Embark on a captivating journey through the mysterious continent of Ignovis, where entire cities materialized overnight, as if from another realm. In this epic tale of discovery and survival, players assume the roles of royalty and nobility, shaping the destiny of the realm. With rifts tearing open the sky and dark forces pouring in, the Council of Concordia unites the cities in a quest to defend their shared home. Unleash your imagination and dive into uncharted lands, uncover hidden treasures, conquer the unknown, and face thrilling challenges. Explore a world where the line between reality and the extraordinary blurs, where destiny lies in your hands.

Story is guided using various custom systems to track the power and influence of various Houses, as well as individual characters. To guide the story the game uses storytelling rules from Kingdom RPG in order to determine resolution to the metaplot with players voting regularly on which direction it will go.



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@Archon Caz
@Avarice Cade Dimitri
@Blurr Anton
@Capy Benjamin Calliope Destarin
@Clockwork Daire
@Coco Aithan
@Cubefarmed Cecily
@DocBebhionn Dahlia Erato Zoe
@Domino Ophelia
@DukeWhisky Jesper
@Dvoraen Alistair
@Enigmatic Devin Elijah
@Handle Vincent
@Kdraygo Hanlin
@LauraP Euterpe Nerida Verity
@Lotherio Enzo
@Machiavelli70 Arcus
@Mags Livia
@MoJo Farrell
@Modohato Ansel
@Mun Aeson Kent
@Nocturine Valkyrja
@Scar Maximus Zuri
@ScarletWitch Aquilia
@Snackness Emela
@SpookySkeletons Sylvianna
@Squiddie Clio Egeon
@Tributary Astara
@Veneste Levente
@Zelola Luca
@mietze Rafael
@mumplings Nerissa Renata

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@Alzie Avra
@Artemis Kiri
@Baldur Konstantin
@BanishingTechnology Selvyn
@BearNecessities Astridora
@Birdie Juliet
@Broadway Cade Ilya
@CarrotCake Paz
@DEG Arabella
@Domino Ophelia
@DukeWhisky Aequitas
@Eardstapa Ember
@Erythil Ciaran
@Finn Rhydian
@Grayson Domingo
@Hex Varo
@Impy Marcel
@Jenn Belladonna
@LauraP Gabriela
@Lyanna Nathaniel
@Mudpuppy Helvia
@Musealie Lorenzo
@Naquadah Rebecca
@NeonGhost Evana Fiera
@Omen Rowynna
@Owlsage Alessandro
@Pax Janus
@Quintusmaius Natalia
@Raeras Esmerelda
@Roz Belladonna
@Rucket Zephyrus
@Samplex Jonathan
@Sao Imelene
@Saturna Decima
@Scar Oliver
@ShadowWalker Ronan
@Shadowed Vivienne
@SlushPuppy Fabia
@Somasatori Felix
@Spectral Philip
@SteamRun Percival
@Ten Gregory
@Tez Sybil
@TheBadApple Galla
@Tributary Astara
@Xiaoling Francesca
@ZDL Scarlette
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