2235-04-13 - The Battle of Trenoir: The Descent Into Hell

The Battle of Trenoir from Aleksander's perspective.

Date: 2235-04-13

Location: LFLAB Lyonne and Trenoir District, Luminere

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Scene Number: 574

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15:23 Hours - In-Flight to Athenas Academy, Trenoir District

“Disembarking in five mikes, check your kits one more time. We have ten seconds before the Raptors have to lift, hostile air elements are in the air so we have a limited window.” That was the update from the Lieutenant that is leading the unit tasked to relieve the forces trapped at Athenas Academy. No one knows exactly what to expect when their boots hit the ground, it could be a firefight right off the bat against mechanical monstrosities or an army of mechanically modified opponents that will swarm them by the numbers. Whatever it is, it has a Leonese Marine unit pinned down for over twenty-four hours.

Aleksander, who is part of the Leonese Foreign Legion, and the unit he was assigned to had already boarded the Raptors a couple of hours ago from their base. He goes through the kit check one more time, knowing everything is where it is supposed to be and in working order. There is some anxious chatter between some of the other soldiers but for the Tauron born rifleman, he only leans back and closes his eyes, trying to blank his mind. Unfortunately, his mind has other ideas, thinking back to moments before he was to board his assigned Raptor with the others…

11:56 Hours - LFLAB Lyonne

Aleksander’s unit was transferred to the Leonese Foreign Legion Air base, Lyonne, yesterday when the sudden uprising of Cylons began. News was still coming in about what was happening and a number of people are still in disbelief. The previous military installation that the Tauron was at had a limited number of the mechanical counterparts, so the rogue mechanoids were put down rather easily with minimal damage. At first it was chalked up to possible sabotage from foreign elements but after arriving at Lyonne and hearing the massive amount of chatter and updates on what was happening, everyone in the unit realized it was something much more massive than a simple sabotage.

They had expected to stay at the airbase for a while longer to wait for the rest of the regiment to arrive before coordinate some sort of counter-offensive but Alek’s unit was immediately tapped for assignment, which was surprising as they have yet to receive a full briefing on what was going on. His squad was being attached to another Leonese Marine force that was to be sent out to some academy that friendly forces have already been besieged for over twenty-four hours.

While they were lined up and getting ready to board the waiting Raptor, Aleksander sees an older man approaching flanked by two others. The pins identify the man as a Master Sergeant but the Tauron did not need to glance at the name tag to know who it is. He also suddenly knew why his unit was tapped to assist the Leonese Marine force. Stepping out of the line momentarily, the young Legionnaire stood to attention before the older Sergeant, “Master Sergeant Anderson!” Comes the brief but respectful greeting from Aleksander, the others in the unit watching on as this particular Tauron trooper is usually more laid back and almost never front and center like this.

“Private First Class Davion, you know what you have to do, right? You have to get them out alive, nothing less is expected.” The Master Sergeant maintains a stern, unreadable face, but Aleksander knew what the senior marine is talking about. He also knows who is in the unit that is trapped by the Cylons at Athenas Academy.

A nod of understanding and acknowledgement is the quick response, “Yes Master Sergeant! We will be successful!”

Apparently that was all that the Master Sergeant was looking for though the older Legionnaire’s eyes lock on the Tauron’s for a few moments longer. Then he turns around and departs, letting Aleksander return to his unit and to the boarding of the Raptor that has commenced.

One of the Legionnaires that was watching nudges Aleksander when he returns in line, “What was that about, Alek?”

“He was my superior when I was first attached to the 4th.” The training regiment that most of the newly volunteered Legionnaires were assigned to when they joined up. Nothing else about the Master Sergeant is offered up to his brother in arms though and the other Marine lost interest quickly enough.

So, Alek steps onboard the cramped Raptor and finds a seat before strapping in. Instead of a dull flight to the insertion point, now his mind is busy thinking about what may be happening at Athenas Academy…

15:28 Hours - In-Flight to Athenas Academy, Trenoir District

“Brace for impact!” The Raptor pilot calls out to the Legionnaires who are helplessly strapped into their seats in the belly of the transport Raptor. A few seconds later, what looks like a bright flare shoots by just a few meters away from the window of the closed side doors. The missile missed them. Barely. One of the other Raptors were not so lucky as a missile slammed right into it. Part of the bird was on fire as it begins to spin out of control towards the ground.

The Legionnaires can hear the busy comm traffic as there are also bogeys in the air that are tangled up by their Viper escorts. “...endlies! I repeat, Vipers are not friendlies! Engage! Engage!” Some of the Legionnaires look a bit worried, a couple are muttering prayers with their eyes closed. Aleksander, however, is just staring at the door, as if waiting for them to open so they can disgorge from the transport. That, however, is going to be delayed. “Moving to landing site bravo! Alpha is too hot!” As if to emphasize that, there was a sudden staccato of loud bangs against the hull. Heavy rounds hitting the fuselage but luckily for the passengers, the armor held up. More tracer fire can be seen coming up from the ground though.

As warned, the Raptor banks for a new landing site, further away from the academy and doesn’t lose any altitude until it nears that location. Then there is a sudden dive as the pilot is choosing to bring them down as quick as possible to avoid anymore anti-aircraft rounds. The touchdown wasn’t too gentle but the door was immediately flung open by one of the Legionnaires, “Go! Go! Go!” As they begin to disembark, Aleksander, while waiting his turn, can hear over the comms, “Kingsman to Pelican Flight, losing air superiority! You’re out of time!” The pilot while waiting for the soldiers to finish answers back, “Pelican Three to Kingsman, we’re outbound one mike!” Hearing that only urges the Legionnaires off of the Raptor even quicker, only by luck on their selection of their fall-back drop zone do the soldiers not come under immediate fire. That reprieve does not last, however.

It doesn’t take long for their first engagement on the ground to happen, a contingent of Cylons are already moving into position to intercept them before they can reach academy grounds. It isn’t a full squad of Centurions but there are two present, and it seems like each Centurion is leading a squad of different types of mechanoids. Some appear to be security bots with the similar red glowing eye, others are labor mechanoids with modifications made in forms of weaponry. The Leonese ground forces open fire immediately, scoring hits on the slower moving target. However, unlike the humans, the mechanoids continue to march forward despite being hit, only those who took rounds in critical components fall and dim. The return fire is equally vicious, chewing up dirt around the Marines, causing them to fall prone and prevent further return fire.

“Squad one, hold this area and keep that group engaged, prepare to provide covering fire! Legionnaires, head to the right and flank them! Go, go, go!” The Lieutenant calls out as the firefight continues. The LFL squad needed no further orders and begins fanning out to the right of the field. Before they are able to push up and flank though, more gunfire opens up in front of them as another group of Cylons join the fight. Unable to advance, Aleksander along with the other Legionnaires are forced to take cover and return fire, stuck in their position. However, they can hear the firefight growing fiercer where they left the Leonese Marine Squad, the radio filling with calls, “Incoming left, we’re being flanked!” “Frak! Johnson! Anderson! Peel left and hold them off!” Down a full squad with one of the Raptor’s shot down, the relief force are now pinned down and in trouble...


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