2237-06-08 - Finding Happy

Tamlin and Beckham Dorn send a video message to Cate.

Date: 2237-06-08

Location: Rehab Hospital, Aerilon

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Aerilon, the Veteran's Hospital. Since it was one of the safest planets in the systems, it was where they sent Beckham Dorn to recover from his injuries. He's just finishing up his physical therapy, standing at a pair of bars and a walkway as he strains, forcing his legs to work for him as he takes a first cautious step, his legs shaking, threatening to fall out beneath him but he holds, a nurse nearby just in case as he glances up to where he's being filmed. "One step at a time." he grunts. "Legs haven't felt this heavy since I tried three Sagittarian Slammers while on duty with the ICJPK."

Tamlin, here behind the camera, is more concerned with keeping Beckham in frame, than with getting herself into the shot, and so it's only her voice that makes it into the recording, for the time being. "Hi Cate. Becks and I wanted to send you a little update on how we're doing, It's been almost a month, and as you can hear, he's enjoying reliving his favourite pub crawl memories." The camera momentarily pans to either side of the room, so that Cate can see what the facility Beckham is doing his physical therapy in looks like, before it returns to focusing on Beckham.

"Hey Doc." Beckham offers before sticking out his tongue at Tamlin, taking another slow step. "They said I might be able to get full mobility.. in six months to a year." he responds as he smiles encouragingly. "Bullet nicked a couple of vertebrae. Tamlin and I miss you, so wanted to do this.." he grins for a moment and then grits his teeth as he continues with another slow step. "Tell Hayes that I'll be around to kick her ass in Pyramid, she ever shows up down here."

"AIT is going pretty well," comes Tamlin's voice, "I guess I'm lucky they didn't make me go through basic again. I might have had to set the place on fire." The camera moves, as she moves to allow the camera to get a view of Beckham from the side. Yes, Cate's a friend, but she's also a doctor, and Tamlin, at least, seems to be anticipating any questions Cate might have about how Beckham is moving and adjusting to his therapy. "Don't be jealous, but they gave us one of the married officer cottages. I guess they thought we needed the room." Which they do, given the amount of PT Beckham does at home as well. "We don't know what to do with ourselves with nobody listening to us when we frak."

Beckham sputters. "Tamlin!" he says, laughing, blushing as he glances over at his wife. "As you can tell, the Marine life is already rubbing off on her." he manages with a shake of his head as he takes another step. "If you're a good girl I'll show you my back later." he quips. "I mean, the ass is still intact." There's a glance up to Tamlin, considering her for a moment, before glancing back down with a warm smile to try to take another step.

Tamlin's voice sound amused, and not in the least repentant. "Cate's grown, she knows what grown people do. Especially the ones that bought the cow." Tamlin continues to move, making a slow traverse around the edge of the PT room, making sure to get a good view of all of the equipment as well, just in case Cate has any ideas, "We heard about you getting pinned. We're really proud of you, of all of the Wolves. We've been following all of your news."

"Now just stop getting shot. I don't need any company that way here!" Beckham calls out off-camera as he continues his 'walk' before the smile spreads on his voice. "Damn, ass is looking better these days, Tamlin." Which of course causes a groan from the nurse and a roll of eyes. "Everything's working like it should, except the legs."

Tamlin's hold on the camera wobbles, most likely because she probably just shook her ass in Beckham's general direction. They really do seem to have been doing the second marriage thing right. "Well, I've had a little help." Tamlin finally comes back around, just as the nurse is moving to help Beckham off of the walkway and into a folding chair for a brief rest, the angle of the camera and her approach now coming up as if she were looking over his shoulder, "Also, I wanted to let you know...not to worry...but it might be a lot longer than a year before we make it back." The camera shifts angle, to show Tamlin's off hand, which, while Beckham was getting settled and wasn't looking in her direction, she snuck around on the other side. There's a box, held so that both Beckham and Cate will see it for the first time together. When opened will reveal a test stick in there. It's blue.

"Dammit, Tamlin, what are you hiding over there!" Beckham grouses playfully, she knew he would have to finish the walk from one side to the other to get to what Tamlin had promised him. "...did I forget our anniversary?" he asks, suddenly a little concerned. "Cate's birthday?" There's a couple of more wobbly steps, but she can tell he's getting winded, so he stops talking for a moment to finish the task to get to the end of the walk and lift the box to open it and find the positive test within. "...Tams..?" he asks, looking up at her, and the camera, his expression melting into surprise and shock as he starts to tear up. "...you are? You're sure?" A feather could knock him over, but his legs give out first as he falls onto his ass, staring up at her, cradling the test in his hands like it was their child, even if it's a stick she peed on.

She'll probably pay for laughing after, but it's not Beckham's tumble she's laughing at, as he manages to miss the chair the nurse was trying to get him into and end up on the floor...thank god for heavy padding. No, she's just...well, happy. The camera is a bit all over the place for a minute, as she gets down onto the floor, the nurse helping to get him set to rights, then leaving him to his wife. "Yes, I'm sure. I triple checked it." Like a good deck monkey should. "So, yeah, Cate. I think it might be a while before we get back to the fight. They're going to let me finish AIT, so I won't need to start all over again." With a war on, even if it were within their legal rights, they wouldn't kick her out just for getting knocked up. Tamlin still isn't fully in view, though, as she moves to support Beckham at least her legs and her off right hand are in view. Progress, "Surprise."

Oh no, she doesn't get to escape. "Hold this." There's a hand over the camera for the moment as Beckham is handing it over to the nurse and when it focuses back on them, he's pulled his wife down with him and they're kissing for several moments before he breaks it to pull Tamlin into his lap. And he's pointing at Tamlin's stomach. "Cate if it's a girl." he says teasingly. "Is that short for Catherine or Cathleen?" There's a laugh, rich and full and happy tears as he throws his arms around Tamlin's sides.

Tamlin doesn't seem at all put out, at being caught on camera, but she's careful as she's pulled into Beckham's lap, because he really can't support her as steadily as he'd like yet, and so her left hand ends up on the floor beside him, the two of them tangled together on the floor, her face still aglow with happiness. "Catherine." One of them, at least, was sneaky about reading Cate's duty roster paperwork. "If it's a girl," Tamlin affirms, "Therin if it's a boy."

"Sounds good." Beckham agrees, kissing Tamlin's cheek affectionately. "Hey, she's going to need a good role model, and you already know how crazy her parents are gonna be." he corrects himself at Tamlin's look. "...or him." he adds with a chuckle. "So, you stay safe out there, and we hope to see you soon." The medic's smile is warmer than it has been since everything went down on Canceron. "Tell those back on Vanguard we miss them!" he calls out, releasing Tamlin so she can leave Cate with a personal message if she wants.

"I know there are probably a whole host of people out there, asking how we could bring a child into this world in the middle of all of this." Tamlin's voice grows, now, a good deal more serious, "But sometimes the universe has a way of giving you joy in the middle of all of the heartache. And I know we've got a long way to go...but we're good. We're really good. And we're going to take our happy as it comes and run with it. Promise us you'll take care of yourself and the crew." A beat, "And Cate? If you find some happy too, you grab on to it and don't let it go, okay? We love you! All our love to all of you too." A wave, from both of them, before the video cuts out.


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