2237-12-31 - Wraith And Soundbite

Calliope and Rayner meet for simple greetings and excellent conversation.

Date: 2237-12-31

Location: Berthings

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Scene Number: 1618

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The berths are as they usually are. Personnel collapse after their shifts, get up again, socialize, and just generally go about their lives as well as one can in these tight quarters. Calliope is getting ready to go on, for her part. She's changed into her duty greens and is running a quick comb through her blonde hair in front of the little mirror inside her locker. re

Sitting across from her is Rayner in his off-duty slacks as per the usual around this time of day with a guitar in his hand. He seems to play a few chords that appear to be just -beautiful- as his fingers play each individual string to seeming perfection. He hums the tune of a song he may be writing simply to have a little fun and give the folks something to listen to. He does notice Calliope, and gives her a warm smile in greeting, but resumes his playing.

The smile Calliope gives back to Rayner is quick, if a little distracted. She pulls her hair back into a loose ponytail, then closes her locker. "That's pretty," she observes, of the tune. "What is it? Not sure I've heard that song before."

Rayner seems to go back to what he was doing after Calliope's quick, yet no less beautiful smile, but when she speaks to him in compliment and asks her question, he continues idly playing, his eyes falling on Calliope once more. "oh, it's just a little something I made up. Still working on the lyrics...only I'm awful at singing." he laughs a little in humor. "Do you have a favorite song?"

Calliope considers that. "When I want to chill, I mostly listen to stuff from Leonis. Keeps me from losing total touch with the language. Plus, I think it just sounds nicer. Aside from that? I mean, I can deal with anything from the Top One-Hundred charts." She takes a seat to lace up her boots. "It's Wraith, right? Can't remember if we've flown together or not."

Rayner smiles softly then to her as he seems to ponder a moment before he starts to strum a surprisingly leonese song. "I used to fly with a guy from Leonis...liked music as much as I did. I learned the song from him but I don't know the lyrics." he chuckles then. "Fair enough, fair enough. Yeah, I'm Wraith. Captain Rayner Elstrom at your service..and your soundbite right? Haven't flown with you I don't think, but I've heard of ya." he gives her a warm smile then.

"Soundbite, yeah," Calliope says, of her callsign. "Also, Lieutenant Junior Grade Calliope Drake. I fly the big buses. The Raptors." Boots on and securely laced, she looks back up at Rayner. Nodding along some to the song he plays. "I've been with the Wolves for awhile. Since the unit was formed, I guess, a year and change ago. Was on the Galactica before that. Where were you posted, before here?"

Rayner smiles then, nodding a few times. "Raptor Pilot? Nice." he says subtly as he hears the music and her nodding tends to help him realize that he at least has the =basic- concept of it down. He always did like Leonis's music. THough when he hears how Calliope has been with the wolves since it was formed and where he was posted, he nods a few times. "Sagittaron. I was on the front lines before I got recommended for OCS training and later flight school. Then...here I am. Viper Pilot." he grins to her just a little bit.

"Sagittaron?" Calliope nods. "Yeah. I can see how that'd get you ready for...pretty much anything. We were assigned to Sagittaron for awhile. It's /hard/ country. I think some of the locals wanted to take us out as much of the toasters did, some days."

A small nod from Rayner then as Calliope speaks. "Yeah....it wasn't easy, that's for certain. Especially on the front lines. Brutal stuff." he shakes his head in recollection...not exactly a trip to paradise, unless you were a brazen type. "I think so too...but it's good to see another sister in arms who served on Sagittaron and made it out." he smiles warmly to her then. "THe locals were......eh....friendly....some days." he -tries- so hard to be optimistic.

Calliope returns that smile slight. "Most of the Wolves aboard were through the Sagittaron campaign. So...you've got a lot of brothers and sisters here. I mean, the Virgon troops there /hated/ the Sagittaron locals, so I don't think a lot of them had the best experience with, like, Colonial forces. I kind of get it. I'm just as happy to be serving somewhere else right now, though. The fighting can be brutal on Picon, but at least everybody seems to know who the real enemy is."

Rayner nods a few times, idly playing a single string on the guitar itself as he appeared to be in a measure of thought. "Yeah...that's a warming thought. Least it should help in my transition and personal quest to fairly get along with everyone...though there's always one...." a small sigh then as he gives her a smile. "Yeah, I get it too. Personally, I'm far happier being in the air than boots on the ground...I just feel at peace in the air, no matter what comes at me." he chuckles then a moment. "Yeah....we were just there last mission, clearing the way for bombers to strike."

"One what?" Calliope asks, a little puzzled. "Anyway, I'm sure you'll get along just fine with people as long as you're not a frak-hole. Even if people are sometimes...we're all in this together, you know? And I think most of us remember that." She stands, straightening her uniform shirt. "Anyway, I better get going. I'm due on in fifteen. Welcome aboard, Wraith, if I haven't said it before."

Rayner smiles softly to Calliope "Oh, just one person who usually doesn't like me." he laughs then as per his optimistic nature. "Thanks for the vote of confidence and kindess Soundbite. I'll see you soon, hopefully in the skies." he gives her a small nod. "and thank you." he plays her a little tune to walk out in.


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