2237-06-06 - Truth or Punches

Erin and Jonas spar a little, Lyn and Cate spectate.

Date: 2237-06-06

Location: Gym

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Mess Hall. Gym. Erin's always where anyone wants to be. Seriously. In a long space trip, where else would you hang out? The Laundry Room's boring unless you're trying to get a quickie in the stacks, so the average Marine'd probably be working out. Hard.

See, Erin.

Stripped down to the equivalent of a spandex tank and shorts, she's busy showing off. Or something like that. Crunches from the chin-up bar? Definitely showing off, even if unintentional. The slender pipsqueak is, at the very least, ripped AF. So. Yeah, she's got her own space. People give it to her.

Coming into the gym, Jonas was going to work on his arm again until he sees Erin working out. After a moment's thought, he comes over to take up the neighboring chinup bar to pull himself up. He's not as strong as she is, so he's a little slower and doing the standard chinup, but that may be his point when he speaks up. "You know, looking for a relationship, scaring away any guy that may want to hit on you by showing off may be counter-productive, unless you know, you want a submissive." he offers with a small chuckle.

Erin drops herself down with a grunt, and straightens after. "Or someone brave?" She smirks and then says hello with punch to the shoulder. "How's it going, Ingvar? You of the mind to forget about Walker and see if I'm tougher to wrestle with or something?" Dry and sardonic, that's her tone. "Or are you trying to macho up a bit?"

"You should have spoke up when I wasn't dating Walker." Jonas says with a snort as he moves to drop himself to the ground. "But if you're wanting to kick my ass, I can give you the time of day." he teases as he gestures to the mats. "What is it that you are looking for, lets be honest, Hayes. Are you looking for someone to make babies with, or just someone to hold you at night and tell you it's going to work out?" he asks as he moves to wait for her on the mat.

"It wasn't a literal invitation, Ingvar," says Erin with an eyeroll. "But I mean -- you want to do this?" All right. Why not? Marines fight. That's what they do. And the mat is a good place to wrestle like kids. Or adults looking to beat each other up. "If you're in the mood."

To the mat she goes, hopping up and down to loosen her legs out, probably. "Be honest, Ingvar?" Shrug. "I've no frakkin' clue." Beat. "I've only recently thought about it. Something Sergeant Dorn said to me made more sense when we were hauling Barkley and Courtois out of that death trap. Watching those prisoners run for their lives." She gestures at Jonas. "I mean, what about Walker and you? What's that about -- you two planning out a future or just keeping company?"

Marines and Aquarians. Of course they're gonna scuffle. "Always in the mood to get my hands on a firm girl." Jonas comments, then considers her words. "How old are you, Erin?" he uses her first name, because well, that's what friends do when they're trying to get to the truth of the matter. "Early twenties? At most 25?" he asks. "Of course you're just starting to think about what you want to do with your life with a partner. I'm getting near forty. I do want a family, even if this whole war thing has put that on hold, and it may never happen."

Settling into place, he moves to gesture her to start with her first move. "I have some pretty deep feelings for Abigail. We've talked a couple of times, but I'm not going to rush her - or force her to be with me, I'm going to wait for her to catch up with me, and she is. In her own ways." There's a shrug, but there's a smile that accompanies it. "I do want to be with her. Now, we both know where I stand, how about you. Who's caught your eye, because I know you're not just practicing awkward flirting with me because you want me, so who is it?"

Erin stretches her arms up above her head. "Even if I told you, would you believe me? I wouldn't." She then jabs a finger in Jonas' direction. "You're safe, old man. Why wouldn't I practice flirting with you? If anything, you make a better sounding board than most for my awkwardness." Not that her stretches and movements are awkward. Not by half. She's quick. More importantly, she seems the evasive type.

Damned raccoons.

"I'm not one to gossip." Of course not. "When it happens, it'll happen. That's all. So, sure, I have my eye out, but -- " Shrug. " -- now, are we going to do this or not?" Wrestle, probably. Punching each other inna face may be frowned upon.

"So that's how it's gonna be. Tell you what, I get you pinned down, you tell me. You pin me, you can ask whatever you want. Deal?" Jonas asks as he grins, waiting to see if she accepts the terms before starting their match.

