2235-04-16 - Big Blue Stadium, Part 2

Cate agrees to be part of a dangerous mission to escape the pyramid stadium, but her friend isn't so keen on the idea.

Date: 2235-04-16

Location: Big Blue Pyramid Stadium, Hyperion, Picon

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Scene Number: 579

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Siege of Hyperion: Day 5

Four and a half days had passed since the Cylons went on a rampage, but it felt like a lifetime ago. Human security and off-duty military personnel had gotten the upper hand over the Cylons in the stadium, but not before scores of people had been killed or wounded. Some had gotten out, but nobody knew how far they'd gotten through streets filled with hostile Cylons. The wireless nets were down, leaving them in the dark. But they could hear gunfire day and night, and fighter jets zooming overhead. Thousands remained trapped in the stadium, and things were getting more desperate by the day.

Cate wove her way carefully through the cluster of people occupying the concourse outside of the stadium’s first aid room. Some were on makeshift stretchers, others just sprawled or seated on the floor. A handful of medical volunteers moved through the crowd, offering what little aid they could - which honestly wasn’t much given their lack of supplies. She ventured into the first aid room proper, where she found Deb taking the blood pressure of one of their more serious patients. Deb’s left arm was draped across her chest in a makeshift splint and sling. The pain of the injury showed on her face every time she moved, but she soldiered on.

“Hey, Deb, find me when you’ve got a minute,” Cate said. When Deb was finished, they ducked into a supply area in the back so they could talk in private. The shelves were barren, almost everything used up in the first desperate day after the attack began.

“What’s up?” Deb asked.

Cate held up a pill bottle. “Found this today.” Scavenging among the dead was hardly a glamorous task, but it was necessary. She opened the bottle and took out two pills, holding them out to Deb. “Pain pills. Why don’t you take a couple and go rack out on the cot for a few hours.” Cate knew that the pain made it hard for Deb to sleep - not that any of them had gotten much rest since this all began.

“I’m all right,” Deb lied. “Others need it more.”

Cate frowned. “You’ll be able to help them better if you take care of yourself. Come on, don’t argue with me. Doctor’s orders.” She flashed a weak smile.

Deb retorted with a friendly scowl. “Hmmpf. Doctors. Always thinking they know best.”

“Nurses. Always trying to put us in our place,” Cate fired back. She held out the pills and tried a different tack. “Please?”

Deb sighed and took the pills. “Fine.” She downed them with a cup of water.

At least the Cylons hadn’t shut the water or power off. That was a small mercy. Cate had even managed to snag a shower down in the players’ locker room earlier. A week ago she would’ve geeked out at the chance to see the ‘backstage’ areas of a pyramid arena. Today it barely registered.

Cate watched her friend in concern, then glanced around to make sure nobody could overhear. Even though they were alone, she still stepped closer and lowered her voice. “Deb, listen. Don’t tell anyone else, but… some of the military guys are planning an escape.”

“Escape?” Deb’s eyes widened. “How? Escape to where?”

“To the naval base across the bay. Triton. They say it’s still holding out. They're going to go out through the sewers, down to the bay. There are a couple boats down by the shore. They think we can get past the patrols to get to them.”

Deb frowned, doing the obvious math in her head. “Cate, there are what - fifteen, twenty thousand people here? How are they going to get them all across the water?”

Mirroring Deb’s grim expression, Cate sighed. “They aren’t. It’s a small group, but they’re going to hook up with the Navy and mount a bigger rescue mission.” There’s a beat. “They asked me to go. They want a couple medical types in case anything goes wrong. And to take care of the president.”

In spite of the dire situation, Deb smirked. “Dr. Rhodes, personal physician to the Picon president. Bet that’s not something you thought you’d ever hear.”

Cate scoffed. “I’m hardly his personal physician. I patched him up, that’s all.” With Easton assassinated in plain view of everyone, nobody had objected to her VP, Oliver Tate, declaring himself her successor. Cate had been one of the medics taking care of him when he'd gotten himself shot too in the hostilities.

Cate had to admit it was kind of surreal. She was a poor kid from Virgon’s black-sheep moon. People like her didn’t rub elbows with heads of state. But now she had. “Anyway - I got you a spot on the boat too. They’re planning to leave tonight.”

Deb chewed her lip for a few moments. “I don’t know… that sounds pretty dangerous.”

Arching her eyebrows, Cate said. “You think it’s safe to stay here? There’s gods-know how many Cylons outside just waiting to storm in here and finish what they started. And even if they didn’t, we’ve already started to run out of food. We can’t last in here.”

“Cate…” Deb hedged, then shook her head. “I think we should just sit tight. Let the soldiers handle it. That’s their job.” She frowned. “I’ve got a family to think about. I can’t go running off doing Jack Blake shit.”

Cate sighed, rubbing her face. “I’m trying to think about your family, Deb. I don’t think it’s safe to stay here. Whatever’s going on outside, it’s frakking bad. It’s been five days and the army still hasn’t sorted it out. We’ve got to help ourselves.”

Deb thought about it for a few seconds, then shook her head again. “I’m sorry, I just can’t. And I don’t think you should either.” Deb paused. “I think I am going to lie down for awhile. You should get some rest too.” Deb touched Cate’s arm lightly and then wandered off, leaving her friend frowning in her wake.

Later that night, Cate was checking a patient’s dressing when the pilot who’d recruited her for the escape poked his head in the door. “Doc?” He jerked his head to give her the signal that it was time. Cate nodded, holding up a finger to buy herself a second.

She nudged Deb and pulled her aside to the supply area once more. “Time to go. Sure you won’t change your mind?” Her eyebrows arched hopefully at Deb. She really didn’t want to leave her friend behind.

“Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing,” Deb said with a grim smirk. But she knew that Cate wouldn’t be dissuaded. Deb stepped close to offer gentle one-armed hug. “Be careful, okay.”

Cate hugged her friend. “I will. You hold down the fort here, and we’ll go and bring back the cavalry.” It seemed like an inadequate goodbye for her best friend, but she didn’t know what else to say. “I’ll see you soon,” she promised.

She didn’t know it was a promise she wouldn't be able to keep.


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