2236-09-30 - In Transit to BSG

Brielle is in transit to BSG, and getting ready for the conflict up ahead.

Date: 2236-09-30

Location: Somewhere between VAPO Gatagon (Sagittaron) and BS Galactica on a transfer ship.

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Scene Number: 545

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Brielle sits in her bunk with schematics on the Cylons, running her fingers over the lines, looking to see where the structural pieces go together so she can best detonate small explosives to remove their arms and legs, “Wow…we didn’t have anything like you growing up.” She studies the drawings and muses, “Too bad. It would help now if good ole Brody had a few of you on the table, then I would have known how you bastards tick.” She sits back and thinks to herself.

The curtain to her bunk is pulled back and a grinning fellow engineer tells her, “Come on Boom. Get your ass out of bed and join us for a few drinks before we arrive.”

Brielle good-naturedly flips him off, “Fuck off…can’t you see I’m working?”

“Yeah…well all work and no play…” The engineer jokes with her, not at all phased by her rude gesture.

“Helps Brielle live a hell of a lot longer,” Brielle tells him with a shakes of a head, “And I’m good. I’d rather look at this stuff than socialize.”

“Boom…you’ll get plenty of opportunity to get your hands on those damn rogue bots once we get there,” The other engineer claims, trying one last time to get Brielle to join him, “Come on…just a drink or two to loosen up.”

“N-O. Seriously, I’m good. Go have your fun,” Brielle tells him as she pulls the curtain across, effectively dismissing him. She grins to herself when the guy heads off mumbling about how it’s her loss. She shakes her head and tells the picture sitting in front of her, “Oh no…you’re much smarter, faster and stronger than those bastards think you are, aren’t you?” She pulls out a note book and starts making notes of things she wants to try once she gets her hands on a few decommissioned Cylons, “And we’re going to need to fight smarter, be more patient if we’re going to take you out.”

This new assignment is different than the other ones. Before she was just disarming bombs and trying to lessen casualties. This transfer might actually put her in a place where she can blow something sky high. While she hasn’t had a lot of experience making bombs, she’s spent a lot of time disarming them so there’s a few tricks that Brielle has up her sleeve from her time in the ground. She looks over those schematics for what seems like the millionth time, “I’ll find your weak spot…just watch and when I do…oh you’ll be sorry.” As sorry as a damn bot can get, “And I don’t even have to feel bad about sending you to the scrap heap cause you’re just a machine with messed up programming.”


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