2227-05-05 - Summer Whites

Abigail prepares to leave for basic training.

Date: 2227-05-05

Location: Abigail's Room, Walker House, Biscayne Bay, Picon

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Scene Number: 560

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An entry from Abigail's video journal.

5th May, 2227

The view through the camera lens is of a young woman's room, well-lived in, with the detritus of her entire life to that moment scattered around. A raggedy stuffed bear adorns one shelf, books, posters, a dried corsage from a dance on her dresser among other things.

A much younger Abigail comes into the view of the camera, dressed in a pair of casual slacks and a white knit top, walking a pair of enlisted sailor's dress whites ahead of her, pausing in front of a free-standing full-length mirror, the uniform held up in front of her as if she were deciding if she wanted to try it on. "I wouldn't mind this so much...if I didn't know I was going to end up looking like every five year old dressed up like a sailor for a costume party." She turns, facing the camera, holding out the uniform to the camera. It's ever 'little sailor boy' nightmare you ever imagined. "Thankfully, I don't think we wear these hardly at all. It'll just be our blues, which is fine." She walks back to the edge of the frame, folding the uniform and setting it into a hanging suit bag, along with what look like a few other uniforms of various and sundry colours and configurations. A few minutes to zip it up, and she moves to settle on the edge of the bed,meticulously beginning to pack away all of the toiletries and knick knacks she's laid out neatly on the bed.

"I don't know if you'll see this before I leave in the morning. Mom and Dad said you weren't sure you'd make it back from town in time in time to drive me to the wharf. Don't try to rush. Your first week's probably crazy. New people, and getting settled into your apartment, finding your classes." Her smile, warm, and bright with excitement dims a bit, "I know we planned to go to school together, but I'm really excited for this. And they rated me as Boatswain's Mate, and that's what I wanted. You know if I get on to the right track, I'll train for ship and raptor rescue." A flash of cheek, "More exciting than economics." Abigail finished packing the toiletry bag, and pops up from the bed, moving around the room, gathering up a few last minute things, "I promise that I'll write and keep you up on all my exciting news. Everyone I've met, all the adventures I'm having." She looks back at the camera, "Just promise me you won't join a fraternity. That's so--just 'no', okay?" A disgusted sound, cut off as she lifts her head, "Dad's calling. We're going to paddle out to the shoal before dinner."

Abigail walks over to the camera, bending down to reach for it with her left hand, "I'll look for you tomorrow. But even if I don't see you, wish me luck, Addy. I love you."

The video cuts out.


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