I got started playing MU*s back in high school, first on an old-school DIKUMUD called Dark Castle, and then transitioning over to Wheel of Time RP MUDs, starting with The Weave, and then really hitting my stride with A Moment in Tyme. After 13 years on RP MUDs, I was convinced to try out a MUSH, Cuendillar, and never really looked back.

In time, I transitioned over to Star Wars games, L&L games, and the game I created with my wife (who I met on a Star Wars game) that combined the two genres a bit: The Fifth World. However, Real Life always interferes, and although we have run several games together, each time a life event (most recently and irretrievably, the birth of our child) has interrupted our available time.

I help run a one-screen family movie theatre, write freelance advertising copy, and design RPG systems in my spare time (I've been a game designer and writer for tabletop and computer games in the past).

Selected Non-Ares Past Alts:

A Moment in Tyme: Angron Kirthak, Child of the Light; Harkan Kirthak, Child of the Light, later Queen's Guard; Mason, Warder Trainee; Termiane Koronel, Seanchan infiltrator; Gerrit Ajara, weapons trainer; Volkare Previn, Asha'man; Brienne, Aes Sedai; Parol, Weaponmastery and War Staffer

Dragon's Fang: Harkan Kirthak, Child of the Light; Termiane Koronel, Seanchan-turned-Rebel Warder

Cuendillar: Termiane Koronel, Mercenary Blademaster; Sang, Warder Trainee

Knights of the Old Republic: Volkare Previn, Sith Trooper; Kieran "Key" Fel, Republic pilot; Shivas Anin, Jedi Knight; Bantha, Sith and War Staffer

Steel and Stone: Kamron Mallister, knight; Darek Boldt, squire; Tyroan Nayland, steward

The Fifth World: Nikomachos Sauveur of Cindravale, jouster and knight; Drake Danger, rocker; Victor Khournas, foot knight; Mars, HeadWiz

Generations of Darkness: CT-1231 "Dog", Stormtrooper; Brodie Jaimes, Human Mercenary/Rebel; Victor Slade, Republic Senator turned Rebel

Star Wars: Omens: Alpha-69 "Smoke," Alpha-class clone

Realms Adventurous: Kamron de Dinton, worthy knight

The 100 MUSH: Orion, Staffer; Grey, angry ex-Guard Cadet; Luther, veteran warrior

Fires of Hope: Devlin Cinn, Imperial deserter

CoMUX/Common Descent: Simon Green, OC SHIELD Agent; Frank Castle, The Punisher


Past Characters