Seventy years ago, the barrier between our world and theirs shattered. Monsters and magic ravaged humanity, tearing it apart.

But humanity will not go easily.

Now, a thriving settlement of thousands has built a home in the valley of British Columbia, protected by the towering mountains and the Wardens who watch their passes. Mages who have bound themselves to the very monsters who seek to destroy us, the Wardens have vowed to use their magic and their bond to keep humanity safe - even if it means their own minds may shatter in the process.



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@Blu Wolpertinger
@Capy Elijah
@Cidward Daphne Sam Selkie
@Coco Bobbie Trent
@Cubefarmed Corinne Manticore
@Empress Kate Mina
@Floof Kenny
@Hex Ikua Mothman
@Honey Ava Emma
@Jbird Finley Nolan
@Kez Bryne
@Nilli Alex Charlie Sphinx
@Ninaws Huldra
@Nonsense Merit Rudi
@Roz Joseph
@ScarletWitch Sigrid
@Snackness Banshee Edie
@SockMonkeyNinja Jaxen
@Tat Leah Nessie
@Thesuntsar Ari Ben Hydra
@Yam Kuro
@Zelola Johannes
@Zz Ines
@ham Javi Rene
@heysparky Louis Ronan

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@Alita Leslie
@AmethystRose Mable
@Artemis Naomi
@BadRobot Henry Henry Milo
@Bannik Cedric
@BearNecessities Bailey
@BeardedDragon Koa
@Bessarion Thora
@Blu Hanne Lionel
@Cass Maddie
@Cidward Esmeralda
@Cirim13 Winter
@Clockwork Grey Parker Parker
@Cobalt Cassia
@Cryptid Julian
@Cubefarmed Calvin Verasha
@Domino Lottie Nakawe Vivian
@DukeWhisky Leo
@Dvoraen Edwyrd
@Echo Lucia
@Elf Unger
@Emissary Layne
@Floof Willow
@Ifrit Timothy
@KT Mira
@Kate Isolde
@KingCactus Marshall
@Limelite Astera
@MadMax Ori
@MidnightCarnival Vernon
@Modohato Braidh Morgan
@Monroe Betsy
@MrTurtle Jethro
@Mudpuppy Farris
@Nathire Catt Zane
@Ninaws Bug Holliday Stella Tuesday Tuesday
@NoHarpPlayer Zach
@Pacha James
@Panic Gorgon Remi
@Polaris Raniyya Raniyya
@RedShoes Matty Wade
@Roadspike Alexander Darian
@Roz Joseph
@Sao Shinan
@Saturna Sancha
@Scar Astrid
@Snackness Dora
@SockMonkeyNinja Liam Sorrel
@SugarRush Mey
@Tab Noah
@Tat Charlotte Lucas
@Thesuntsar Oliver
@Tomas Koto
@Tucana Malcolm
@Vap Aiden Aiden Aiden
@VitaminC Bash
@WickedBaggins Aoki
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