Erin narrows her eyes at Jonas. He strikes a hard bargain. Sort of. "I've already gotten the information I wanted from you," she says, with characteristic squirrelly-ness/raccoon-ness. She clicks her tongue, and then lifts up an eyebrow. "Fine." It's hard to say if she intends to be truthful, mind. Hard to trust a sneak like her.

And then, it's on like Donkey Kong. A few other Marines, even, may take note. Jonas has a foot on Erin. He should, obviously, win. But will it happen? PLACE YOUR BETS.

Erin rolls Melee (8 7 7 6 6 2) vs Jonas's Melee (8 6 5 5 4 2)

Crushing Victory for erin.

Lyn steps into the gym, dressed in a Colonial Forces tank top and shorts, with her hair back in a stubby tail, and a water bottle in hand. She really enjoyed being able to run outside while on shore leave, but today it's back to ye olde treadmill in a floating bucket. She stops when she sees the wrestling match happening though, and stands there, arms folded, watching with a faint smirk.

"Oh, I doubt you have all the information you want from me." Jonas and Erin are on the mat circling each other, teasing and preparing to tussle. "I suppose you could just ask Walker or Arda about the details you really want to know." he's totally taunting her now as he moves about, when she's in, ducking underneath his reach to get Jonas on the ground as she moves to try to pin him down.

"Okay, you're more weasel than raccoon," he points out as he struggles to try to get free, and eventually taps the mat for her to release. A point and question for her. Once they're seperated and back on their feet, he's moving to try to get her off the ground where she's more ineffective.

Jonas rolls Melee (8 7 7 5 3 2) vs Erin's Melee (8 7 6 5 4 2)


Point for Erin. She lets Jonas up from her quick grab and hold, and then starts the dance again. "Look -- " She dodges out of the way from the man -- he's bigger than her -- and misses with what looked like a backheel foot sweep. (Clever capoeira-type move.) " -- I'm not going to ask Walker and Arda about you." Beat. "What if they giggle?"

For Lyn: the two other Marines are wrestling/fighting at the mats. A small crowd watches out of boredom, and probably because of the mismatch in size.

Erin rolls Melee (8 4 4 3 2 1) vs Jonas's Melee (5 5 3 1 1 1)

Marginal Victory for Erin.

Well, this could be entertaining. Lyn takes a sip from her water bottle and joins the crowd to watch the show. "Ask me what?" she offers.

"Arda may just giggle out of spite." Jonas says with a roll of his eyes, even as the slippery woman seems to be able to move a bit faster than him, and manages to not get him down, but at least gets a clinging grip on him as he moves to try to get Erin off of him and onto the ground. "Hey, Lyn." he mutters as he's trying to see where he can get a grip on the wiry recon Marine and get her off of him.

"She's asking all the personal questions about relationships she sould probably be asking another girl, really." he says with a chuckle as he grits his teeth and moves to get Erin off of him.

Jonas rolls Melee (8 5 4 3 2 1) vs Erin's Melee (8 7 7 3 2 2)

Victory for Erin.

Like a bloody spider monkey, Erin keeps her grip on Jonas, despite his best efforts to throw him off. To say that she's a good grappler is probably an understatement: apparently, scientists on Aquaria have the uncanny ability to hook their feet together, and then perform a painful trunk squeeze between their rock-hard thighs. Enough to crush man's skull like sparrow egg.

"Hi, Arda," says Erin through gritted teeth. "Hold on. Trying to. Get him to tap." Of course, it looks like a bit of a grin. Just a little.

A brow slowly rises into an arch as Lyn gets her answer. "I'm definitely not the person to ask about relationships," she points out, unhelpfully. "Though maybe Erin is, because she currently has you tied into a pretzel," she adds with a little grin.

Erin rolls Melee (8 7 4 3 1 1) vs Jonas's Melee (6 6 4 2 2 1)


Cate wanders into the gym, looking tired. She's wearing her sweatpants and a zip-up sweatshirt hoodie. Seeing the grappling match over at the mat, she heads that way, brow furling at the action. "I didn't know you could bend that way without breaking something." She sounds a mix of appalled and impressed.

