2237-11-16 - Chilling At The Cove

The crew gathers to celebrate after the awards ceremony.

Date: 2237-11-16

Location: The Cove

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Scene Number: 1567

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Well, it's party time. And Sunny fit into parties well. Very well. It comes with being generally cheery and fond of the sauce.

There's a bright blue drink on the counter near where she dances by herself. Why should Billy Idol have all the fun? Near to the dancing area, the blonde Aerilonian turns and spins, and claps her hands to the beat as appropriate. Apparently, having a blast, all by herself.

The party rages with or without her, like some U2 song.

Surprisingly, Kell was not alone during the awards ceremony, he was with three others that seem like more of a more intimate gathering. Two were older, both wearing Libran military uniforms, the older woman in a Libran Naval Officer uniform while the older gentleman was in a Libran Marine Officer uniform. The third person was a younger lady, around Kell's age, who was in an civilian outfit, wearing something that is rather sharp and almost business like. A red dress skirt to the knee, white blouse with a red blazer. All three are apparently in very good spirits and congratulation a somewhat embarrassed looking Kell. All have a beverage in hand and are just chatting amongst themselves.

For the past couple of days, Astraea has largely kept to herself. Even volunteered to take someone's CAP the day before so they could get more time on the beach. She did, however, have to attend the ceremony. When the Distinguished Navy Medal was bestowed upon her (and the others who had been captured), she looked especially pained and, as it was the last one she was issued, fled the hall promptly after. She almost skipped the party, too, but free booze... it wins over many a person. Including Nova, who is wearing jeans and a Caprica Academy tee. It's mostly civvies, but not as dressed up or down as many others. She makes her way into the Cove and right on up to the bar, ordering a beer.

When Astraea comes up to the bar to get booze, Sunny has finished her amateurish dancing in favor of laughter and taking a moment for herself. And that's when the Aerilonian spots the dark-haired, dark-skinned pilot. "Hi!" says Sunny to the seemingly-moody pilot, smiling brightly and cheerfully at her. Like a stepping-front-kick of positive energy in the mouth.

With the Colonial Forces not well liked by the Virgans currently, at least Irene isn't tied up with interviews or anything. That or she handled all those on her 48 hour pass home. Either way, she's ensconced in one of the wicker chairs, wearing her usual Argentum Bay-ware, shorts, strappy sandals, pink framed sunglasses and a very neon tourist t-shirt with 'Salty Beach' across the chest. Subtle! There's a drink on the glass table, but it's untouched, since she's completely absorbed with a new camera. Seems fitting she finally got a new one just in time for another (sort of) ace party. Hopefully this time she won't drop it in a cake, or have it confiscated so the police can't get all the incriminating photo evidence off it.

Aubrey makes her way into the cove, dressed simply in low-rider jeans with a CF-branded tee and sandals. She moves to the bar and orders a plain old iced tea with a small smile, then looks around for her fellow wolves.

Stirling took the time to change out of her dress uniform and into more casual jeans and a blouse, and now has found her way to the party. She notices Irene and Kell over yonder and will offer a nod if they look her way, but it's to the bar that she heads first. "Hello," she offers to Sunny and Astraea.

"Er, hi," Astraea provides to Sunny with a sort of dumbstruck look. It's all she can manage against WALL-O-CHEER. She does offer a sort of strained smile and lifts her beer, once it's in hand, in a sort of salute of greeting. This is extended to Stirling when the CAG appears. "Sir," she offers.

"Sir?" Sunny whirls around to Stirling, and blinks owlishly at her. "Oh." Beat. "Hi." She grins for a second, and then reaches out for her drink. "You should try this, ma'am. It's, like, half-sugar, half-alcohol. And color -- the color just makes it attractive, know what I mean? I'm not even sure how they make it, but it's just, really, really good."

The blonde smiles from ear to ear, and offers a hand to Astraea, and then to Stirling. "I'm Day. Ashley Day. Marines." Of course. She seems a little too ditzy to be a pilot.

