2237-08-20 - Pool Gossip

A pair of Raptor teams get together poolside after a mission to gossip and get to know each other.

Date: 2237-08-20

Location: Swimming Pool

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Scene Number: 411

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There's something relaxing about a swim after a battle. Though there's no beaches on the Dauntless, there is a pool. After a brief detour to the billets to collect her swimsuit and towel, Paige made her way to the pool to change into the simple regulation black one piece swimsuit as she moves to settle at the edge of the pool, letting her legs rest in the water while she pulls her hair up into a ponytail to tuck into the swim cap that she has set on the edge of the pool next to her.

Calliope followed Paige direct to the pool, when she realized the ECO was going that way. Her suit is Fleet-issue, that same back one-piece. Her pink bikini has been stowed in a locker since Scorpia, and probably won't see the light of day until the next call for shore leave. "You know," she observes, as she pads barefoot around the edge of the pool. "There are some things I really miss about the Vanguard. But the absence of pool? Not so much. I could seriously get used to this."

One of the benefits of arriving back at the Dauntless ahead of the rest of the flight -- it's a quick progression through the showers -- and out to the mess to claim his prize. Alain seems pretty pleased with his chocolate milkshake, parting ways with Aubrey while he searches for other members of the flight to get an update on the rest of the battle. He spots a raptor pilot and ECO, and trails in their wake, stepping into the pool. "Trounce the rest of those toasters, did you?" he asks, cheerfully.

Since she didn't crash, Irene has brought her extra snacks down to poolside, which is likely against regulations but she's willing to risk it in the glow of victory. She might not even have been kidding about wearing a bikini under her flightsuit because she's one of the first here, already layed out on a towel on her stomach, feet absently treading air, head up, chin in hand, elbows to deck. Her bikini is banana yellow and stringy. Definitely not Navy issue. Seeing the other raptor crew show up, she waves them over.

"I know, right?" Whatever swimsuit that Paige wears in her downtime - it's yet to be viewed in the light of day by anyone on the ship. "I am really happy to have a pool back. Though I disagree, I do not miss Vanguard, now Galactica? That's worth missing." she offers dryly with a smile towards the other woman before she pulls on the cap and heads over to where Irene is laid out and unable to resist, gives her bottom a slap. "Ugh, sweaty." she teases slightly before glancing to Alain. "We did. Pretty handily at that."

Gabriela apparently followed the rest of the pilots and her Raptor pilot to the pool. She smiles and then asks of Calliope, "You survived without a pool? I definitely came at the right time." She declares wearing the standard fleet swimsuit as well. She drops down to the edge beside Paige, "Princess I think you're going to have to show me some of your tricks when it comes to jamming." She informs her brightly as she snags one of Irene's snacks, "Not a bad bus ride iris." She says brightly to the pilot.

Calliope flashes Alain and Irene a quick grin. "Hi, Jigger. Iris. Good to see you all made it back in one piece." She hops into the water with a splash, turning that grin to Gabriela. "Hey, we're a tough special operations unit. We could take it! But...this is pretty cool."

There's a definite grimace from Alain at Paige's response, and a long sigh. "I mean... as much as I wish I'd been there with you guys to clean up, I did clean up in a way," he hoists his glass full of chocolate milkshake as evidence of just that thing. He takes a big old gulp of the contents, making all sorts of contented noises. It's not that he doesn't admire the bikinis, but he's so used to showering with the various women in the wolves that after a quick, appreciative look at each, he's onto the next topic, finding one of the poolside chairs to lounge in. "I miss the Galactica, too," he admits. "The mess alone!" He makes a mwah sound, pressing lips against pinched fingers.

"Pilot butt." Irene says to explain the supposed sweatiness to Paige. That's what you get strapped to a seat for hours while stuffed into an airtight suit. She's also nonplussed over the slap and just turns onto her side and reaches back to absently rub the sting from the worse off cheek. That's probably why she doesn't struggle to retain her snack, that or she's more than willing to share with the new ECO. "It's the first one in a while that didn't include at least one missile strike. You must be good luck, Weathergirl! Glad to see all of you back. Hi, Jigger. Cookie?" She offers the opened bag, giving it a tempting shake.

