2236-07-10 - Anti-Cupholder

Amon doesn't appreciate Priya's modifications to a Raptor. Calliope is helpful.

Date: 2236-07-10

Location: Hanger - Vanguard

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Hangar Deck Vanguard
07/10/2017 ~ 07/10/2237
---------------------------- [** Condition 3 **] -----------------------------
The hangar deck is where the Vipers and Raptors are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but a lifetime of wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft. The place is rather a mess, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all over the place. But despite the apparent disorder, everything has a place and the deck crew's foremost concern is safety.

Note: Unlike on Galactica, there are no Viper launch tubes. Both Vipers and Raptors land and take off from the Landing Deck below.

Priya is standing on one of the Raptors with a bulky roll of something jammed into the pocket of her fight suit. She's on CAP with her half shorn hair braided up as she hops down from the ship. The wing is given an appreciative pat with her fingers as she regards it fondly, stepping around some diagnostic equipment. "Everything is working order?" She wonders to the nearby tech.

In response to the question, what looks like a cup-sized ring covered in duct tape goes flying out the open hatch door of the Raptor. It clatters against the deck and rolls a bit away before the tape stops it from moving. "Everything is now," comes a resigned grumble, echoing with a gravelly edge from inside the ship a moment before Amon himself stands at the hatch opening to the Raptor. He wipes his oil-stained hands on his equally oil-stained coveralls, making it doubtful they are actually getting any cleaner with the effort.

Priya rolls Reflexes: Success (7 6 5 4 4)

"You know... it doesn't harm any of the mechanical features," Priya points out, barely stepping out of the way as her 'addition' goes flying out of the open hatch of the Raptor. "You sure? Some of the ECM controls were a little tight on last run, Raisa." The way the Tauron says it doesn't have the ring of an accusation, just statement.

Calliope is on an Alert shift, so she's knocking around the hangar bay. Not in a Raptor, but Raptor adjacent. She sips coffee from a 'Delphi U' tumbler in her hands and wanders toward Priya and her bus. And Amon, since he's working on it. "Hi, Sweetheart. Hi, Petty Officer. What's up? That one still fly-able?"

"It leaves stains and sticky spots," Amon counters Priya in a tone that suggests this particular argument is well-worn between them at this point. "Maybe you just need to work out more, Tarsis," he suggests with another grumble, but he does turn to go check those controls again. There may be a snort like laughter as Priya gets called 'sweetheart'. "As far as I know," he answers Calliope--which is a really reassuring answer coming from the person who is supposed to make sure it stays flyable.

"Raisa isn't a fan of my modifications," Priya says with a tip of her head towards Calliope. She tries for mournful, but doesn't quite succeed as she looks too amused. "You will never get your cup holder." She gestures towards him at his explanation. SEE. "Maybe. I could outpress you any day." She flexes her guns, which is not helpful in the flight suit. A scowl touches her features at his laugh. "Shut up."

"Modifications?" Calliope sounds vaguely wary. Amon's answer doesn't reassure her. "Oh! A cup holder! Actually, that would be awesome." Even her alert shift isn't without stuff to do, though, and one of the techs gets her attention. "Excuse me! Good luck with the cup holder!" That probably is not being installed. In any case, off she goes.

"If you're going to do something, you ought to at least do it well," Amon says, disparaging the duct tape cupholder's craft even though no one asked him. "No, don't encourage her!" Comes a shout that Calliope probably misses in her quick exit, regarding the cup holder. "Then you shouldn't have any problems with the controls," he replies to Priya, not rising to the challenge and instead finishing up double checking said controls and moving on to another Raptor.


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