While one have to be properly dressed for ceremony, one should not be dressed that formally for a party. At least that's what Paquette has been thinking. He's currently dressed in rather comfortable clothing, although it's in rlatively dark colors, red and black. He looks around, nodding to people as he enter, heading over in the direction of the bar as well, taking a brief moment to sidestep when someone else is heading in the opposite direction in a hurry.

Irene just so happens to be glancing up when Stirling joins the party, and politely nods back. Then she very slowly lowers her camera so that it's mostly hidden by the table. It's not until the CAG is on her way to the bar that she goes back to fussing with it in the clear, probably trying to set the time or something. If only her ECO was here! Wooley would know what to do.

Aubrey spots Irene and her camera, and comes to the rescue. "Need help with that?" she asks. "I used to go to school for photography," she explains, sitting down at the table.

Ines, following her brief jaunt Elsewhere with Irene and Faye, has been somewhat scarce, though not really intentionally: she's been making up for her two days away with a lot of time on Alert, time in the gym, at the range...picking up where she left off, more or less. She did find the time to make one last trip into Argentum to do more comprehensive clothes-shopping, as if one is to have a wardrobe again, it ought to contain more than two badly-fitting sweaters, a pair of shorts, and one pair of heels.

It's for that reason that she's got something to change into other than a uniform: a pair of cutoff jean shorts that take their job of being short very seriously, and a slightly loose v-neck t-shirt. Her hair's still up in a formal twist (albeit starting to loosen) and her make-up's still done, so she artificially upscales the look, but she still hesitates when she walks in. People are still dressed up! Why are they still dressed up! Oh god, she's underdressed. Making a face, she scoots around the periphery, homing in on the bar.

Stirling smiles at Astraea and Sunny in turn. "Pleased to meet you, Day," she offers, extending her hand in return when Sunny introduces herself. She eyes the drink. "Looks a little daring for me, but thank you." She asks the bartender for a beer then returns her attention to the ladies. "I like the view of the sunset this place has."

It appears that Kell is finally about to untangle himself from his family and friend that is visiting from Libran. It looks like the three are saying their goodbyes to the Viper pilot who is still in his dress whites, who is also protesting, apparently insisting to accompany them. But the Libran Marine Colonel finalizes the decision with a quick word to the younger Libran, Razor no longer making any further protests. The young lady that is with them does lean in to give Kell a long hug along with a quick kiss on his cheek before turning to leave with the young pilot's parents. Watching them leave, Razor releases a sigh before finishing the rest of his drink. Looking over towards the bar, he begins making his way there, most likely to get himself another.

Astraea is very much not dressed up: jeans and Academy tee. She's not even dressed down, really. Somewhere right in the middle, perhaps. When Sunny introduces herself, she responds with a quiet: "Astraea." Beat. "I go by Nova." She was given awards during the ceremony in both the Air and Ground Action portions, which is somewhat of a rarity for a pilot. It might make her more recognizable, even. She glances away from the bar and towards Kell, studying the grouping. There's a bit of a furrow to her brow, but she drowns any outward thought on that with a long drink and an 'Mmhmm' for Stirling's assessment of the sunset. But Razor is approaching and she just sort of does that thing you do when someone you like is near. Sitting up a bit straighter, subconsciously posing slightly; things she's likely not even realizing she's doing. "Razor," she greets, once he's near.

That's some fortuitous timing on Aubrey's part, considering that Irene looked just about ready to pitch her new camera and let the sea creatures sort it out. "It won't do the thing with the... thing." She explains, barely, before pushing it across the table to the viper pilot. "You know. Hi. It's nice that you're back, by the way. Princess and I scooped you up off that roof and." She doesn't quite finish that, but she implies they thought she was just about a goner by her serious tone. She softens it with a smile, at least.

"Well -- " Sunny looks between Stirling and Astraea, and says, to neither of them in particular. " -- if y'all don't mind, I'm just going to take my drink and find a table to put it on -- and then probably find a place to dance where I'm not disturbing anyone." She smiles brightly to the two pilots, and then finds her way away from the bar.

