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Last One Standing

Last One Standing is an in-development MUSH with a focus on seasonal survival stories taking place within an overarching metaplot. The characters of Last One Standing wash ashore on a mysterious island with little to no memory of their lives before and are forced to struggle to survive and explore the island's mysteries, chief of which being that those who die on the island nearly always wash ashore alive the following morning. Sometimes, however, the survivors awake to find themselves elsewhere, in distinct places and settings and sometimes with altered memories, where they are forced to take part in survival games until they are eliminated only to wash ashore the island anew. On the island, players are encouraged to explore the mysterious nature of the island itself and of the scenarios that they find themselves in, as well as the relationships they've built both on the island and off.

Our Alpha launch event is on 1/14 and the game is open for character creation, flashback RP, and planning until then!



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