Wiping her hand off on the towel, Paige takes a cookie to settle in with the others and gives Gabriela a smile. "I don't mind helping, but it was just a lot of training. Have you tried the holoband training yet?" she asks, and she can't help but to smile. "..I helped with developing some of it." she admits with a pride in her Capircan accent. Taking a bite from the cookie, she nods to Alain in agreement. "Yes. That menu. Sigh." She mock-swoons for a moment. "Not so bad here, really. Better than the sandwich heavy Vanguard."

Gabriela smiles at Calliope, "There's toughing it out and there's TOUGHING it." She points out but looks amused then as Irene has to turn and protect her backside, "Sorry. I really need to get better at guarding your backside it seems Iris. But seems like watching your back is a lot of work. So perhaps a bit of practice will help. But yeah we at least didn't take any missiles in the tailpipe so that's a step in the right direction. Good thing for us the raiders didn't make it in time." She says in amusement and then she blinks at Paige, "You developed it? Not here but the ones we trained on." She shakes her head, "Well I guess if you helped develop it makes a bit of sense." She says sounding dutifully impressed and her brow furrowing.

Calliope dunks her head under the water. When she comes up, she gives her blonde head a shake and takes up a reclining sort of position on the edge of the pool. She's not in this for intensive laps tonight, but she's enjoying the soak. Her eyes focus on Paige, when she mentions developing holoband training. She doesn't look exactly surprised. "Use those all the time. The Aquaria rough-weather programs are some of my favorites. They kick my ass, but they're as good an approximation of flying in...conditions that kick your ass as you can get without actually being in a Raptor." Head tilts toward Alain. "How's Banshee doing? That was a nasty hit her Viper took."

Cookies and milk. What a dream! Alain eagerly leans forward to snag one of the offered cookies from Irene's bag. "Did you have those stashed in your raptor?" he asks, sounding both impressed and jealous. "Frak. You definitely ought to come SAR me next time I crash." He says it like it's just a matter of time, all matter-of-factly, while he munches on the cookie. Paige's assessment of the wolves' various ships menus earns an agreeing nod. "All though... I grew fond of the Vanguard at the end. Squishy, but kind of... homey." Calliope's question earns a brief grimace from the Gemenese pilot. "She's fine. Her Viper's pretty well frakked up though."

"And I was flying careful today, because I didn't want to spook you." Irene admits to Gabriela, so maybe some more butt covering practice might be in order. There's a nod to the viper jock, "I did and I always do. Just incase." When he's got a cookie she offers the bag around and then drops it onto the towel next to her. She's not eating them, yet, being mostly in relax mode. Her eyes flick avidly from person to person, following the various threads. Holoband training. Banshee's viper. Calliope's sim preferences. She's not missing anything.

Rising from the towel, Paige stands to head over to the pool. It's obvious in the way she carries herself that she still has the same grace that she used to grace several fashion magazines on Capirca before she lowers herself into the pool to join Calliope. "Oh, yes, that's nice. And the cure for pilot butt." she smirks as she leans against the wall of the pool. "So when do we get into the juicy gossip?" There's a dry tease in her voice as she says that.

Gabriela nods to Irene, "Well you did fantastic. You can take me for a ride anytime." She assures her brightly, "Luckily we had plenty of cover." She says nodding to Alain and the others as she then listens in for the report on Aubrey. She perks up then, "Juicy gossip?" Asks the new transfer brightening at the thought even as she snags a cookiee and then begins to scoot her way towards the pool and slip in letting out a sigh as the cool water slides against her.

Calliope nods to Alain. Looking not more than a little relieved. "Good. The missiles some of those toasters have been packing in Delphi have been seriously brutal. I hope we did some good taking out that tower." To Paige, she laughs. "Juicey gossip? Gods. I don't think I even have anything decent. I mean, if you guys want to dish, I'd love to hear some. But between adjusting to the new ship and...things..." Like flying missions over her home colony. "...I feel like I've kind of fallen out of the gossip pool."

"Good to know," Alain says to Irene as he finishes off the cookie, washing it down with well-earned chocolate milkshake. "I'll say," he agrees with Calliope, "Don't think many of the new birds we got in Picon are left unscathed at this point." Paige's mention of juicy gossip has him rising from his lounge chair in a concerted effort to extricate himself from the situation, "Annnd... that's my cue to exit. Have fun," he bids the various pilots and ECO's with a wave of his hand, as he heads out.

