be a good chance to get to know everyone, and while we're here, we're doing qualifications - might want to grab yours while we're here." he suggests. "Gods, I missed you, Leonie."

Leonie sticks her tongue out and waggles it back and forth. "Abigail, huh?" The pilot cocks an eyebrow, and smiles. "Glad to see you're keeping the tradition alive of having girls lined up around the block for you." She catches the glance to the door, but says nothing of it. For once. "Sounds like fun. I love cookouts." She loves food, period. Softer, "Missed you too."

"Alright, before we get all stupid weepy and shit, lets get out of here. There's a boat heading up to the ship, and I think there's a late thing in the Ready Room we can drop in on." Jonas offers as he moves to get up, taking out his wallet to pay for the tab for himself and the two ladies. "Yeah, a line that took two years before I even considered it again, sis." he says with a little smirk.

"Best suggestion I've heard all day," murmurs Leonie, sucking down what remains of her drink and starting to dig some cubits out of her purse - only to have her brother pay. She smiles, and climbs to her feet. "..wait, what line?" A glance at him over her shoulder as she heads for the door.

"The imaginary line of girls that I date." Jonas says, giving Leonie a little push as they head out the bar and towards the ferry to take them back shipside.


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