In an infinite universe of worlds, there are infinite twists on the familiar comic book characters we love and hate. Elseverse MUSH gives players a chance to explore how different turns of events, different realities, would lead to different heroes. How would heroes grow in a world if the government killed the first one who appeared? What if science was slowed by magic, and as heroes are born there are not even cathode ray tubes? Elseverse will allow players to role play their characters in a series of new and different themes, settings, and timelines, ever evolving and changing. Resetting the world every few months to a new theme, there are no constraints on what your character can do or can be.



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Game Info

Category: Comic

Address: elseverse.aresmush.com:4201

Game Website: http://elseverse.aresmush.com


Average logins over the last couple weeks at different time periods. All times are listed in EST.

= 5 players, = 1-4 players

  12-3am 4-7am 8-11am 12-3pm 4-7pm 8-11pm


@Darkvision CarolDanvers KarenPage TaliaAlGhul
@Enigma IllyanaRasputin KaraZorEl
@ExtantChorus BrianBraddock JasonTodd SimonWilliams ThorOdinson Uncanny WarrenWorthington
@KingCactus KurtWagner TheVision
@Limeade Constantine DickGrayson
@MidnightCarnival ClarkKent ClintBarton
@Misskatonic BarbaraGordon BetsyBraddock DonnaTroy JennyStavros MaryJaneWatson Perpetua Sif
@Nirvana PietroMaximoff
@ScarletWitch Crypt HarleyQuinn PeggyCarter YelenaBelova
@Shakespeara LoisLane NatashaRomanova TessaSage
@Shjade Endless GwenStacy
@Visquaine BoosterGold BruceWayne Entropy LexLuthor Loki SebastianShaw
@Wendigo Clea UraniaParthenos
@Wuff TabithaSmith
@Zz DianaPrince PamelaIsley Rogue

Past Handle Characters

@Charlatan AlisonBlaire DickGrayson
@Clockwork RoyHarper
@Conundrum KaraZorEl
@Cryptid RoyHarper
@Dryadic LauraKinney
@Enigma CassieSandsmark
@Frog DickGrayson
@GodEatGod BruceBanner
@GwenStacy Knockout
@MidnightCarnival CharlesXavier
@Misskatonic EmmaFrost
@Mourne PiotrRasputin VictorCreed
@Phoenix DinahLance SelinaKyle
@Poet LeonardSnart
@Raeras AikoMiyazaki Mystery SeleneGallio Starfire WandaMaximoff
@Resin KittyPryde KittyPryde LaylaEl-Faouly TheresaCassidy ZatannaZatara ZatannaZatara
@Samal HalJordan LonnieMachin
@Wendigo JamesBarnes
@WiddleTeapot JeanGrey ZatannaZatara
@ZDL DinahLance SatanaHellstrom
@Zz Bizarre ErikLehnsherr
@coffeeaddict JenniferWalters RavenDarkholme
@coquette AlisonBlaire CarolDanvers EmmaFrost