There's no tap yet, as Jonas seems to keep Erin at bay and snorts. "Crushing watermelons with your thighs won't impress a guy much either.." he grunts at the squeeze as he tries to get his hands on a part of Erin that won't scream sexual assault and toss her off as squeezes down on her hips to try to get the girl to release.

"...don't get any ideas, Rhodes, this isn't in the approved positions book for Marines and sex.." he would laugh, but Erin's squeezing again.

Jonas rolls Melee (6 6 3 3 3 2) vs Erin's Melee (6 5 4 3 3 1)

Marginal Victory for jonas.

Mm-hmm. That's right. Get Erin to release. Absolutely nothing sexual about that.

Still, Jonas squirms enough to stuff Erin face-down into a mat, forcing her to let go of him. Nimbly, she rolls away and gets up to her feet. "If it were -- " The short woman casually brushes the end of her nose with a hand. " -- a sex guide -- " She laughs shortly. " -- it'd be the best one ever." Right. If rib-cracking were arousing, then, yes.

"All right." She points at Jonas. "One more time, old man?" That's right. Whippersnappers gotta front.

Erin rolls Melee (6 5 5 4 3 2) vs Jonas's Melee (8 6 5 4 3 3)

Marginal Victory for Jonas.

"What's that Jonas? We couldn't hear you over your gasping for air and the creaking of all your tendons," Lyn quips. She looks over at Cate and beckons her to stand with her. "We're just missing popcorn," she notes to the medic.

"Like I've ever followed the rules," Cate replies back with a snort. Though the retort doesn't stop her cheeks from flushing a little at the tease. She goes over to stand by Lyn when the other woman beckons to her. "Yeah. Reminds me of those fight matches on TV, where they always end up down on the ground trying to break each other."

"Old man, huh? Well, you did pop a stubborn kink in my back, so I should thank you for that." Jonas grunts as he's set down. "One more time, and I suppose we'll turn the mat over to Rhodes and Arda." Because yeah, wrestling his ex? That wouldn't be awkward at all.

Erin tries to get a hand on him, but this time, he does use the height difference to his advantage as he tries to get Erin bodily off the ground and shove her forcefully against the mat in order to pin her down. Hopefully. She's a slippery minx. And not just in that way with relationships apparently.

Jonas rolls Melee (6 6 6 6 2 1) vs Erin's Melee (4 4 4 3 1 1)

Crushing Victory for jonas.

It is, by hook and crook, time for a reckoning. Whether through the spiritual revenge of one Beckham Dorn or not, Jonas catches Erin just so. It is enough to get her off her feet. And up in the air. And hurtling through the air onto the mats. She's not a heavy woman, spider monkey or not, but she does fly really well.

Bounce, bounce. Even if bounces count as flight. Which they don't.

Dazed. Erin is staring up at the ground, futilely letting her brain sort out the best way to keep itself together. "Ow," she says in a bewildered sort of voice.

"I'm not much of a wrestler," Lyn notes, holding up a hand as if to say 'NOPE'. Please, do continue you two. This is entertaining.

Cate is just a touch slower than Lyn to react to that idea, but the way she crosses her arms is just as much a nope. "Uh, yeah, me either. Anybody wants to spar though, I'm down with that." She winces as Erin bounces on the mat. "You okay, Hayes?"

Maybe Jonas half expects Erin to be playing opssosum, since she's a raccoon and a minx, why not add another marsupial to the mix as he cautiously approaches Erin. "Want to call it a draw, Hayes?" She doesn't get to ask a question, and she gets to keep her secret, right? That should be a good wash. "If Erin's up for another round, I'm sure she'd go a couple of punches with you, Rhodes." he says with a smirk as he waits to see if Erin accepts his hand up or if this is a carefully planned trap.

"Ow." Erin sits herself up, and doesn't look like she's in top shape. She takes Jonas' hand, and hauls herself up. Should he be wary? Of course: Erin is the queen of skitter-skulking predators. But, this time, she ain't. "Thanks. Crap."

She rubs the back of her head. "I think I'll be fine," murmurs the raccoon, still sounding a little dazed. "Guess that means we're even, huh?"