"Thanks, Weathergirl. It usually takes a date or two before I get that offer." Irene teases, but she's bright and beaming, obviously happy that the new ECO wasn't regretting getting into her raptor earlier. As she jumps into the pool with the others, Irene turns her head to watch them, but that's as far she gets. She'll just talk instead and stay dry, and wave after Jigger, "I have this suspicion that the captains get super secret juicy gossip that they keep to themselves." Irene states that quietly and as though she's just realized the suspicion now that the topic of gossip has come up. "So maaaybe, Princess, since you're obviously a cool captain, you'll infiltrate their group and tell us all the secret gossips. I'll pay you in cookies. I mean, think of Soundbite - she really needs it. She's out of the loop!"

"I'm a Captain, and I have no cool gossip." Paige admits with a little laugh and glances down. "I think I'm kept out of the cool Captain games because they're all.. into each other or something." She does give Calliope a small nudge. "So what's the story. How did you get your callsign and what did I have to do with it?"

Gabriela lets out a sigh ass she leans back letting her hair out into the water and then slowly pushing it back. She begins to float and smirks, "It seems everyone's out of the loop. How unfortunate. We'll have to work on the loops then next." Irene absolutely gets a saucy wink at the discussion of dates, "I'm very forward." She says playfully as she stretches out in the water.

Calliope laughs, deeply ruefully, to Paige. "I thought everybody knew that story. Gods. It's still humiliating. I got cornered by this reporter on Canceron and he started badgering me about..." And at this point, she looks away from the Graystone. "...Caprican oppressors and...stuff. I guess I kind of looked like a moron, and it ended up on some wire services. So! I'm Soundbite now." She shrugs. "I don't even mind it anymore. I mean, it could be worse. I guess." She does not speculate on how. And tries to change the subject. "So. Weathergirl, right? Where're you from?"

"Into each other? That's almost gossip!" Irene encourages, but she doesn't push beyond that, not while people are explaining their callsigns and how they got them. She listens, and decides it's half past cookie time, helping herself to one. There's a nibble and a sympathic smile that rolls into a frown at Soundbite's origin story. "Gods, reporters." She commiserates, then she looks to Gabriela, brows up, curious. "Let's hear it!"

There's a glance and a small frown towards Calliope and gives her a little nudge. "Thanks." she says quietly, though Paige doesn't say what for, since there's no need and it's between the two of them. At the mention of dating, the ECO rolls her eyes and leans back. "...you lot are far braver than I. I can't see myself dating.. anyone." she admits with a shrug, turning her attention to Gabriela for her story.

"I mean, there are people I can see myself dating, it just feels super-complicated," Calliope says. Sounding more than a little annoyed. Maybe with herself. "I haven't had a girlfriend since...gods, before the uprising, I guess. Nothing long-term, at least. And what does 'dating' even mean on one of these ships? Frakking in a linen closet?" It sounds less like a joke, more like she's asking for advice. How do you 'date' on a warship?

Gabriela moves to the edge of the pool floating and her feet kicking back and forth lazily then, "Cancer." She says as she is asked. she shrugs her shoulders, "I did weather broadcasts back in Mangala." She admits ruefully and she smiels, "So you know people got really creative." She says with a wry tone rolling her eyes as she does. As the topic goes to dating she considers, "I imagine one must do it VERY carefully.. or well very quickly." She says with a smirk.

Irene rolls over onto her front again, but this time folds her arms together and rests her head on them. That makes the cookie in her hand a bit awkward to get at, so she leaves it be after an attempted bite. "And quietly." She adds, before tacking something else to it, "But it would feel weird dating other people in the same outfit. I think it was fully against regulations in the VRN." Which it probably was, because Virgon. That's how they roll.

"And who, Calliope, would you want to drag into a linen closet?" Paige asks in mild amusement as she shakes her head. "Don't ask me, Weathergirl. I'm considered.. mercurial at best and cold at worst." she points out. "After all, depending on who you ask, I might as well have built the first Cylon." There's a shrug of her shoulders, and a glance at Gabriela and then she chuckles softly. "You, dear, sound like you've already thought of this." There's a teasing lit to her accent, before glancing to Irene. "Obviously, from what I saw, that reg has been tossed right out around here."

