2237-06-26 - Bandaids and Banter

Lance Corporal Obaia Tilimsani has some serious bedside manner.

Date: 2237-06-26

Location: Sickbay, //Vanguard//

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Check out day! Though as Jonas is preparing to check out, he's also sitting and watching Abigail, who apparently decided she wanted to get rid of that little flap underneath her arms by taking bullets into both arms. Cause that's sexy right? Holding his own paperwork, he's perched on a chair, a bandage settled on the side of his head as he smirks. "You know, Gale, this ain't a competition of who can catch more bullets." he points out. "I need you up for a mission in a couple of days."

"I'll be fine." Abigail is seated at one of the free beds, waiting to get her bandages changed. One of the bullets tore through her right bicep, the other through her left shoulder. Fortunately, neither hit bone, so that's a small mercy. But it's still going to make it hard as hell to use a weapon, "I'm thinking I might just go with a full twelve pack of grenades, all sorts. I can still manage those well enough." It's the recoil that's a real beast. "And my service pistol."

Most people don't notice the different medics in sickbay, but if they did, they'd notice they hadn't seen this one before. The slim medic has her dark, chemically-relaxed hair pulled back into a tidy bun, and she moves with strength and purpose. She looks at her charts. "Staff Sergeant Abigail Walker?" she asks, looking at the woman. Her voice is thickly accented. "Let us see of these bandages."

"Actually, I was hoping you'd carry something long and tube like.." Jonas suggests, with a waggle of his brows. "The area they're looking at has a report of Cylon tanks, figured you might want something a little bigger than a rifle to take one down." There's a thin smile at that. Give the demolitions girl a rocket launcher, and she'll be happy the whole night through.

That is when the new face shows up. It's not like Jonas has been /lurking/ in the medical area, but he's been down nearly a week after getting chewed up by the Cylons, and a new face is recognized. "That's her. I'm Sergeant Jonas Ingvar. You are from... Scorpia?" he asks, though he's unsure of himself as he tries to match her accent.

Abigail looks over, as a new face comes over, and she shifts, turning to get herself into 'treatment' position, "I'm not a gunner, Jonas. If you mean using a rocket launcher. I'm not sure, strictly speaking, even as a demo specialist, that I'm cleared to use that sort of thing, even if I can. I might be able to work with a few shaped charges for the tank treads though. I'll see what I can put together." A smile, for the woman, "Thank you. I appreciate it. New transfer?"

"Lance Corporal Obaia Tilimsani," the medic introduces herself formally when Jonas introduces himself. He gets a small nod. "Indeed, yes, Scorpia," she confirms as she pulls over a rolling table and puts on her nitrile gloves. She starts preparing her bandaging station. "I was arriving on the ship last night, but it was quite quiet and I did not meet too much people," she explains.

"Nice to meet you, Lance Corporal. It was quiet because the Marines were away on a mission. As evidenced by Abigail's wounds." Jonas says with a smirk and then considers. "You might be right, but you know, rocket launchers generally have instructions easy enough for even us Marines to read." he points out with a small laugh as he moves aside to allow Obaia to check over Abigail.

"Welcome to the Vanguard. And don't worry, we'll keep you hopping. Up here and down on the ground, especially now with Kovac down." A beat, as Abigail pulls down her tank sleeves, so that Obaia has a clear shot at the area around her shoulder, "That's Mikolas Kovac, Sergeant, one of our combat medics. Although, well, Rhodes did as well. Cate Rhodes, Corporal. Our two medics from last night. They both took some good hits, so you may find yourself busier than you might like."

"It is nice to meet you as well, Sergeant. May we use names? You may call me Obaia, but some people shall call me Obie. It seems easier, but it is not my preference. It does not bother me, so be free to call it." Quick, clever hands carefully remove the bandages and clean the wounds.

"Jonas is fine by me. Gale?" Jonas asks Abigail as he continues to watch the work, apparently trying to observe Obaia's work, trying to pick up on the techniques she uses.

Abigail knows how to be a good patient, and she doesn't squirm or make faces of anything! Even if it does sting like a MFer. Have to make a good impression, right? If you want a medic to patch you up when you really need it, "Oh, names is fine. I'm not a big stickler for ranks, unless we're boots on the ground. I'm Abby, mostly, or Able, Jonas calls me Gale. It's good to meet you, Obaia."

"I am happy to meet both of you," Obaia says politely, applying fresh bandages. "Both arms," she says, tsking. "That takes talent."

"I was just wondering if she was doing her inflatable tube flailing arm man impersonation." Jonas offers with a smirk as he reaches up to tap the side of his head where the bandage is. "But I so have her beat in the bad ideas department." comes the admission. "Sergeant told me to distract four Cylons. It worked."