"Aw, the show is over already?" Lyn whines. "This was starting to get good. I was finding out all sorts of ways people can bend, some they shouldn't. Ever."

Cate watches Erin with a concerned eye as the woman gets up. That was a hard bounce. She shrugs a little at Jonas' suggestion, leaving the offer open without pushing it.

"Well, I don't want to have all the fun." Jonas rolls his eyes a little. "Rhodes may be more your weight class, Hayes." he points out diplomatically, because well, after releasing her hand, the taller and heavier Marine may be feeling just a touch guilty for throwing her like that.

Sure. Toss the little girl around like a ragdoll. Not that the now-dispersing onlookers didn't think that it was nice to see Chun-Li vs. Zangief.

"I'm okay, I'm okay," says Erin to Cate with a sigh. Pat, pat on the shoulder. "It was just a friendly." Not so friendly. "I just lost my footing, that's all." And got tossed face-first into the floor. "I'll work on my movement later." Shake, shake, shake with her head. Things getting clearer.

"What was the question you wanted me to answer, Ingvar?" Beat. "Fair's fair."

Lyn nudges Cate with her shoulder. "Go on, Doc. Erin doesn't bite. I don't think." Pause. "Erin do you bite? Try not to leave incisor marks on the Doc, okay?"

Cate hehs softly at Lyn. "I'm sure she doesn't. But she should take a minute -" Or fifteen. "- after getting her bell rung like that. I didn't really come down to spar anyway, just thought I'd offer."

"I'd love to stay, and ask my question.." Jonas glances aside to Erin. "..but I'll save it for another time." Great, now she owes him one. Which may actually be worse than asking it now. "Maybe the next time we have a truth or dare night in the berthings." Because that would go over awesome, right?

"In the meantime, it seems I have an invitation that I can't deny." A face at that. "New doctor wants to talk to the Aquarians or some shit." he shrugs. "But I'll see you later." he promises, as he moves to start to head out.

To Jonas' credit? Erin smiles at him. And nods. Agreement. Looks like Jonas has found a platonic friend to tease. And that doesn't seem to want to jump him.

"It's okay, Rhodes. I'm -- " Erin lets out a breath. She sets her hands on her hips. " -- I'm feeling good, actually. I mean, generally. Good." She doesn't explain why. "And, hi, Arda. Guess I sort of failed to give him a thrashing, huh?" Jonas. "Oh well. I'll get 'im."

Jonas' announcement startles Lyn. Perhaps she doesn't want to see a doctor. Or maybe she already has DUN DUN DUUUNNNN! "Next time for sure, Chilly. Ok well, I should go get my run in before duty calls." She makes a quick scuttle over to the treadmills.

"That new shrink guy?" Probably a fair guess given how few 'new doctors' are on board. Cate's nose wrinkles. "Watch your six." Lyn's abrupt departure gets a curious glance, but then Cate's turning her attention back to Erin. "We're going to Picon and you're feeling good? I think you definitely have a head injury." It's a dry comment, but there's a tension in her posture that makes the joke come across a bit strained.

In response to Cate's quip, Erin just shrugs. "It's fine." Beat. "Partly, I was giving Ingvar a hard time. Because I can. We don't need to spar if you don't want to." Brief frown. "I'd really avoid trying to get into a fistfight with a robot."

The somewhat smaller Marine sits herself down, and nabs a towel from her bag to mop her brow with. "And how goes the medical bay?" Beat. "You know, some pilot thought I should have been a medic? I don't have the patience."

Something about Erin's comment to Lyn registers, "Trying to give him a thrashing on Arda's behalf?" Cate wonders, once Jonas is out of earshot. "But yeah, I know what you mean. I got up close with one once. Wasn't fun." She leans against some exercise equipment near where Erin sits. "Nice and quiet now. Aspirin for hangovers and dumb training injuries. That'll change soon enough." She tilts her head at the comment. "Patience with people, you mean?"

Having heard that Cate was in the gym, Tucker drops by, having come fresh from duty, showered and gotten cleaned up into sweats and a t-shirt. Noticing the pair of women, he makes his way over, settling his hand on Cate's shoulder. "Hey you." he greets the medic warmly, more than a little hint of affection in his voice as he nods to Erin with a lift of his head in greetings.

