2235-04-12 - Thula's Last Tour, Pt 2

Jonas races to get back to Thula. Lyn waits for him, then lets him go.

Date: 2235-04-12

Location: Arctic Station Thula, Aquaria

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The reports across the ice world of Aquaria were damning. Interent was non-existant, most radio bands were gone. Only a few military hardened communication channels remained open along with short wave radio. The news wasn't good at all. Heim was in ruins, hit with what some believe was a nuclear strike. The Aquarian Navy was fully engaged with what can only be desrcibed as the Cylons themselves.

Even at Thula, not all was safe, as earlier in the day, one of the Cylons there had tried to overload the stations generators to destroy it. Fortunately, it was stopped in time, but the Arctic Station is still experiencing fighting between the Cylons that were there as research assistance, armed with what materials could be grabbed.

The station is in chaos. Militia members and the currently residing scientists are running everywhere, packing whatever they are allowed, as meager as it may be, onto evac Raptors. A few soldiers remain, defending the evacuation. Lyn is there waiting, waiting for Jonas. She has to be sure he gets out before she can go herself, although she has no intention of evacuating. She is armed with a sniper rifle and her regular menagerie of firearms and melee weapons, keeping the Cylons at bay in defense of the station.

She had been monitoring the radio frequencies in his absence, and she's been unable to contact or locate his brother and sisters. She forced Jackson and her mother onto the station's own SAR raptor, and gotten them out, some thirty minutes ago. Reports that her father was at ground zero for the destruction of Heim have her brutally shaken to her core. She's in shock still, and the only thing she can focus on is Jonas, and making sure he gets back to Thula, and then off the fallen planet.

"Theta Nine-Four to Thula station." Jonas was the early tour that morning, and despite his voice being calm, there's a tight edge to it. "Theta Nine-Four to Thula station, request immediate evacuation, say again, request immediate evacuation." He was still out there, in the snow and ice. "Come on Thula, someone answer..." he comments, the roar of the engine of the snow cat treaded vehicle in the background.

The voice on the radio has Lyn patching her headset into the frequency. "Theta Nine-Four this is Thula Station. Jonas is that you?! Are you all right? Where are you?" The sounds of gunfire and the crashes of metal on metal come over the channel.

Lyn is lying on top of of the station's bunkhouse with her sniper rifle on a tripod. She fires off a shot into the head of a cylon coming over the ridge, blowing it's head into smithereens.

"We're still out, Lyn... I mean Thula. What are you doing on comms?" Jonas' voice suddenly lifts with excitement and relief. "Look, I have no idea what's going on. The damned Cylon went haywire or some shit and killed one of the interns, and now the phones and everything are dead. We're trying to get back to base, we're ten mikes out." He's still out there, in the snow and ice.

The snow cat rumbled through the terrain, as another streak of light flashed past the canopy. "What the hell?" Jonas calls out, not realizing the radio was still on as the sound of a Raider's engines cycled in the atmosphere before the KEW opened up on the vehicle. "Cut right!" comes the panicked noise as the sounds of armor piercing rounds chewing up the ice and snow flashed over the radio for a moment.

"Get back to the station, Jonas! There are only two birds left to evac. I repeat, get back to the station immediately!" Lyn sees the pilot for one of the two Raptors heading for it and she fires off a shot kicking up snow at his feet. He looks up, startled, and she gives him the sign to hold for further instruction.

The other one isn't leaving the planet, it's dropping off a few volunteers from SAR recon to look for other survivors. She needs this one to wait for Jonas, but the pilot is young and in a panic, and he might not. In that case, she has plan B in store. Jonas can't get off the recon drop off raptor if he's unconscious, and the Raptor itself will return to the Libran fleet after the drop off.