"I think you will find that I am full of amazing skills and talents, Obaia. I am also an expert grenade thrower, as evidenced by my amazing takedown of two centurions last night, and I am also a wizard at using duct tape." That might be a reference Obaia gets, if she worked the team after they got back. One of the marines came back with a bandana as a makeshift bandage and secured with a generous application of duct tape around his neck and shoulder to hold it in place.

"Inflatable tube... what?" Obaia looks utterly confused, brow furrowed. She carefully disposes of the old bandages in a biohazard container. "And how shall you distract four Cylons?" she asks. She does not quite understand the connection between duct tapes and wizards, but she spent enough time learning from the clan healer to know better than to piss off someone who could hex you. Mental note: Abigail is a wizard.

"By being very visible and then having them trip over two mines." Jonas responds thoughtfully. "You know, in the process of trying to blow up a building." he says with a smirk as he grins. "Got your hat and robes, Gale?"

Abigail has actually seen this sort of thing, and so she demonstrates for Obaia, lifting her arms, while the medic is getting fresh supplies, flailing her arms...well, as much as one can flail their arms while trying to keep their arms tight against their sides from shoulder to elbow. "Those things, that looks like elongated men, but they're hooked up to an air blower so they flap around. I don't know if they have those on Scorpia." A glance to Jonas, "No, but I do have super glue."

"Oh, so typical Marine bullshit," Obaia concludes, giving Jonas the ghost of a smirk. Abigail gets a stern look. "Whatever you are doing, stop now," she says firmly, crossing her arms. "You will open your stitches and I shall not be kind in repairing them."

As soon as the medic chastises her, Abigail snaps her arms back down to her sides, going back to sitting stock still so that Obaia can work, "Yes, typical marine bullshit. I knew I shouldn't have given you those two claymores. Some shaped charges would have been better. More foundation damage, less flesh-rending shrapnel." Should Obaia look away, Abigail will lift her arm long enough to point at the medic and mouth to Jonas, 'I like her.'

Obaia finishes cleaning up her staging area and pulls her gloves off. "I ought take you to the jungle one day. We shall see how your marine bullshit... does? Is that how the word goes?" She looks frustrated and embarrassed.

Abigail, newly bandaged, gives her arms a bit of a flex, testing, though not enough to break stitches, or get the medic to give her the side eye. A grin is answer enough, "Thank you for the good work, Obaia. I really appreciate it." A momentarily curious look, before she considers, "Works, would be the better words, in that instance." A beat, "Standard is your second language?"

"You like her, you can introduce her to your brother." Jonas pseudo-whispers while the medic takes care of Abigail. Though the comment about languages draws up his brows thoughtfully as he considers. "<<Is this better?>>" he offers in slightly accented Scorpian, though it seems he could use some work on it.

"Works." Obaia exhales slowly through her nose. "Yes, it is. I lived from a small clan, traditional one. I..." She gives Jonas an expression that can only be described as a frown of approval. "<<Yes, in some circumstances, but it /is/ rather impolite to your beautiful friend here, don't you think?>>" she replies in Scorpian, lilting gracefully.

Abigail gives Jonas a disgusted look, answering him in that same pseudo-whisper, "I am not hooking Addison up on a date." But she quickly slaps an innocent smile back on as Obaia returns. As for the conversation, as it turns from a language she knows, Abigail seems not to mind at all. Actually, despite not understanding the words, she seems engaged just in listening to the sounds.

"You're right, but I can translate pretty well." Jonas points out, before he smirks. "Yeah, since if I recall the first time I met Aubrey, she swore some type of marriage contract." There's a chuckle at that as a nurse comes over with his release instructions. "Be right back after I sign off on all this."

"It wasn't a marriage contract, it was two pre-teens do. Playing dress-up." Abigail slips down herself, "Have you seen much of the rest of the ship, Obaia? I should probably head down to supply, but I'd be happy to give you a little tour, set you on your way."

Obaia eyes Abigail. "Do you you think this brother could handle me?" she asks dryly. "Do not marry me off inside an hour of meeting me, please. This is your only warning." From the look on her face and her posture, it would likely end up with someone's joints bending the wrong way.

Abigail can't help it, she bursts out laughing, "Well, I have to admit, I am not that up to date on my brother's dating life...but he does like a challenge. I will, however, stay as far away from that as humanly possible. I am not getting into the middle of any of that. And neither is Jonas, if he knows what's good for him." She stops over to the table beside the bed, picking back up the hoodie she brought with her, "Let me know when you're ready."


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