2236-11-06 - Love You, Too, Dad...

Isolde has a video call with her father, Masturo Asa, and it goes as swimmingly as a lead ingot.

Date: 2236-11-06

Location: Communications Center, Scorpia Shipyards

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Scene Number: 546

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In order for it to be in the early afternoon hours in Hypatia, it needs to be about three in the morning on the Scorpia Shipyards.

Isolde had promised her mother she would get at least one video call in before the Galactica left dock. Orianne Asa did not understand why her daughter could not be in nearly constant communication while serving on the Battlestar, no matter how many times Isolde explained the closed network, limited communication, and the old world post office. The concept of letters was beyond Mrs. Asa, who had become accustomed to being the wife of a well-respected military man, and all the benefits that came with her vows.

As the video call attempted to connect, a low and rhythmic ringing filled the empty space. Isolde rested back in the chair, swiveling it back and forth with her eyes focused on the ceiling. When the video caller gave the softest ding, indicating a connection had been made, the Hacker stopped and leaned forward with a bright smile to greet her mom.

“Hey, M -- Dad...”

A stern face full of hard lines, worn wrinkles, and a scar cutting along his cheek stared back through the monitor, and Isolde could not help sinking back at the sight of Masturo Cristoph Asa. Her expression fell, mouth tight.

"Hello, Isolde," Masturo said in his deep, rumbling basso. As always, it held a sense of just-on-the-edge disappointment, like any moment, he could decide that the way her coiled hair fell across her cheek was distasteful. "Your mother had to take a call. Apparently one of her friends has been hospitalized. I said I would keep you... entertained until she was done."

Entertained, Isolde thought. That's a load of Kobol shit.

"Okay, Dad," she replied flatly. "How are things?"

Masturo rumbled, "Fine. Your brother has been re-assigned, but I have not gotten confirmation as to where. Your sister put in a request to join the Task Force." That drew Isolde's brows up in surprise. "You might see her on the Galactica."

"You told her to, didn't you?" Isolde accused, unable to help the change of her tone. "Needed someone to keep an eye on me? Don't you have, like, a million eyes and ears in this Colonial Forces project that you can task to make sure I don't embarrass you?"

Her father was impassive in the face of his youngest child's accusations, hands folded together as he leaned back in his chair. Isolde could see the brightness of the Hypatian afternoon behind him, as well as the dark wood he had chosen long ago for his study. "Isolde Ko, it has been eight years since your idiotic Scion days... surely I don't need to keep my eye on you any longer. You're... what? Five and twenty? Your mistakes are surely your own by now."

Until they're your business, which they always are, and then you'll come storming over, and probably demand my court martial and imprisonment, Isolde hissed mentally, but simply grunted a nonsensical reply to her father.

"I hear that your commander is a Caprican... Commander Bauer, is it?"

Here we go...

"Yes, Dad... and our XO is a Picon, and the CAG is from Leonis --"

"You mean the Leonis part of Scorpia," her father immediately corrected, and Isolde slumped into despondent silence, offering a mute shrug.

"I'm certain that the mix of the Colonial forces onboard is quite balanced," Masturo said in the gruff way he often did when agreeing while also disagreeing at the same time. "A variety of perspectives."

"You read that off the Colonial Forces pitch to the Corps?"

The depth of her sarcasm was unfathomable, and it caused Masturo to look ruffled. "Isolde Ko, I will not sit here and endure your endless stabs. You made your choices, you earned your consequences, and you are where you are because of those consequences. You -- "

"I'm on the first Battlestar ever constructed, I helped code her operating system, and I'm going to be making sure that the Cylons don't frak her up the way they frakked up Tauron," Isolde shot back, voice quick and full of fire. "The way you frakked up Tauron." She continued on, fired up now. "You know burns you the most, Dad? You knew that you were being a total asshat hypocrite when you endorsed the Cylon integration. While you were marveled by the excellence of their code and systems, you were still giving me shit for Scion. Scion was smart, and clever, and could have actually done amazing things. I was doing great things as Scion, and you -- "

"Scion is dead! And if you ever speak of that nonsense again, -- "

"Yeah, okay. Tell Mom I called, and that I'll put a letter in the post for her. Love you too, Dad."

Isolde killed the call, and slumped back in her chair with a grunt.


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