2235-04-12 - The Battle of Trenoir: Before

Hours before the battle of Trenoir, Rothschild's life seemed so... simple.

Date: 2235-04-12

Location: Luminere, Leonis

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= April 12, 2235

5:37 AM - 4.56 kilometers from the Trenoir District

Once, Eudora Lillium Rothschild slept.

It was a peaceful sleep, too. Tucked against the warm body of another, lithe arms encircling her naked form from behind. They murmured together in half-dreams, but it was only when Emilia rolled away to leave a brush of cold against her skin did Eudora pull herself closer to the surface of consciousness.

"Mmm," she sighed. "What was that?" She turned her head, looking at the silhouette of Em as she gathered up her cami, drawing it on over her mess of silvering curls. The other woman smiled down at Eudora, though there was no way to hide that hint of something unsettling just beneath the surface.

"I said, 'Something doesn't feel right.'"

Em stretched, grabbing her more of her clothes from where they were strewn across the floor, while Eudora made no move to join her in the process of redressing. She merely watched the older woman -- Em was nearly forty, and certainly amused by the prospects of dating a much younger woman. Eudora just enjoyed the company.

"That's not what you were saying last night," the noblewoman teased, earning a sharp look in return. That was enough to sober Eudora, drawing her fully upright with the sheets pulled across her chest. "Em, I'm sure that everything is fine. Perhaps you had one of those dreams that you can't remember having, but still leaves you a bit unsettled."

Emilia pulls on her wrinkled blouse -- a white garment that, the night before, had been a crisp contrast to the business suit the woman favored so much. The slow buttoning gave her time to think, a light wrinkle in her tall brow. Then she nodded.

"Maybe." She hesitated. "I'm sure that's it."

Em adjusted the collar, now stepping over to Eudora's bedside to deposit the softest of kisses onto the other woman's full lips. "I've got a jump to Caprica City, but I should be back late tonight. Dinner at Marzano's?"

Caprica City. Perhaps the one true rival to the beauty of Luminere. It made Eudora snort lightly. "Caprica. What does Caprica want with you, Em?"

"I'm meeting with Greystone about a possible Cylon order for the workshop. Would really increase production." Em's voice took on that level of excitement it often did when discussing business. As an art restorer and reproducer, having just something to offer her a hand would be ideal.

Eudora just shrugged, grinning slightly. "I'll see you at Marzano's."

The two shared a kiss, Eudora's fingertips lingering on Emilia's cheek.

8:21 AM - 3.2 kilometers from the Trenoir District

The Marine Corps headquarters at the Lower Waterford District was in the full embrace of spring. The cherry trees outside the headquarters were in bloom, and a single breeze sent a snowfall of pink petals across the sidewalks and streets. There was a soft buzz as bees darted from flower to flower along the sidewalk gardens, collecting pollen to bring back to the industrial hives kept about a block up.

As Sergeant Eudora Rothschild passed the gates into the parade grounds, she caught out of the corner of her eye one of the combat engineers persistently typing away at a tablet while standing before a looming Centurion. The Centurion's singular eye glowed a deep, almost unsettling crimson, but that was the only hint that the combat robot was active.

Frowning to herself, she diverted from her path to the armory to check in on the tiny engineer.

"Waller... you look like you're about to have steam coming out of your ears," she remarked as she came beside the short man. Benton Waller was a good five inches shorter than her, and barely weighed in over a hundred pounds. He only ended up in the corps because of his ingenuity with explosives and micromachinery. Otherwise, Rothschild was certain to wager, he would have probably been snapped up by Caprica by now.

Needless to say, Waller looked a bit frazzled. "Won't respond to any commands," he grunted, looking between his tablet and the hulking Cylon soldier. "Apparently has been standing here all night. Totally active, totally unresponsive."

Eudora tilted her head up to look at the Centurion. A small frown began to tug at her lips. "Hmm. Have you let Skyling know?" She glanced to Waller in time to catch him roll his eyes in dramatic fashion, poking hard at the tablet.

"Skyling is the one who sent me down here. I guess I'm supposed to figure it all out."

Rothschild started to chortle, amused by the sheer frustration emulated by the tiny engineer. "Well, best of luck to you, Wall. I'm sure you'll figure it all out."

Then she continued along, crossing her way through the parade grounds to enter the headquarters main building. Behind her, Waller let up a few more curses in native Leonese, shaking his tablet in frustration.

11:45 AM - 1.5 kilometers from the Trenoir District

"Command, could you please repeat that?"

Rothschild's voice carried a strange timbre, trying to make sure she heard that right. Her and her squad had been out of the Lower Waterford base for about ten minutes now. First, she thought it was just a drill. Gear-up, and head out. Patrol the district line. But that was upon first glance. In the last five minutes, she had heard multiple shots fired in various directions, and the distant horizon had become hazy with the hints of a fire burning somewhere toward the north.

"Sergeant," the voice of Skyling came over the radio, crackling slightly with a strange interference, "your squad is to move a kilometer and a half to the southwest, into the Trenoir District. We've been ordered to evacuate. Shoot any Cylon you see. Repeat, your hostile targets are Cylons."

Rothschild looked up, glancing around at the faces of her squad mates. Most had a look of confusion, but Jackin and Frances both looked almost incredulous. "This has to be a training exercise," Frances protested. "Using Cylons as targets. Live rounds and all that."

Rothschild snorted in reply. "And destroy billions of dollars’ worth of machinery? I somehow doubt that." She was now starting to feel that deep abyss in her gut. The 'something doesn't feel right' that Em had mentioned that morning. She glanced to the southwest, stalled by that feeling of unease.

"Sergeant," came Waller's voice from the back of the gathering. "Uh, don't you think we should, maybe, head out?"

No, her gut told her. Definitely not.

"You're right, Waller." She glanced around her, settling into that sharp demeanor. "Basic formation, we're heading into Trenoir. Remember, that's a residential district. I don't want to see anyone waving around their gun unless they have to." She grimaced then. "Keep an eye out for Cylons."

Which, in Trenoir, almost outnumbered the humans.

To be continued...


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