Calliope blushes some, shrugging. "I don't know." She clearly does know, but hems and haws about gossiping about it. "Anway, Iris is probably right, it'd be seriously weird to go with somebody in this outfit on the regular. Maybe when we hit the mall, we can pick up some hot locals or something. Even if the rules are more relaxes here because we're, like, hardcore special operations or something." Also, she was so not military before the war, so her grasp of the regs is...loose. To Gabriela, she grins. "So you did, like, those reports about how hot it was going to be every day? I mean, it's not weirder than what some of us did before things exploded. I used to fly cruise ships."

Gabriela raises a brow at the discussion and rests her chin on the edge of the pool. She smiles at Calliope, "Oh come on! We're just chatting. I'm sure it happens plenty but yeah locals probably seems more enjoyable." She smiles at Calliope, "Yeah, hot, storms, all that kind of stuff. But I liked to get out in the weather chasers so I had a bit of a reputation. Flying with my crew out into the storms." She admits, "Who knew it would come in so handy. Guess they really pick up everyone and anyone. But not just anyone ends up here."

There's a sleepy laugh from Irene, "I used to be a simple farmgirl." A long wistful sigh after that. "I did trick a marine into hugging me the other day, but I think that was probably okay. It wasn't a trip to the linen closet." Checks out. She didn't break any regs.

"It's just chatter, but Soundbite doesn't have to share if she doesn't want to." Paige responds as she moves to glance towards Irene and splashes some of the water at her. "Did you want him or her to take you to the linen closet?"

"I mean, I don't actually think there's anything wrong with is, so long as everybody's into it," Calliope says quickly. "It gets super intense here sometimes, and nobody gets that better than somebody who's in it. I'm totally for the more relaxed reg thing. It's just...weird and hitting a local bar once we liberate Delphi is probably easier." Her head tilts with interest toward Gabriela. "So you chased like hurricanes and tornadoes and stuff? Cool! That will come in handy. A lot of what we learn is how to handle un-ideal conditions. This unit's supposed to be some of the best in the Colonial Fleet. Which, I don't know if we live up to it every day, but I think we do on our better ones."

Gabriela lets out an amused sound, "Tricked into hugging you? Are they really so bad they have to be tricked into that?" She asks in amusement and stretches out kicking her legs slowly under the water. She cups her hands together so water squirts between them aiming it at Paige, "Iris doesn't have to say either." She inclines her head to Calliope, "Yep stuff like that. Cool now, not so cool to my camera team." She admits ruefully but with a smile. "Well as long as you... we... are better more often than we're not?"

From behind a screen of wavy blonde hair, Irene laughs softly again, "Sir, I can neither confirm nor deny any desire to be taken to any linen closet, if one was available or not." There's a yawn from her and a shake of her head, "Well, less a trick and more like taking advantage of an opportunity to hug a Thresher. How often does that happen?" Not often. She wiggles her fingers in a warding gesture to the splashed water, but it's a weak attempt. "Maybe after this war is done we can fly into hurricanes with hot local singles."

Laughing a little as she gets squirted, the Caprican captain nods. "You're right of course, Weathergirl. I suppose a local hook up would work far better than having to see the person that you spent the evening with every day." Paige admits quietly as she swims back a little before pulling herself out of the water to start to towel off. "I'm going to grab a real shower and then head to bed. But this.. the raptor people spending time together? Should totally be a thing." she offers hopefully.

"I think I need to hit the showers, too. And then, my rack," Calliope says. "But, yeah! We should totally do this on the regular. I am so around." She lives here, after all. She eases out of the pool, reclaiming her towel and giving herself a quick drying before pulling on her sweats.

"I'm going to fall asleep if I stay here. Then I'll be all tiley." Irene realizes after she's pushed up onto her elbows and can see the tile grooves on her arms. She gathers up her snacks and towel soon after, "I'm around too. You guys are miles better than Wooley. He mostly just glowers and knows absolutely zero gossip. See you around!"


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