Lyn saw them in a shop in NOLA on a vacation. Drooled copiously

"Well, not on her behalf exactly." Erin explains. "See, Ingvar was too kind to not tell us to dress appropriately for a beach training exercise. It led to a lot of unnecessary -- " Or necessary. " -- bouncing and flouncing before we kicked sand into the face of Scorpia's finest." There was a reason for it, of course, but that's not known.

"Ah well." Erin looks at Tucker, and, lo, she doesn't recognize him. "Hello." Her eyes shift to Cate to see her reaction to the hinted-affection.

Cate makes a face at Erin's description. "Really? Gods, he deserves to be thrashed for that then. Maybe next time." The hand on her shoulder causes her to look back, distracted. "Oh, hey." The smile is faint but warm. Seeing the nod and look between Erin and Tucker, she says, "You guys know each other?" Assuming not, she does the introductions thing by gesturing to each in turn. "Flats, Hayes."

Releasing Cate's shoulder after the brief contact, the smile offered back is easy, but small. "I dunno, Cate, wouldn't mind watching you bounce around." he teases a little, before he offers his hand to Erin. "Tucker Carrington, or Flats as the Air Wing calls me. I remember your face, I dropped you off for a recon of some AA sites back on Canceron."

There is a flicker of recognition. "Sure. I remember." Beat. "If I recall, I was pretty close to vomiting on the way in. I'm not good in flying things." Apparently. She might need to take something for that.

"So, Rhodes." Erin lifts an eyebriw. "You two know each other." And it's less of a question: more of a request for verification. Judging from how smug she looks, and the way she crosses her arms just so.

"Really?" Cate looks a little surprised at Erin's mention of not being good in flying things. "You know you can get something for that. Would suck to get dropped in a hotzone all queasy and shit." The latter question causes Cate to glance at Tucker briefly, caught somewhere between awkward and amused. "Uh. Yeah," she answers Erin. "We've been seeing each other for... what, a month now?" Give or take.

"Something like that. It'd be awkward if I wasn't seeing her and like grabbing her shoulder and such." Tucker chuckles a little and now it's his turn to color his cheeks just a touch. "And yeah, definetly remember you now, Grasshopper bitched about the smell for a week.." though at the mention of the deceased ECO's name, Tucker sombers a bit. "I didn't mean to interupt anything, just heard you were down here and wanted to see if you might want to catch a movie later, Cate."

Erin makes a chin-gesture. "Why don't you take her now, Flats?" Beat. "To see a movie." Another beat. "I mean, we were about to spar a bit, but I don't think I should. Might have to report to sickbay if I get another headache." After being dropped on her noggin. Her eyes look fine, though.

She shrugs and wipes her forehead again. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. Erin's expression becomes somber for a few moments -- perhaps the mention of Grasshopper -- and that impassive wall of stone and ice is thrown up again.

Cate shifts a sympathetic look to Tucker when Grasshopper's name is mentioned. "Yeah, sure," she agrees readily to Tucker's offer. Erin's suggestion gets an uncertain look. "You sure? I've got time enough to do both before my next shift?" Even though she was the one concerned about Erin's head knock earlier. Maybe she feels bad about bailing on the other marine. Maybe she just wants to show off for Tucker. Who knows. "Don't have to hit to the head."

"Naw, don't want to take away from her training, she may take it out on me later." Tucker grins a little at that. "If you two want to have it out, I won't mind hanging around, though." Not that he plans on giving any pointers. Just enjoy watching Cate doing her thing.

Shrug. "All right." Erin gets up off her bench and mosies -- slowly -- to where the protective head gear is. Because that shit would've been stellar to have on before getting suplexed into next week. "You want to do this open-handed, or -- ?" With gloves. " -- up to you on that. I don't mind, either way."

Because Chilly's hardcore like that. Gloves or no gloves, she'll throw down. Yeah. Don't mind that she looks like she could use a sammich or three to fill out, or that she's dwarfed by the average teenager. No. HARDCORE. Fist fighter, or grapple-groupie. Don't matter.

