The End

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A dream tells of cotton candy skies slowly drizzling Kool-Aid raindrops into cups made of colorful flowers. Harmless whispers of things that could be dancing along soothing rivers that sings its way uphill while faun sip from its clean banks. You could lay there for hours and soothe away the pains of the waking world.

Too bad that is only half the story. It is the half that poets wanted you to dream for, hope for, and search for throughout your life. It was the story that kept you moving forward through life. There would be no suffering in this Dream Utopia and that is what Dr. Kyle Ashford was searching for.

In 1999 he finally figured out how to view the dreams of his patients. The only problem was... the dreams were looking back. If that wasn't bad enough... the vast majority of his patients suffered terrifying nightmares, a topic to which Ashford had a great interest in.

By 2013 Ashford had figured out that by connecting a lucid dreamer's mind to a patient suffering from nightmares he could have the dreams of the nightmare sufferer altered while he watched. The pair were connected with electrodes that were set to pulse at a certain frequency to a specific rhythm that was unique to the pair. After he'd conduct therapy sessions with both patient and lucid dreamer to ensure they were both well and improving.

It wasn't until 2020 that Ashford discovered that the dreams were aware and that the mind was traveling to another realm where creatures were very real. By then he had released many books on his new therapy and technology and use had spread far and wide.

Ashford studied the realm and tried to contact its inhabitants but the inhabitants were very different than he'd previously realized. They were as fluid as water, shifter color and concept faster than he could understand. It was like Wonderland to him and he was like Alice lost in the world he now called The Nightscape.

In 2021 Ashford's discoveries inadvertently created the first Rift into The Nightscape. This was caused by a patient and lucid dreamer's connection being severed unnaturally, ending in the death of the lucid dreamer's body while their mind was trapped in the Contained Dreamscape of the patient.

Two minds cannot coexist in the same Contained Dreamscape for long and as the Dreamscape tried to expand to create room for two minds... both minds shatter creating a Horror and the existence of each Horror in our world is a bridge between our world and The Nightscape.

When the first Horror was slain its blood burned through our world and created an invisible rift on the ground and slowly Abstracts began to crawl out and into our world.

Abstracts are like a blank canvas. They are not a Dream and they are not a Nightmare until they have been painted upon. They are harmlessly neutral until they come into contact with wells of emotion. Fear and joy swaying the forms of their permanent bodies, some turning into harmless and even helpful creatures while others turn into monsters that are literally from our dreams.

So child...

When you go to bed tonight...

Don't cry to me about the horrors trapped in your mind.


The greatest Horror is probably under your bed.

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