The sound of the raider and a KEW canon have her feeling her heart constrict in her chest. "The Cylons are killing people, Jonas! Heim is gone. Whiteout is dead. We're taking casualties here!" Whiteout is her father's callsign, the untouchable Gabriel Arda. He'd been in Heim for a conference. "Get back to base!" There is an edge of panic in her voice, which isn't normal from the usually solid as a rock Arda, who grew up at the station and lives and breathes adventure.

"Lyn..." Jonas knows exactly who Whiteout is. He had spoken to the man not a day before he left for the conference because he wanted to discuss his future with Lyn. He was waiting for him to get back so that the old man could set up a proper dinner to ambush the girl at, because he was nearly certain she'd say yes after seeing the ring.

"We're under attack, Thula station. One of those damned Raiders keeps dogging us. I'm trying to get a Viper squadron on the radio, but I don't have signal strength." Jonas's younger sister is a Viper jock that had been recalled for weekend exercises. "Trying to get back, Muffin." he promises her, before the signal is lost for a moment in the infamous part of the mountain that has high iron deposits and always wrecks shortwave.

Lyn mutes the comm and calls down to Reese, a gunner who has stayed back to cover the evac. "Reese! Which route in is clearest? Theta Nine-Four needs a path to base!"

The brawny, blond man with a crew cut and thick mustache yells back, "South side is clearest, if he can circle round and come in that way!"

She un-mutes the comm again, swiveling her rifle to check the south entry through the scope. Not as much smoke, debris, or sound coming from there. "There are no Vipers left on planet! 1Jonas, come in from the south side. I'm coming for you on a snowmobile to bring you in. Other routes are heavily compromised, I repeat, south side is the safest route in."

She leaves the rifle in place, because there's no room for it with her regular rifle, pistol, axes, and knife on the smaller arctic cat. She slides down off the roof, onto the ventilation pipes and runs towards the hangar where the vehicles are kept. She slams open the box on the wall to grab the key for AC 3, and then straddles the snowmobile, shoving the key in and turning it. With a growl it starts as she feeds it gas from the throttle, and she speeds out, and towards the south entrance. "I'm coming Bubbles," she murmurs over the comm.

"South confirmed!" Jonas calls out into the radio as he orders the hard turn towards the path even as he looks out the window to see where the Raider's heading, the Marine grabbing a hold of the side. "Just keep driving, we'll lose it in the fog!" The arctic cat slips into the freezing fog of the lower level of the clouds, but Jonas is paying attention to the new sounds on the radio.

"Arda what are you doing?" he asks, the order on his lips. "Get on that damn Raptor, we'll be back!"

"Not a chance, Ingvar," Lyn quips back. "I already lost dad, I'm not losing you too, dammit!" Lyn guns the snowmobile and makes a bee line for Jonas' best route back to the station. She gets up to high ground, and gets out binoculars to search for the Snow Cat. "Talk to me, Bubbles. Can you get a fix on your exact position?" She grimaces and scans the skies for the Raider chasing him.

"Gods dammit, Lyn, the planet's gone to shit, you need to get clear!" Jonas shouts back. In the clouds, the clear flashes of light from the Raider's KEW lighting up the clouds. A few moments later the larger Arctic Cat comes trudging out of the cloud bank, one of the treads torn apart and the vehicle trailing smoke and debris. It's still moving, but is clearly crippled.

"Just look for the smoke." Jonas grits over the radio, the sound in his voice is strained, the sound of a clear injury as within the Cat, he's working to treat another scientist that was injured in the strafing run.

Lyn sets the snowmobile back in motion, screaming over the drifts in the much lighter, intact machine. "I got Jackson and my mom out. I'm not going anywhere til you're safe!" she grits over the comm. She swings the vehicle into a sideways slide and raises the rifle to her shoulder. She fires in the direction of the lights from the Raider. Useless probably, but she tries to fire enough ammo to make the Cylons think there might be quite a few more people here resisting than a lone soldier. "Move your ass, Jonas! I'm not going to be able to bluff them for long!"