Cate smirks back at Tucker. "Little chance of that." Then Cate's moving over to join Erin in getting some gear. "Nah let's use gloves. We're just training - no need to hurt each other. I'm in sickbay enough as it is." Too much, some would say. She puts on some gloves. "Do you usually spar open-handed?" she wonders idly.

"Yeah." Not a good idea. "It's -- you don't have gloves in the field. You have to pull down and subdue or die, right?" Erin pulls on a pair of gloves, fastening each one in turn. "Sure, you'll get hurt. It happens. But that's life, right?"

Smack, smack, smack. Chilly claps her hands together, and then sets up on the mat for some sparring. "So, you and Flats -- that works out? Pilot and Marine?" Because, if you follow normal sci-fi tropes, airmen and grunts don't get along. See Starship Troopers.

"Well, yeah... but we're on the same side here. Not exactly the same as the field," Cate reasons. She gets her gloves secured and then moves out to the mat and gets into a ready stance. The question surprises her. "Sure. CF doesn't have any dumb-ass regs about officers and enlisted dating, so... why wouldn't it?" She flicks a glance his way, seeing that he's been dragged off to talk to another pilot.

It's low-and-lazy sparring for now. Easy punches and blocks. Kicks. Nothing too taxing. "I don't know." Punch, kick, block. "Different lives. Scopes. Stakes are the same, but a different mentality. No?" Erin seems curious. Maybe more than she should be. "Guess I bought into the line that Navy and Marines don't mix. You know how that goes." Roughnecks and flyboys? Nope. Do not like. Or so the media'd have you believe.

Cate is content to take it easy. A typical gung-ho marine she is not. Plus she didn't warm up first. "I guess that's true. "I hung out a lot with the pilots when I was on Picon, so... I got used to them. Kinda my type, I guess." A preoccupied frown takes hold there before she shakes it off. "Anyway, I don't see it as being any different than dating someone with a different job in civilian life.

"So, how does it work?" Block, block, knee, elbow. "On the ship. You know." Beat. "There's not exactly many places to go. Private places. Like, how do you -- ?" Do it? " -- how do you find a place where -- I mean, where you can be vulnerable and open?" Like that's something that's important to Erin now. Really. Is Chilly losing her cool? Probably.

Cate seems to favor kicks, her long legs helping her out in that department. To say the line of questioning from Chilly surprises her would be an understatement, but she's a little busy moving around to stop and stare. And cheeks already flushed from the aerobics don't betray her. "That part kinda sucks. I mean, some people just use their bunks but I dunno... the idea of your neighbors listening in while you're getting busy or having a heart-to-heart is kinda mortifying for me, personally. But there are places. Storerooms, closets, nooks, accessways..." She blocks a punch and then asks, "Not exactly the most romantic spots, but... you make do." Then it's Cate's turn to ask, "Why? Got your eye on someone?"

Sidelong glance. Shrug. Eye roll. Sigh. It's not too hard to see that, for all of her fighting prowess, Erin's a rookie at romance. "I guess so." Beat. "I mean, what else is there to do sometimes but watch and wonder?" With everyone coupling up, that is. "I get a good vantage point from where I eat and read. And I figure -- why not me?"

Her brows furrow. "Some people think it's silly or stupid, but -- but I think it's something everyone actually wants." Another beat. "Fighting for vengeance, fighting a good fight -- that's all well and good, but what about us? I mean -- at what point do we stop, and say, like -- what do I get out of this? Especially people that haven't anything to fall back on."

"Sure," Cate agrees easily. "You deserve it as much as anyone. And I don't think it's silly. I mean, war's got to end someday right? And then what?" She feints kicks a couple times to keep Erin at bay, then switches up her feet. "The only bad part is the worrying. Seeing someone you care about get hurt. Wondering every time you say goodbye..." She can't quite finish that sentence. "That part sucks."

"I guess." Erin lacks that experience, apparently. "I'd like to think that, if that happened -- " Shrug. " -- they went the way they wanted. Better than dying alone, on a bed somewhere. In a hospital from a disease."

"Well. I don't know that there's any good way." But then Cate's picking up the pace of the sparring a little bit, perhaps a little uncomfortable at that train of thought (even though she's totally the one who brought it up) and the conversation dies down.


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