2237-07-06 - Recipe For the Future

Lyn bakes cookies for Geoff's return to the Vanguard. Aldrich helps. They discuss what they wish to do after the war.

Date: 2237-07-06

Location: Galley -- Vanguard

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Lyn has introduced Aldrich to one of her shipboard hidey holes. In the store room for the gym equipment is a box labelled 'defective athletic supporters'. Because no one is remotely going to look in a box labelled that. It's where she stores some of her baking supplies. She gathered the box up and then led the Chaplain to the galley and her little corner the chief lets her bake in. "Did Geoff specify what kind of cookies he likes?" she asks him, setting the box on a counter.

Aldrich was highly amused by the method she's using to hide her supplies. Once she's setting up for baking, he mostly just tries to stay out of her way, taking up a post in another corner where he can watch and jump in if requested. "I don't think he said, no. But sugar cookies are always a safe bet, I think?"

"We can do a few kinds, to be safe," Lyn says with a grin. "I'm just glad the kid is back and in one piece again." She takes the lid off the box and begins pulling out a variety of things. Actual sugars, extracts, nuts, chips, dried fruits, and other things that the galley generally doesn't stock. "Can you grab me some eggs, butter, and milk from the cooler?" she asks Aldrich as she roots around for bowls and utensils and pans.

Aldrich chuckles a little, "He'll probably appreciate whatever you make. I was thinking we ought to have a welcome back party for him," he remarks. He jumps to find the ingredients requested, and returns with powdered eggs, powdered milk, and margarine. Because it's still the army, even in space. He starts measuring out the water to rehydrate the powdered stuff. "How much do you need?"

"A party is a good idea if you think he's ok with it. He went through a lot, we don't want to overwhelm him either," Lyn notes. She glances over at the rehydration process. "Just one for the sugar cookie mix, one for the peanut butter cookies, 4 for the chocolate crinkles," she replies to his question. She gets measuring cups lined up and a few recipe index cards set out on the counter in front of different mixing bowls. She sets the temperature on the oven and prepares some sheet pans. "The chocolate recipe makes a lot of cookies, so we can keep some for ourselves too."

Aldrich glances up, getting a kind of glassy-eyed look for a minute before saying, "So... 6?" Then he's back to mixing up powdered eggs to make something vaguely resembling something that might be scrambled eggs. If you squint. "I think Geoff likes parties," he points out. "Anyway, we'll keep it low-key. With everything going on, we probably can't manage anything big anyway."

"Yeah, maybe we should have it be for him and Draygo? The pilot who they found after he was missing for a bit?" Two returns are much needed happy news after several big losses. Lyn begins mixing up the first dough, the peanut butter one is easiest since it's just eggs, sugar, and peanut butter. She covets her non-healthy sugary peanut butter and returns the jar carefully to the box after. "Did you get a chance to talk to Cate?" she asks quietly.

Aldrich passes the eggs over to Lyn, and then leans against the counter again, to watch as she works. "I did, a little. She had a bit of a concussion, I think... But I think she's going to be okay, when it's all said and done." A beat, then, "Or at least, as okay as any of us."

"I hope so. Yeah, we had a grenade hit the cover we were behind on that last mission. I only got a few shrapnel scrapes on my legs. Mind you, I don't think I hit anything but the armor on an APC the entire ambush." Lyn drops spoonfuls of the mixture onto one of the baking trays.

Aldrich grimaces at that, but he can't very well complain, since he goes out there, himself. "Be careful," he simply offers, gently. "I think we're all going to be glad of a break, when we finally get it. I just hope we can have a good win before we do."

"I'm always careful now," Lyn chuckles, "I have something to come back to these days." she gives him a smile and a wink at that. "The ambush was an unqualified success at least. We stopped the delivery of a metric crapload of rocket launchers to the Cylon lines. Blew them to the high heavens. So that should have helped the Picons a bit." The tray goes into the oven and one timer gets set before she moves to the next bowl.

"Oh, well... That's good, then," Aldrich seems to cheer up a little, at that. He continues to sit back and watch, like the guy that he is. ""Have you ever thought about what you'll do when the war's over?" he asks, suddenly.

Lyn is in the middle of mixing the chocolate cookie dough when he asks that question, and her spatula pauses in mid stir. She blinks. "I haven't thought about it too much, no. I guess before recently, I didn't really think I'd survive the war. Now I'm pretty determined to." She glances over her shoulder at him. "Maybe I could open a bakery? What about you?"

