2236-11-07 - Chomping at the Bit

Niemec and Kallas talk about being anxious to take the new birds out for a spin.

Date: 2236-11-07

Location: Hangar Deck

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Hangar Deck Landing Deck

11/07/2016 ~ 11/07/2236

The hangar deck is where the Viper and Raptor squadrons are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft. The place is rather a mess, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all over the place. But despite the apparent disorder, everything has a place and the deck crew's foremost concern is safety.


The deck has been bustling with all the personnel transports arriving over the past few days. But now there's a new hub of activity, as the deck crew is finishing up the readiness checks on the new fighters. Dealing with glitches and mechanical problems. The CAG stands off to the side of an area where several Wolfpack ships are being worked on, wearing his duty greens. Arms folded, he nods to a deckhand who's making a report. They talk for a minute, then the deckhand moves back to the Viper. Kallas continues to stand there, watching. Making sure to stay out of the deck gang's way.

It took some time, but Antonie Niemec finally got word of where the CAG can be found. She's in her duty blues and thus likely stands out on the deck. However, the woman shows her skill and experience in that she moves swiftly and is talented at avoiding crew at work. She slows upon nearing Kallas, seeing him in conversation. It's once the other has cleared out of the way that she approaches. "Sir," the greeting is offered loud enough to be heard above the noise of the flight deck. "Niemec. I had hoped to get your ear for a moment."

Kallas looks over, offering a nod. "Of course, Captain. What can I do for you?" He turns towards her, moving his arms from the folded position to more of a parade rest stance.

No need to salute 'indoors,' but Niemec takes a fairly respectful pose. Not entirely 'at attention,' but fairly close. "I wanted to inquire about a few things." She looks over to the birds, sitting all nice and pretty. Waiting for their pilots. "Will we be able to take these out on a few test runs before we're expected to go into combat or on missions? I know a number of the pilots have expressed wanting familiarity at the stick." Dark eyes come back to the man, studying him. A bit. He is The Boss. Gotta take measure. "Also... Before we ship out of dock, could I speak to the shipyards about some time on their simulators? We've got a lot of pilots who have never worked together and we'll be facing combat any day as a squadron. Might be nice to get some practice in that regard." A pause, her head tilting side to side. "If not the yards sims, then maybe commission some holobands aboard to use."

Kallas nods, motioning to the ships behind them. "They're finishing up the readiness checks, patching up some last-minute things. Had a few snafus along the way. We should be able to take them out the next day or so. Not expected to ship out for another week at least, since they're still bringing crew aboard. Be nice if we had more time to shake the dust off them, but the war's not waiting." He smirks a little there then looks back to her. "As for sims - we've got holobands on a local network for training in the ready room. Personally I'm more a fan of hands-on training. Mock dogfights and training exercises. But the sims are there for anyone who wants to take advantage of them."

Next couple of days? That seems to please Niemec. The petite woman straightens a bit, looking to the ships. Particularly the Raptors assigned to the Wolfpack. Perhaps eyeballing them in hopes of getting her pick. Ahem. "I'd prefer some proper training exercises, too, but I know better than to ask the deck if we can bang up their new toys just for some practice." There's a bit of a grin as she looks back to Kallas. "I'll check the holobands out, sir. See if I can stir up some of the squad for a bit of teambuilding."

Kallas grins back when she mentions banging up the birds. "Well they can't expect 'em to stay nice and shiny forever, now, can they Captain? Got to break them in properly. Better in training than with a Toaster on your tail." He nods approvingly to the latter suggestion. "Good. What's your callsign, by the way?"

"Oh, I'd love to. If we could get some clearance to run some mock combat out there before we ship out, I can guarantee you there's a number of us in the Wolfpack ready for just that." Niemec does brighten, a bit, looking back to the ships. They are rather shiny. And Mark His? For a Tauran, well, it's quite a leap. The woman looks back to Kallas and tilts her head. "Squeak, sir."

"We need to do some shakedown flights on them before we start pushing them too hard. But absolutely, we'll be doing some combat drills before we leave spacedock." Kallas nods when she mentions the callsign. "Squeak, got it. Any problems settling in? Other than the obvious one with the bunks - they finally got that frakking mess sorted."

"No problems, sir, other than what one might usually expect from... ah, mixing this many people in tight quarters. Had an ECO come in looking a bit banged up last night. Wasn't clear if she was the instigator or not, though." Which is why Niemec isn't pushing it too much further. But hey, you let the CAG know what's up so they can keep an eye out. She starts to tuck hands into pockets, but resists. Nope. They stay out. At least in front of the boss. "Seems good so far. I can tell they're still tweaking the controls. Was a bit chilly when I got up, but at least livable."

"Yeah, bound to be some friction, having a mixed-force group together for the first time. But we'll shake the kinks out. You see any instigators, have a word or ratchet it up the chain. Can't allow that shit to fester." The serious tone doesn't last, when he glances over at the birds again, grinning. "They're real beauties, aren't they? We've got a few retrofitted Mark I's and some old Raptors in the mix, but most of them are fresh off the assembly line."

"That's one thing that seems to be bringing everyone together, sir," Niemec notes, following his gaze down the line. "The excitement of getting in some new ships. I know a number of us had been dealing with Mark Is held together with tape and a prayer." She doesn't seem -- overly -- bitter about it at least. "Heck, they send word back home, might find ourselves with some new volunteers."

Kallas chuckles softly. "I'll be sure to suggest that to the personnel department. See about adding that to the recruiting vids." He tears his eyes off the birds and looks back at her. "Anything else on your mind, Squeak?"

The woman gives a shake of her head after giving another long look at the wing. The Raptors, specifically. "No, sir," Niemec offers once she's looking directly to Kallas again. "Just thought I'd ask about some shakedown flights and training plans. Lot of antsy pilots and I figure giving us something to do might prevent some mix-ups in the coming days."

Kallas nods. "Don't worry, we'll have our hands full soon enough. Good talking with you, Captain. If you'll excuse me, I have a few other things to take care of."

"Of course." Niemec takes a step back, giving another nod to the man. "Thank you, again, sir." And she's turning to exit, stage left, the flight deck. Before any of the crew get antsy at having too many pilots hovering about.


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