2235-04-13 - The Battle of Trenoir: Holding Ground

The Battle of Trenoir from Aleksander's perspective.

Date: 2235-04-13

Location: Athenas Academy, Trenoir District

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Scene Number: 359

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19:35 - Outside the Grounds of Athenas Academy

The Cylon counter attack was fierce and the numbers that came at the Leonese forces were unexpected. Also fighting mechanoids was completely different than fighting humans, the logistics itself was specialized. The regular Leonese squads that were assigned to this operation were still using regular ammo while the Foreign Legions were given armor-piercing rounds. The difference was obvious during the initial firefight. To salvage the fighting, the Legionnaires split themselves up to help reinforce the left side that was being flanked and hammered in. It took some fierce fighting and the use of frag grenades to buy the Leonese forces enough time to retreat under cover The Cylons were relentless but eventually the Marines were able to pull away far enough that the mechanoids returned to the Academy.

After regrouping and the casualties were counted, the Leonese Marines lost a third of the numbers while more were walking wounded. Only half are still fully capable and functional for fighting. The Legionnaires fared better, suffering minimal casualties and appear to be ready to again. The problem is what was to be the plan. The initial landing and assault was a disaster. Requests for reinforcements and extraction of wounded denied as the air space above them was still heavily contested. Rogue Cylon squadrons are on even footing with the Leonese Air Force, communications are still be changed and re-encrypted, hostiles still being identified. So for now, the forces on the ground are stuck.

After resting up and a brief discussion between the Legionnaires and Marines officers, it was decided that the Marines will stay behind and watch over the wounded while trying to maintain contact with HQ. The Foreign Legion though will be performing reconnaissance, to try to find a weakness in the Cylon forces that have the Athenas Academy under siege to prepare for their attack at dawn. Breaking up into pairs, the Legionnaires move out with their tasks.

When he finishes checking his kit, Aleksander nods to Morgan, “Ready.” The pair moves off, walking parallel to where the the black, metal fencing marks the border of where the academy grounds begin.

20:41 - Outside the Grounds of Athenas Academy

Aleksander has been watching the Cylon movements and presence, seeing no real organized guards. However, there have been small groups of mechanoids that seem to roam past the area, onto destinations unknown in Trenoir. These bands are usually lead by one or two Centurions, the rest are a mixture of modified bots, gardening mechanoids that are armed with a number of sharp objects, and a few labor droids that have guns grafted onto their arms.

For now, the Tauron remains in the tree he had selected for observation, from time to time he looks down to Morgan waiting below, updating the other Legionnaire with what he sees or any other interesting developments. He is also looking through his binoculars with a clear view of the main building of the academy, which is why he has chosen to remain in the tree after determining the patrol pattern.

“I think they are still alive in there, looks like they may still be barricaded up there and keeping the Cylons at bay.” Aleksander says as he continues to look through the binoculars. “Morgan, do you remember what rooms have windows facing this direction?”

Morgan looks at the notes he had scribbled down as he answers, “Library I believe, top floor. Facing this side. If they are still in there, they should know that reinforcements have landed.”

Without taking his eyes off of the windows on the third floor, Aleksander says with some doubt in his tone, “For all they know, they watched the Raptor get shot down and the rest of us bugging out of the initial landing zone. Plus, we can’t get through the local jamming here on school grounds, our own communications team had to march a few klicks out just to get something through to HQ.”

The Legionnaire below can only sigh, “We need to find a way to give them hope. Shooting up a flare is too risky, we’ll have Cylons converging and worse, those with hijacked Vipers and Raptors might even deliver presents from above.” They both know that the skies are not theirs, hopefully they do not belong to the Cylons either.

“I think I have an idea. Will need to wait for the sun to finish setting and darkness to set in. I will see if I can signal those on the third floor with lights. Send a short coded message to let them know we are still coming to relieve them.” Aleksander says as he continues to look through the binoculars. “I just hope there is someone watching.”

23:11 - Outside the Grounds of Athenas Academy

The Sun has long set and Aleksander remained up in the tree, Morgan was content to staying longer with his recon partner, keeping an eye out down below. Whatever to give a trapped Marine squad hope, because he would want the same if the situation was switched.

Aleksander still has his binoculars out, swapped to night-vision mode when he sees movement on the third floor again. “I see something, looks like someone walking back and forth from the window. Not up against it, probably doesn’t want to get hit from the outside, but there. I’m going to try to signal.”

“Got it, hopefully they are still keeping an eye out here.” Morgan says as he climbs back to his feet after resting against the trunk of the tree that his partner climbed up.

Pulling out a small flashlight but with a powerful LED bulb, the Tauron prepares to send out signals. “Stay sharp, in case I attract the wrong kind of attention.” With one hand holding the binoculars to his eyes, the other begins triggering a signal. Not continuously to attract less attention but a series of blinks before going dark for a minute. Then another series of blinks before darkness again.

It takes the fourth attempt but whether by luck or just a strong grasp of hope from both sides, whoever was inside the academy answers with the same series of blinks. “They see us!” Aleksander can’t help but exclaim, though he does keep his tone low. A very excited whisper.

Now the exchange of messages is being established. Short signals but enough to get the message across.

Aleksander starts, flashing the code: “Reinforcements - Here - Foreign - Legion”

Besieged Marine: “Good - Need - Help”

Aleksander: “Keep - Hope - Attack Coming”

Besieged Marine: “Can’t - Hold - Much - Longer - When”

Aleksander: “First - Ligh... -”

Suddenly, a burst of gunfire comes from inside the school grounds, bullets crashing into the tree. With branches and leaves shot up, Aleksander is unable to hold onto his binoculars as his hands instinctively frees itself to hold onto the tree. Hanging there, he prays that the spray of bullets miss him. They do and soon the Cylon stops shooting as there is no return fire and the blinking light has stopped. When silence returns, the Tauron carefully makes his way down the tree, Morgan waiting anxiously. “Another frakking roaming group of canners, I was too focused on the window to notice.”

Aleksander quickly brushes himself off, the debris of splinted branches and leaves was clinging onto his tactical vest. “We gotta head out before the group gets here to investigate, those inside knows we’re coming though..” With that, the pair will quietly make their way around the campus, avoiding the small group of Cylons, to where the rest of the Legionnaires have set up a temporary camp. Tomorrow morning will be a big day.


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