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Darkness has nearly swallowed the world of Remnant.

The four kingdoms are fractured, communications are gone, and the Grimm have destroyed nearly everyone who have come up against them. Survivors are slowly making their way to the only remaining civilization, most found in a massive vault in the Kingdom of Atlas.
If the people of Remnant don't push back against the darkness, they won't survive much longer. Will you be a Hunter or Huntress, looking to combat the legions of Grimm that are swarming what remains of the Kingdoms? Will you be a teacher, helping young adults train to become part of the Military? Are you a civilian trying to survive in a world that looks like it will consume us all?
There are many paths that you can take, but the Grimm are drawn to negative emotions, and there is not much left to be happy about.
Be prepared to fight for your life. You might be safe in the vault for now, but the Grimm are inventive and it is only a matter a time before they bring the fight to you.


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