I have been MUSHing in some form or fashion since 1998. I don't really remember all my characters (I'm an old), but here are the ones that stick out:

  • The X-Files MUSH: Kensington
  • Star Wars: Legacy (I think that's what it was called): An'Gehdan Anadaseva (say that three times fast!)
  • Anomaly TrekMUX: Poole, Bailey, Leah
  • Banyan Tree: Baum, Angela, Jules
  • Heroes: Elle (the first one, not the second one)
  • Blue Earth: Dobson
  • Battlestar Pacifica: Lucifer Rue
  • SerenityMUSH: Starling
  • Station 419: Pond
  • Battlestar Kharon: Juliette "Sunshine" Ozymandias
  • Battlestar Genesis: Savannah "Wrongway" Rue
  • Happy Trails: Hadi
  • Chontio: Tosh
  • Grey Harbor: Haven
  • Sometimes A Great Notion: Poole, Haven


Past Characters