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Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs is the latest hit reality drama, brought to you by the Cable Box Office. This hybrid program combines everything you love about reality TV with the grit and drama of teen smashes like Beverly Hills 90210, Skins, Gossip Girl, and maybe even a touch of Glee.

Our actors work with the producers to create a persona to inhabit our little town of Crystal Springs. Once cast, we move them to Crystal Springs, where they live their new personas 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the pleasure of you, the viewer. Pick your favourites and watch as they make friends, make enemies, make frenemies, fall in love, fall out of love, and otherwise try to navigate life at Crystal Springs High.



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Category: Modern


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Average logins over the last couple weeks at different time periods. All times are listed in EST.

= 5 players, = 1-4 players

  12-3am 4-7am 8-11am 12-3pm 4-7pm 8-11pm


@APersonOnAComp Vikram
@Baldur Baldur Ezra Gray
@Bannik Akin Jeremy
@Blurr Cooper Lake
@Clockwork Clockwork Elias Hunter Sean
@Coin Casper Goro
@Cupcake Poppy
@Desiani Batsheva
@Domino Indigo
@Dumnagul Carl
@Enigma Alexis Josie
@Enigmatic Kyle
@Ezariel Jes
@GamerGirl Lily
@Harliquinn Jordan Nic
@Hefara Ruby
@Hexe Batty Lennox Star
@MadMax Andy
@Nirvana Reese
@OpticalChaos Chase Matt
@Pacha Fletcher Pacha
@Phalkyn Gavin Jakobi
@PuzzleBox Robbie Worm
@Raeras Opal Zoey
@Razikale Nico Tristan
@Ren Pippin
@ScarletWitch Jenna Lenore Monica
@SlushPuppy Brianna Hana
@SugarRush Ardee Cora Emma
@ZoCal Rider Scar Vinn
@coffeeaddict Blaze Brooklyn
@sarok Tyler

Past Handle Characters

@BadRobot Spencer
@BeardedDragon Bart
@Blu Astrid Cleo Elle
@Coin Bal
@Deanna Clarissa
@Devrex Wyatt
@Domino Ash Minnie Penny
@Fluttershy Arianna Helena Leia Sarah
@HarliquinnOH Jordan Nic
@Hefara Mischa Ruby
@Jenn Alice
@Moonkitten Aurora Penny
@PGEsther Li
@Pacha Blair
@Raeras Gaia
@Roadspike Marius Oliver
@Scarab Daisy
@SugarRush Diva
@Tek Leia Persephone
@TheWildOnion Dru Riley