2236-11-08 - Breakfast of Champions

While Brielle piles the food high on her tray, she and Oliver strike up a bit of small talk.

Date: 2236-11-08

Location: Galactica - Mess Hall

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Scene Number: 863

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Brielle arrives at the mess hall in her civies, cause she's not on shift at the moment. She's got a bounce in her step and a bottomless pit for a stomach so she's at the mess hall getting breakfast. As she makes her way through the line, she grins and greets the workers that are serving the food. Brielle is just friendly like that. Once she gets a stack of eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausage gravy and biscuits, pancakes, waffles, sausage....you get the idea. There's a lot of food on that tray and one little thing like her shouldn't be able to eat that.

Oliver is, as one can imagine, mostly in charge of carrying the chafing dishes from the galley to the line. They are large, they are heavy, but the PO has a big smile for the Sergeant. Oliver perhaps might be one of the only if not the only Navy that has zero animosity towards Marines, in fact he down right adores them as he might prove when he may serve one up an extras slice of toast, or let a little thing like Brielle get away with over piling the sectioned off portioned controlled grub trays. They are on a space ship, so 'time of day' is a bit of an existential issue. With all of the different duties at different times they've got Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner all on the line. So it is that Oliver looks to her food as judge of his greeting, "Good Morning." He carefully drops the chafing dish filled with oatmeal into it's empty place on the line and he wipes his fingers off on his apron around his waist.

Brielle gives a little wave to Oliver when he greets her after he puts down his load, "Oh hey..." She then looks down at her tray and yeah, she's got a lot of food there, "I promise that I will eat everything here." For folks that have run into this pint sized eating machine, they can attest that Brielle cleans her plates every time. Where she puts that food is anyone's guess cause the little thing is in shape but she isn't lying when she tells Oliver that all the food will find a home in her stomach, "It looks really good." Especially to a Marine that was previously deployed in a hot zone where eating was done on the rush and in between getting shot at or almost blown up. The girl has the scars to show for her service. She's got little scars up and down her exposed arms and chest from all the times she had close calls with shrapnel. So she's a little worn but not broken.

Oliver got down right broken, as can be heard when his right cylon tech leg takes steps to walk behind the servers on the line. He is completely rehabilitated but at this time he's a bit stiff and it shows with a bit of a limp. "I'll hold you to that." He's still smiling and the challenge is only a friendly one. "Thanks. Off Duty then?" He has seen Brielle in the Mess previously, so he knows she's a marine (hence the smidgen of preferential treatment) that can keep her promise. He was just further back in the galley. "If there's anything the matter, have one of the servers get Oliver. I'll make sure it's better next batch." He points to himself when he sideways introduces himself as Oliver.

"Yeah, no shifts today so I'm noodling on what to do," Brielle tells him with a big smile, and it's clear the girl isn't used to having 'free' time, "It's kinda weird. On my last deploy things were...busier." She's not criticizing so she adds, "Not that I mind. I mean...I guess it's nice to have a bit of free time before things launch but I'm just...restless." She does eye his mechanical leg with interest cause anything with gears always gets her attention. It's more from a techie perspective than being interested in a battle wound, "And the food is the bomb here..." She give him two thumbs up, "So thanks sir...I mean Oliver."

Oliver smirks playfully, "Sir is fine." He is teasing... mostly... he doesn't mind being called Oliver though either. "I know exactly what you mean, always waiting for the other combat boot to drop, yeah? Wish I could tell you something more about where to go or what to do, but I'm either here, or the gym, haven't even broken in my bunk just yet, or know where it is." He's a work-a-holic so he gives a little 'can't be helped' shrug of his massive shoulders. "So I guess I can recommend the Gym." His at ease smile brightens into a fuller grin at that. "Cookie!" Comes a strained call from deeper in the galley and Oliver immediately gives an apologetic little smile. "Maybe I will see you there some time. I'll spot." The words are spoken in the manner of a farewell as he takes steps backwards to go help out with moving another chafing dish to the front.

Brielle nods and glad that Oliver understands where she's coming from, "Oh...I've been to the gym and it's definitely on my to-do list today. And if you see me there...sure, drop over and spot me. I always like the company." She then notices that he's getting called away and her food is getting cold so she gives a jaunty wave, "Take care..." and leaves the man to his duties while she picks up her overloaded tray and heads to one of the free tables so she can wolf down her food and get her day started.


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