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Shadows who feed on stories. Bleeding the magic from one Earth after another, until there is nothing left but vague memories and fairytales.

This is the world we live in. An Earth from which the magic has all but been drained dry. If gods remain, they are silent. Spirits, faerie, ghosts -- all banished to the realm of myth and story. The sea serpents and the dragons turned out to be giant oarfish and fossilised dinosaur bones. Most people believe in what they can see, and touch, and taste, and little else. The worse it gets, the less anything matters. Life itself seems to be suffering from depression.

Except for a chosen few who know better. On their shoulders rests the responsibility to stem the tide: To remember.

Come to Chincoteague. We have ponies.



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Category: Supernatural


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Average logins over the last couple weeks at different time periods. All times are listed in EST.

= 5 players, = 1-4 players

  12-3am 4-7am 8-11am 12-3pm 4-7pm 8-11pm


@Alamias Sean Seth
@Antiquity Izzie
@Asteria Cordelia Kat
@BadRobot Anthony Lance
@Baldur Sunset
@Bannik Gray
@BuckarooBonzai Lwazi
@Cassildra Dario Elisa
@ChesireCat Ash Matteo
@Clockwork Bailey Cameron Finn Valentin
@Crescent Emma Sakura
@Devilkept Bernadette
@Domino Oksana Stella
@Enigma Kenzie Phoebe
@Enigmatic Pietro
@FaedynPride Jace Reese
@Halicron Alazne Gabriel
@Hexe Houston Justy
@HitKitten Augustus
@Jinshei Barnaby Cynthia Kelly
@LBHeuschkel Mustelidae Nicolas Ravn
@MadMax Noel Sam
@Mudpuppy Octavia
@Myrynvalona Alistair Bo
@NCat Athene
@Nicander Jane
@Nilli Bee Jon
@Niomah Ethan Vic
@NoHarpPlayer Graham
@Nuitloupe Avalon
@Nyghtingaele Karawek Ming
@Nyx Maribella
@Paradox Julian Walker
@Precisi Connor
@PuzzleBox Bax Eddie
@Raeras Dahlia Esme Holly Tessa
@Razikale Heath
@Relyre Levi
@Ren Corvidae Pippin Uri Vyv
@Salubrith Charita
@ScarletWitch Victoria
@SlushPuppy Rose
@SockMonkeyNinja Jeremiah Siofra
@SteamRun Herbert
@SugarRush Dee Jordan Karma Nevaeh
@TangerineButterfly Parvati
@TerminusEst Oz
@TheBiscuitEater Caedwin
@TreezForest Roxie Tina
@WestoftheMoon Rory
@WildBaboons Zi
@YesIAmSpoiled Abella Red
@Zillah Lexine Morgan Sephie
@alierecast Nixie
@coffeeaddict Alianna Belle
@foksthery Meri Tobias
@lostinspace Colin Jarod
@venedan Daniel
@wyncress Aurelie Ellora Lennox

Past Handle Characters

@Asteria Zoey Zoey
@Bayushi Jody
@Blu Cara
@CailinLiath Ophelia
@Clockwork Peregrine
@Desiani Georgia
@Devrex Jonas
@Domino Quinn
@Missprint Cassandra
@Mystery Remy
@Nuitloupe Xeno
@Precisi Precisi
@Raeras Spencer
@Roadspike Diego
@Saulot Seraph
@SugarRush Eden
@Tek Meri
@TerminusEst Jedidiah
@ZDL Shivani
@idreamofflying Sifi
@sisterkettle Gwen