2235-09-09 - Forward Hyperion, Part 2

In the very final days before PNAB: Triton and Hyperion fall into the ocean… Charlie's squad is trying to get access to a radio tower.

Date: 2235-09-09

Location: Hyperion, Picon

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Scene Number: 581

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It took another day to reach the office building with the communication tower. 'KZYQ - We Knew' Gossip, News, and Weather. Generally in that order before the cylons had their way with it. Now it was a mass grave; the windows of the front lobby lay shattered and the building had clearly been serving as a gathering place for refugees. Perhaps hoping that self-same communications tower that had drawn the squadron would allow them to call for aid.

Many dead and the vehicles outside were clearly from the first rounds of bombs months before, but within the building told a different story. The scent of decay was thick enough that Charlie's stomach churned on the protein bar she'd had just hours before. Hale's face was grim as he led them to the stairs.

"I wish we could bury them," Kallas muttered as the prone forms grew smaller below them.

"The ash will bury them soon enough," Ythael answered, voice muffled behind his gear. He kept his rifle leveled on the gaping chasm that was left of the front of the building.

Each floor was more empty than the last. Desks and offices abandoned, paper and knick-knacks littering the floors. It was a ghost town of the modern era. Phones left off the hook. Monitors long gone dim. Family photos smiling through broken glass.

Charlie picks up a photo from a desk of a young man holding a boy -- barely a toddler -- by the beach, both waving a the camera with big smiles. She flinches and sets it back down, glass crumbling from the frame.

Their approach up to the roof is quiet lest there be Centurions waiting above, but the blood rushing in her ears sounds loud as thunder. Hale opens the door slowly from a crouch as the evening light creeps through and over them. A raider goes screaming by overhead.

"Clear," he whispers before they all file out.

Relief at finally making it to the top of the building they'd made their goal days prior swiftly turns to despair. The tower itself is, indeed, still intact. The base, however, has been completely gutted. Not damaged, not switched off, but wholly ripped out.

Kallas drops his pack as he makes his way to the broken hinges and leans in to the open space.

"You have got to be kidding me?!" His voice echoes within. "It's like they planned this!"

"They probably did," Charlie notes, moving to the edge of the roof with her rifle in hand as she settles into position. Someone might be watching.

"Is there no way you can at least use the tower to boost your own equipment, Kallas?"

"I mean, maybe... if I have enough time."

"We'll spend the night here. See what you can do." Hale sighed as he unloaded his own pack. "The rest of you... settle in for a long night."

Charlie just watched the soot being carried on eddies in the breeze; same as she had for the past two weeks.


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