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SHADOWS & SHIELDS is a superspy/superhero game that pulls its primary inspiration from franchises such as Marvel’s Agent Carter, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and the MCU’s Avengers movies. Players are invited to pick up their favourite hero or anti-hero, or to create a completely original character, and join us in telling exciting, meaningful stories that capture the feel of the biggest and most compelling media franchises currently available.

Although we welcome characters from other franchises and publishers, including DC and others, much of our play focuses on the secret war between clandestine terrorist and counter-terrorist organizations with global reach and sweeping consequences.

As the game opens, enhanced individuals (i.e. people with superpowers) have only just begun appearing public — and not always in a good way. There’s a deep divide, both at home and abroad, as to what should be done about them. SHIELD has been monitoring them for decades, now. HYDRA has been seeking to enslave and replicate them. Neither organization is entirely trusted by them.

Which one is better is all a matter of perspective. Come and add yours.



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