2236-06-13 - Mission No Promotion

Charlie uses her paperwork to perpetuate her lowkey attempts to avoid any further promotions.

Date: 2236-06-13

Location: Armory, Vanguard

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Scene Number: 569

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Charlie looks up from her book. Armory duty is a lesson in passing the time, but it's one of the ways you get stuck on 'light duty' while injured. You get to sit, movement is limited, and medics aren't far if you pull stitches. But it's long hours with little to do. She stares at the man for a time before a name comes to mind. Private Gallieu. One of the Vanguard's own complement.


"I'll be needing one of the shotguns."

"Uh-huh. You got your orders?"

Charlie leans to grab the clipboard as the Aerilon lad pulls the slip of paper out of his pocket, smoothing it out across the counter. She takes the slip, he takes the board and starts filling in his details. With a groan, she hauls herself to her feet. Figures she'd have gotten herself a good leg injury to go with things, right? It takes time to get back through the cage to the appropriate weapon, but the shotgun and a box of the rubber-tipped training rounds are picked up and carted to the window. Both set before the man who hands back the board.

"Don't give it back dirty this time, alright?"

Gallieu tries to smile. The same charm he's used to win over a few of the nurses and deckhands. Charlie just shakes the box of ammo under his nose. "I'm serious. I'll have words with your squad leader."

That shuts him up and he sullenly grabs the box.

Sitting back down, Wagner puts her foot back on the crate she's been using as support. The binder she's logging the day's check-outs and -ins is grabbed and the slip and page from the clipboard are added in along with her notes.

Then she begins to doodle. The usual. Fat little missiles falling onto cartoony Centurions. And maybe a private with an exaggeration of Gallieu's mustache dropping a shotgun on his foot.

Someday, someone like Mercer will notice. It'll become another mark in her file. Another reason not to promote her.

If she's lucky.

After all, Corporals still get to have fun.


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