Wildfire Cove

Welcome to Wildfire Cove (WFC), home to the sprawling city of Bridgeport, set in the beautiful and dangerous backdrop of the Florida Everglades. With a rich history that extends all the way back to the 1930's -- at the height of prohibition -- to the rich and technologically impressive cityscape of the modern day, Wildfire Cove is a modern, mature slice-of-life style game.

We pride ourselves on a wide variety of light-hearted RolePlay, while simultaneously engaging in a slew of deeper, darker, themes operating at just below the surface, just as one might find in a Hollywood thriller or drama series. By design, WFC is prone to high levels of drama, to include Police, Fire, Emergency, Romance, Crime, Sex, and Drug Activity.

Besides our setting, some of the primary features in WFC are:

Three distinct suburbs of Bridgeport, each uniquely different and with their own flavor and cultural vibe. A play-it-your-way experience. Engage in fun, light-hearted social RP, safe from the dark alleys, or delve into a gritty, dangerous experience where the consequences of your actions can be fatal. Just like real life. Active GM involvement in both plot and development, with monthly town meetings to address player wants and desires. A world open to being shaped by the players in the form of politics, crime, and intrigue. An average room description of over 800 characters, providing a rich and detailed world. If this interests you, feel free to check out our website at www.WildfireCove.tk or connect to the game:

Host-Name: www.wildfirecove.tk Port: 4201

Or our Discord server: https://discord.gg/mtBGvcf



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Category: Modern


Game Website: http://www.wildfirecove.tk


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