Los Angeles 2043

Humanity has mastered space exploration and colonized the solar system. You are one of the unfortunate millions who remain on Earth, locked within the confines of a futuristic and dystopian Los Angeles. Society is split between haves and have-nots. Fear of synthetic humans, known as replicants, fosters open harassment and political violence. The world is dying. Countless species are extinct, vast portions of the continental United States are unihabitable, and the climate has been irreversibly damaged.

Nonetheless, you must survive. Work. Shop. Reproduce. Find entertainment. The dreary overcast skies, night and day, are bathed in eccentric neon lights. There is no shortage of food or water or spirits or crime. Gamble, eat, seek out employment with a megacorp, avoid street gangs, and stay under the LAPD’s radar.

At night, you dream of blue skies and white sand beaches and warm sunlight. A life you will never live. But then again, who does?



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Game Info

Category: Sci-Fi

Address: la2043.aresmush.com:4201

Game Website: https://la2043.aresmush.com/


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@Owlsage Evan Hayato
@Quintusmaius Eliza
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@Rob Camilo
@ScarletWitch Zarah
@SketchyZo ScavRat
@Sterling Leon
@Taskene Jason Krieger
@hexe Boston

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