"And I was a hot mess, I know, I know. Thanks for scooping me up though," Aubrey says to Irene with a smile. She picks up the camera and taps some buttons. "What were you trying to do, set the date and time?" she asks.

"Enjoy," Stirling offers to the departing Sunny with a pleasant smile. When Kell comes by, she offers him a nod. "Razor. Congratulations to both of you." Her gaze includes Astraea on that for a moment, then shifts back to Kell. "I'm glad your parents were able to come in." Stirling would've tried to at least say hi to them briefly after the ceremony, even if there wasn't an opportunity for extended conversation.

Five minutes later, Ines has a drink. It's icy and fruity and roughly the color of a watermelon's insides, and there's a wedge of pineapple notched onto the edge of the glass, with a maraschino cherry peared through that via a stick with a paper umbrella on top. It's a lot of...stuff. As she turns to have a look at the crowd, scanning for familiar faces, she's still trying to figure out how to actually consume the drink around all of those embellishments.

"Hi Nova." Kell says when Astraea greets him when he approaches the bar, he also inclines his head respectfully towards their CAG when she greets him and also offers congratulations. A smile is offered in response to Stirling's words, "Thank you, Major, I didn't think a medal was necessary but it certainly is appreciated." As for the subject on his parents, Razor's grin widens, "It was a surprise for me too, but it looks like my father and mother were able to coordinate their leave this time from home. Certainly surprised me when they said they were on their way halfway through our stay here on Scorpia."

"I set it, but it's not right and I can't change it." Irene says, leaning in over her table so she can watch Aubrey like a hawk. Mostly. She does notice a familiar pilot sneaking around in the periphery and looks Kestrel's way, long enough to smile and beckon her over once she's scored a drink for herself. If it's any consolation to the Leonid, Irene's not dressed formally either. Invite given, she goes back to trying to follow which buttons are being pushed in what order, "So what happened after that? Were you in hospital this whole time?"

Finally reaching the bar, Paquette offers a brief grin to the bartender, before there's a brief, but rather light discussion between the two of them. The discussion ends with a glass of wine being poured for Paquette, who lifts it in a brief toast to the person that poured it.

"You just press menu, and then settings, time and date, use the arrows to adjust, the ok button to set, then ok again at the end, and menu out," Aubrey rattles off to Irene as her fingers fly over the camera. She hands it back to Irene. "Easy peasy. And yeah. Six weeks in the hospital, and two in a rehab center to get my left arm and shoulder back into the groove of things. Have some pins in my collarbone and it's really weird."

As Sunny disappears suddenly, Astraea just sort of stares off after her; mouth near the edge of her glass. She shakes her head slightly, looking back to Stirling at the congratulations. She offers a small sort of smile. "Just wish we could've gotten a plan together b'fore th' attack." She seems somewhat in agreement with Kell in regards to the necessity of the medal. There's a look towards the door, where Kell's guests left. She shifts, slightly, seeming about to ask something. Instead? She just takes a long drink of beer.

Stirling shrugs to Kell, smiling. "Medals are never necessary, but you earned them." Then she glances to Astraea. "It wasn't about whether you made a plan - the brass had one up their sleeve anyway. It's the whole effort - going above and beyond." She takes a sip of her beer.

Kell certainly doesn't argue with Stirling about whether they earned the medals or not, just pleased with the positive atmosphere of the night and the awards that were handed out to everyone. He does smile to Nova, adding on to what their CAG said, "I wouldn't have been surprised if anything we came up with would have been shot down, since it may end up getting tangled up with what they were planning themselves." Oblivious as usual to Astraea's focus on the three that departed who were with Kell. The Libran then looks back to their CAG, "Major, do you know where we will be deployed next?" The question asked all casual like, though a bit to casual and forced on the young pilot's part as he tries to dig for information. He's a better pilot than actor, that's for sure.