Aldrich lifts a shoulder slightly, and gives a crooked grin. "I hadn't really thought about it either, until Eli asked me, a long time ago." He looks to the side, a little hesitant about that and then admits, "I think if I survive the war, I might... revisit Gemenon. It probably won't go well, but I can at least try."

Lyn looks over at him again with a worried expression. "I'd like to visit it. I'd like to visit all the colonies I think, to really understand what we fought for, outside of wartime. Would me visiting Gemenon be bad?" she asks?

Aldrich looks back to Lyn, brow furrowing just a bit, which pulls at the healing wound just a bit. "I don't know if you visiting would be a very good idea..." he points out, tentatively. "Not because of me, just... They aren't very nice to outsiders, sometimes."

"I don't mind that so much. I would like to understand where you came from, though. So I can better appreciate where you are," Lyn says with a small smile. "And someday I can show you Aquaria, when we take it back." She seems sure that is going to happen at some point. She washes her hands before rolling the chocolate dough into balls, then into powdered sugar before dropping them on the tray. "Give me a hand with these? That little melon scoop thing is perfect size for the balls."

Aldrich washes his hands quickly, then comes over to follow her directions, picking up the melon scoop to start dishing out the dough. "I don't know if it's possible to understand Gemenon as an outsider," he explains, gently. "Is... that a problem for you? If you never totally understand?"

Lyn shrugs a little. "Never know until I try, right? But no it wouldn't bother me; there are so many things in the universe that I don't understand. Sometimes you just have to realize they aren't meant to be understood. Accepted, maybe, understood, no." Like the fickleness of the gods for example. She continues their little assembly line of making the chocolate crinkles for baking.

Aldrich smiles a little, but still looks a little uncomfortable. "It would be very...difficult for me," he explains, quietly, then goes back to silently passing chocolate spheres down the line.

"You can talk to me about it if you like?" Lyn offers. "I may not understand, but I can listen. Sometimes that helps." The spheres go into the sugar then onto trays. She wasn't kidding, it makes a lot. "You've listened to my problems so many times, Al. I want to return the favor."

Aldrich shakes his head a little, and goes on making cookies in silence for awhile. Finally, he explains, quietly, "I care about you. And I know that you don't need me to protect you, but that doesn't stop me from feeling protective. But...I feel the same way about them. So... difficult."

"That I can understand," Lyn says softly as she puts the trays into the oven. She comes back to finally work on the sugar cookie dough. She even has a cutter to use that looks like a combat boot. "I wanted you to understand about Jonas, about what he meant to me and how he hurt me, and what we'd been through, but I didn't want you to hate him either. I know that wasn't easy, and you probably weren't fond of him because of the things I said, because they caused me pain. But I cared too much about him to hate him either, and didn't want anyone else to."

Aldrich shakes his head a little. "I... usually assume that people have their reasons for everything they do," he offers, and it even has a note of apology to it, just in case she's offended that he didn't hate Jonas. "But it's not really the same. If you went there and met them, they'd actively attack you. Not...physically, I mean, but they'd be mean to you. And I'd feel like I had to choose. I already had to do that once, and I... didn't handle it well."

"Well, I am a big girl. I'm not great at holding my tongue though, so maybe it would be best if I didn't venture there until I got that under control," Lyn admits. Yeah, she really needs to up her composure. "But I'll respect your wishes. I think my Mom would love you, personally. Finally, a 'nice boy'," she quips the last in a Tauronese accent.

Aldrich chuckles faintly. "Maybe if she met me," he points out, with some amusement. he scrapes the last of the cookie dough out of the bowl and sends it along to be turned into cookies. "Most people don't think of 'Gemenese' and 'nice' in the same sentence."

"Well, Gemenese or no, you're a chaplain. I think she'd be tickled at that," Lyn says with a smile. The dough gets mixed and wrapped in plastic wrap and tossed into the fridge to chill. "Mom is pretty accepting in general. I mean, she agreed to live at the station with my dad when they got married. If that doesn't say easy going, nothing does."

Aldrich smiles faintly. "Well, in that case..." he lets it go at that, and returns to the sink to wash his hands. "I shouldn't have asked about after the war. I've just been thinking more about it lately, I guess. We should focus on the moment, shouldn't we?"

"Well, maybe, but it doesn't hurt to think about what we'd like to do after the war. Travel without needing guns maybe? Learn new things?" Lyn notes with a smile. "Anyway, I have the timer set, and that sugar cookie dough needs a few hours to chill while the others bake. Let's go get some coffee and relax."

Aldrich grins a little. "I think I might have scratched my travel itch," he admits, but lets it go at that. "Coffee sounds wonderful," he agrees and offers her a hand as they start for the coffee station.


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