Empire State Heroes

Empire State Heroes is a Superhero game based in the Marvel Universe which embraces characters from a number of different sources including Marvel, DC, and beyond. We are a non-canon game that allows both Media and Original Characters to coexist. While we are open to characters from many comic publishers, all characters must be apped as if they've always been a part of the Marvel Universe, which is generally lower powered than some other universes. Also, only Marvel races (aside from the character's own race if applicable), organizations, metals, etc should be used in apps in order to tie them into the Marvel universe better. We are happy to help players adapt their favorite characters to fit in with our setting. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.



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Game Info

Category: Comic

Address: empirestate.mugames.org:7000

Game Website: http://empirestate.mugames.org


Average logins over the last couple weeks at different time periods. All times are listed in EST.

= 5 players, = 1-4 players

  12-3am 4-7am 8-11am 12-3pm 4-7pm 8-11pm


@Argentee Catseye Sigyn
@Bladesurfer Illyana
@Errant Bucky
@Exile Scandal
@Redrobot Martin
@ScarletWitch Alison Mera
@Serenity Astryd Barbara Fractal Isis Jemma Keiko Mari Ranna Zatanna
@TNP Exponent
@Twitterhop Melinda Pepper Shayera Sif

Past Handle Characters

@Argentee Sigyn
@Arumi Jubilation
@Bladesurfer Illyana
@Clockwork Christopher Clockwork Damian Roan
@DexterSinister Anon Jimmy
@Dreich Bill
@Errant Talbot
@Exile Scandal
@Fluttershy Ororo Wanda
@Horizon Batman Bruce Logan Magneto Thor
@IDIC Avery Cain Emma Hank Laynia Loki
@Korvin Aleph Fenris Jeriah Ken Kian Koa Nick Tchalla
@Redrobot Pietro
@Sasquatch Derek
@ScarletWitch Alison
@TNP Brandon Dylan
@Tangent Colossus Daredevil Nightwing
@Tomas Ryosei
@Tyrael Jericho
@ZombieGenesis Tony