"Thanks! I was pushing menu." Irene realizes with an 'I'm a dummy' expression. Menu instead of ok, no wonder she was having issues. There's a slow raise of her brow for the rest of what Aubrey says, and a sympathy grimace for the pins in the collarbone part. "You're really lucky they didn't discharge you, or make you fly a desk for the rest of your service." She decides while she's reclaiming the camera and looking it over. Pleased, she lifts it and frames Aubrey in a candid. Click! "I'll put you in the scrapbook. Iron woman, Banshee. Pride of Picon. How about a quote?"

In passing, because she's on her way to join Irene and Aubrey, Ines waves at the little cluster of familiar faces that is Stirling, Astraea, and Kell. She doesn't stop moving, though, and when she reaches Irene and Aubrey's table she drops bonelessly into a chair, waiting just long enough that she isn't going to photo-bomb the candid shot. The wicker squeaks as she sits back, scooting low in the chair so her head can rest against the back, her drink set down on the table.

"I'm beat," she tells them, in the tone of an announcement. "Ceremonies, pomp and circumstance. Why is it so exhausting?" She, herself, didn't get anything of note, but she doesn't seem troubled by that. She's never seemed especially motivated by that sort of thing.

Of those who did get more than one award, Astraea just looked downright uncomfortable her whole time on stage. The one for 15 kills was easiest, since it was issued to a slew of them. She was just one of the crowd in that case. She shrugs in answer to Stirling and Kell both. "I s'ppose." It's a non-answer, really. It's clear she's not convinced. As Razor awaits the answer to his query, she shifts once more on the stool. Finally, she manages to get out: "Who was that with your parents?"

Aubrey laughs at Irene's comments, but she turns her head just so, to get her best angle. She did used to be a model after all. "You can shoot me down, but you can't stop me from coming back!" is her lame ass quote. "Really though, it was all just mechanical issues body-wise. No organs hurt or anything critical. I could have taken a discharge if I wanted to I guess, but this is where I belong, on Jigger's wing, blowing up toasters." She looks to Ines as she joins them and smiles. "Kestrel, right? I think you came aboard while I was still healing up."

Stirling lets the subject drop, apparently not on a crusade to convince either of them. She smiles at Kell's question. "I'm afraid that's need-to-know at this point," she says without ackowledging whether she is in the know. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to check in on the others."

Paquette finishes his first glass of wine, and orders one more, looking around at the others present. As the glass is poured, he smiles to the bartender again, glancing to the others once more, before taking a sip.

When Stirling doesn't take the bait, Razor does look a touch defeated that his trick didn't work but he doesn't pursue it, knowing that his one shot missed. "Of course, Major." The young lady in Astraea's question is the same as the one in one of the portraits located in Kell's bunk if anyone had checked. He does turn his attention to Nova and answer, "With my parents?" He does motion to the bartender when he's free for another drink, whiskey neat is the choice for tonight, "Friend from back home, Sarah. I'm surprised she came, we haven't exchanged many messages since my transfer here."

Smoothly, Irene shifts from Aubrey to Ines, still recording post inspiring quote. "Kes-trel. Smile!" Smiling? Yes? No? Doesn't matter. She takes a picture. Then she zooms in on the elaborate drink she's brought with her and takes a photo of that for posterity or something. "It wasn't so bad, for a formal ceremony. You should attend a Virgan one with me some time, the speeches are amazing, you won't even realize that they're hours and hours long." She's kidding, surely. The camera is pointed absently skyward afterwards, freeing a hand so she can pick up her own drink. It looks decidedly adult, just rum and a single slice of something citrus.

Tired or not, Ines flashes Aubrey a bright smile. "That's me. And you're Banshee. I heard about..." In the pause, she makes a vague gesture with no obvious meaning. "Everything, you know. I'm glad you're back on your feet, even if it means I'm less likely to fly with Jigger!" That is a joke, accompanied by an impish look and a theatrical not-really-whisper: "My bird gets shot up less when I do, because he blows everything up before it gets the chance." At this point, it's fair to say she's seen enough of how the man pilots to have taken a shine to him as a kind of role model.