"Frakking hell, you're a stubborn bitch, Lyn!" But there's relief in Jonas' voice as he taps the driver on the shoulder, pointing to the smaller snowmobile. "Follow her to the launch pad!" The larger vehicle lurches and continues to move, allowing Lyn to lead them to where the last Raptor out is waiting for them.

The ECO is standing in the back. "The fleet's falling apart, the Libran Navy is offering their support, but we're losing the planet!" the young woman calls out, fear clearly on her face. "The Thor's been destroyed." The flagship of the Aquarian Navy.

Lyn blanches at the news of the Thor's demise. She helps the scientists into the Raptor, then shoves Jonas towards the ship as well. "Get in, I have to grab the drives from the main terminal before I go," she yells to Jonas. "I'll grab the last bird!" she points to the remaining Raptor, the one that is marked as Libran navy, not Aquarian. Her eyes waver and look too shiny for a moment. She grabs Jonas' arm to draw him into one last, desperate kiss. "Be safe. Always." Strange farewell if she's coming along right after. His sisters. His brother. Her father is gone, she can't leave his family behind. She can't let him feel this hollow agony that is eating her alive from the inside.

After helping the wounded and other survivors on, Jonas blinks and the color drains from his face as he hears Lyn's plan. The kiss is returned, hard, deep, needful, his hands curling against her coat. "Frak no." he hisses, despite the blotch of red on his left arm from where shrapnel tore through him. "I'm the commo guy. I need to make sure those drives are secure. I'm going with you." he says flatly as he pulls back, a touch to her cheek. "I promised your dad." he says to her before turning to head towards the main building, his SMG at his side.

Dammit, that wasn't what she wanted. Lyn grimaces and jogs after him, tagging Reese to go ahead and board the Raptor. She gives the big man a secret sign. He's supposed to knock Jonas out and carry him onto the Raptor if she gives it. "We'll get the drives, go get on board. Tell Parker and Burns to take off, we'll hop the Libran bird when we're done" She walks past, waiting for Jonas to follow, so Reese can do his job and knock out the love of her life. It cost her a hell of a lot of cubits to convince the man, but the many pranks Jonas pulled on him didn't hurt in getting his cooperation either.

"Good, you're finally listening to reason." Jonas responds as he starts to say more when the large hand of Reese lands on his shoulder, and the big blonde offers. "Sorry man." It's all he says before he slams his hamfist against the back of Jonas' head and neck, sending the commo soldier into the ground in a heap.

"Never knew what you saw in him, Arda." Reese says, looking at the woman for a moment. She's more than just the daughter of the Marine leader - she was also the sweetheart of the base, and when she started dating Jonas and took herself off the market, she broke a lot of hearts. But Reese scoops his hands under Jonas' shoulders to drag his unconscious body to the Raptor. "You haul ass and get on that other bird, I don't want to have to deal with his angry bitching for too long." he offers to the woman before going to his duty.

"I see everything in him, Reese," Lyn replies. The future, children, old age even. But the death of her father has made her doubt her ability to protect him. He would try to go with her on the recon SAR, and he's not trained for it. He'd get killed, die in her arms, and her life would no longer be worth living. As long as he lives, as long as she can get his family back to him, it will all be ok. When she returns with the Ingvar clan in tow, he'll forgive her this bad decision. She bites back a sob, kisses Jonas' forehead, and lets Reese take him. "When he wakes up...tell him..." Then a flood of KEW fire from Raiders straffing the base drowns out the remainder. It was "I'm going to find his family!". She turns and runs to the Libran Raptor sent to pick her up for the long SAR recon.

The Aquarian Raptor lifts off the ground, carrying Jonas on-board. The bird gets to altitude as a Raider is coming in on an attack Vector and it's FTL engages, kicking the Raptor away before it can be hit, and carrying him away from her.

"I love you, Jonas," Lyn whispers from her perch in the open door of the Libran Raptor. "Please survive." The door closes, and the bird screams away to the various drop off points.


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