Smile says Irene, and Ines turns to look that way and says, "What?" The result is going to be a terrible picture. She told Irene once she doesn't take good candid photos, and that seems to be true: she's very animated. There are a lot of one-eye-half-closed-mouth-open shots involved.

"Hard pass," she says, of Virgan ceremonies, picking up the fruit skewer out of her drink.

"Of course, sir." Noticing that look of disappointment on Kell's features, Astraea offers in a quiet voice, once Stirling is gone: "If you see th'Dauntless' navigator, you should ask 'em. They prob'ly know where we're goin'. A drink or two might even get th' answer." But then she's looking... consternated at his explanation for the girl that was with his family. She looks down to her beer, drumming a couple fingers on the side of it. "Oh. I thought mebbe..." she was a sister or something. But those words don't quite make it out. She looks out to the tables and clusters, then continues (blurts out, really): "You two looked close."

Aubrey chuckles. "Jigger is my best friend. He always has my back, and everyone else's. He's like the Timber Wolves' guardian pilot or something." She sips her plain old iced tea. She may have volunteered for a CAP later tonight.

Stirling nods to Astraea and Kell before picking up her beer and wandering over to the other group of pilots. "Evening ladies," she says with a slight smile.

"You'll miss out on some quality elocution." Irene warns, but she's just playing. She's very aware of how dry the standard Virgan speech and ceremony are, or tend to be. It's more the talk of Jigger that gets her head nodding enthusiastically, as she's in obvious agreement, "Jigger is very best." She looks ready to ramble on, following that general topic when Stirling approaches. She quiets, and lowers her camera to the table as she shifts around in her chair to face the CO. "Sir! Hello." And she's already on her feet, it's like reflex.

As for them being close, Kell can only shrug his shoulders, and share a little bit of his side of the story, "We were, we dated when we were younger. But once my transfer to the Colonial Forces went through, I thought it best that we went our separate ways." Which isn't surprising as that is how the Libran has been in general when it comes to keeping others at a distance.

Of course, as fate would have it, Stirling arrives just in time for Ines to lose patience with the fruit skewer that was stuck into her drink, at which point she just sinks her teeth directly into the wedge of pineapple. It's far bitter than her mouth and has the rind on the outside of the slice, so now she's sitting there with a big wedge of pineapple crammed into her face, eyes widening at the CAG, a half-dismantled skewer in one hand and her drink in the other. And then Irene goes and formally stands up, for which she gets an accusing look from the Leonese pilot. ...granted, it might be difficult to tell that was 'accusation' given her eyes are already headlights-wide, anyway.

She awkwardly waves with the skewer.

"Evening, Major," Aubrey greets Stirling with a smile, raising her glass to the redhaired woman. "How are you tonight? Nice ceremony, wasn't it?"

Stirling smothers a smirk at Ines' predicament, letting it turn to more of an amused smile. She waves Irene back to her seat. "Sit, sit," she says easily. "It's a party." Aubrey gets a nod. "I'm well, thank you. I hope you all are enjoying your evening. And yes - it was. I always appreciated Colonel Ryan for keeping his speeches mercifully brief."

"I... see." Astraea looks decidedly uncomfortable with that revelation, even if it's one that doesn't seem to surprise her much. "Good, uh, that ya got to see her." She lifts her beer, downing the rest. Then she's mumbling something about hearing someone calling her name (no one did) and heading towards the patio at a quick pace.

Irene is waved back into her seat easily enough where she composes herself with a funny sort of properness, mostly because it doesn't really match her outfit. Maybe were she in uniform, or in a formal gown it'd look more correct. "Thank you. I'm having an alright time." She reports, small smile forming, "Definitely not planning anything outrageous tonight. There's nobody here to pick a fight with and I even made Bingo wash her beard off." Which might be why she's not in attendance, yet. "Would you like to join us? I think we were just talking about how neat Jigger is and how big Kestrel's crush is."

While the others exchange actual niceties, Ines busies herself swallowing what she has in her mouth and then spends a moment searching for somewhere clean-ish to put down the pineapple that's left. There is no such place. This is what she's doing when Irene quips, and the Virgan gets another pointed look. "Hey, it's not like that. He's just really, really good. I want to be that good in a Viper, that's all."

She offers Stirling a proper smile then, and pushes the chair next to hers out a little. "Yeah, no brawls for us tonight. To be honest, I'm not really into people hitting me, anyway?"

"Wait til Ryan has another beach barbeque ceremony. You missed that one," Aubrey quips to Sterling. "The man knows how to man a grill, I'll give him that. I think the CF burst a blood vessel over the informality of it all though." She chuckles. "And Jigger is the best, as a pilot and a human being," she agrees. Then she glances at her wristwatch and sighs. "Sadly, I have to head back to the shuttles. I am relieving one of the CAP pilots so they can come down and enjoy some of the after party." She smiles warmly to the others. "Enjoy your night, ladies!"

Paquette has finished his wine now, and slowly makes his way off towards the doors.

"Kestrel's crush on Jigger?" Stirling asks, still amused. But then she ahs when Ines explains. "Well, there's certainly nothing wrong with that." She nods to Aubrey. "Fly safe, Banshee," she gives her usual wish, then smiles at Irene's invitation. "I would love to, but I should probably make the rounds." Mingle with the other pilots. "Thank you though. Enjoy."

Irene waves after Aubrey, fixer of cameras then looks between the pair remaining at the table with her. "Well fine, I'll crush on him if you're not going to." Obviously, somebody has to so she's just going to take up the responsibility. It's the right thing to do. That settled, she scoops up her camera and aims it roughly at Stirling, "For the scrapbook? Photo and an inspiring quote for us junior grades?" She asks, not just snapping pics as she did with Aubrey and Ines.

Ines has the survival instincts not to shoot Stirling the same kind of look she gave Irene, but she does look momentarily pained by the CAG's first question. "It's really not like that. Really-really." She pours every bit of her sincerity into her expression, as though she could convince them by brute force. That look clears as Aubrey gets ready to go. "You too, Banshee!" Then Stirling, too. She eyes the redhead. Did Stirling believe her? She can't tell. She's lifting her drink for a straw-pokey sip at the iced contents when Irene asks if she can take that picture, and it gets a blink. "There's a scrapbook?"

And right over to... no, no one was calling for Astraea, so she just finds a table on the patio with a good view of the beach to sit and sip at her liquor.

"Scrapbook?" Stirling's surprise mirror's Ines'. She seems to take the denial at face value. Seeing that Irene is serious though, offers a faint smile for the camera. "I'm not one for inspirational speeches, but I always liked this quote - not sure who said it - 'We make war that we may live in peace.'"

"I call it a scrapbook, mostly because it sounds more benign than a collection of blackmail material that I'll leverage to secure myself a promotion to commanding officer of a new battlestar." Irene patiently explains to her friend, but it's clearly all lies, because she wouldn't so flippantly reveal her true dastardly plan, would she? Or no, she's just being silly. She's smiling. "If I don't get anything juicy-" Click! That's Stirling. "I'll just put something nice together and print out some copies so when we go back to our home colonies we won't forget what everyone looked like... Ooh, that's a good one. Thank you, Major."

By now Ines must know Irene enough to know she can roll her eyes in the wake of her villainous monologuing -- I mean, villains who monologue always fail in the end, anyway, so even if she's serious, it's a moot point -- but she looks genuinely sort of moved by the follow-up explanation. "That would be nice." Two beats later, she stirs out of her own thoughts and shoots Stirling a smile with a nose-crinkle added in. "Definitely a good one."

Stirling smiles at Irene's explanation. "Well, that sounds like a worthy ambition." The blackmail or the copies? Presumably the latter, though she's so deadpan in her remark it's hard to tell. "Enjoy your night, ladies," she says, and moves off to mingle with some of the other pilots.


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