2236-11-08 - Pumping Iron

Oliver spots for Brielle at the Gym and they talk about her origins.

Date: 2236-11-08

Location: Galactica - Gym

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Scene Number: 864

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Brielle arrived at the gym, dressed in her CF issued sweats and started working on the free weights. She's not the toughest girl on the block but she doesn't let anything stop her and throws herself into her workout just like everything else she does...balls to the wall and with gusto. Although, strangely the girl seems to workout by herself cause she's not parked in any particular cluster of folks together. Perhaps it's because she doesn't know many folks yet or maybe she's a longer...probably the first reason. She's way too friendly to be a loner.

Oliver is on the leg press, a towel on the seat under him and a towel around his neck. He is in his off-duties and the dual tank-tops are marked with areas of sweat and the sweat shorts are stretched pretty close to seam busting around his mid thighs. It might seem odd that he's got both legs at work, but what's left of his bad leg needs more muscle strength than his good leg, so both feet are planted on the push board at face level and he puffs out a breath with every pump upwards. He's been at it for, "100" reps and with that he slowly crooks his legs down until the platform catches and locks into place. "Woo!" He lowers his legs and pats his head and face dry and then reverently makes sure the equipment is pristine. "Well hello." Now that he's up out of the machine he spots Brielle. The towel is dropped from his hand to hang again so he can give a little wave. "Need that spot?"

Brielle has a nice sweat going and was in the process of adding some free weights to the bar. She's not stupid so she doesn't overload herself, but when Oliver comes over to offer to spot her, she gives him a smile that lights up her whole face, "Oh yes sir..." She's back to calling him 'sir' instead of Oliver, "I'd love the help." And then in case she forgot earlier, cause she can't remember if she gave him her name, "I'm Brielle...Brielle Jones." She then finishes loading on the weights and makes sure the everything is in place because safety comes first, "I'm about ready to start." And then she lays down on the bench.

Oliver tries to step as lightly as possible. He doesn't want to hurt her ear with the sounds of his leg as he takes up position at the head of the bench. "Brielle Jones. Oliver Brown." He takes hold of the bar outside of her hands with a light touch. Being there to only take an actual grip when she needs it. "How many we going for today Brielle Jones?" The crowsfeet wrinkles at the corners of his eyes deepen as he smiles down at her.

"I'm going to do 25 reps in 3 sets and then switch out," Brielle tells him with a smile as he helps her out and once he's there in position starts lifting. She does notice his efforts to not expose her to the nose of his leg, "Hey...I don't mind the sound, of your leg. I like to lean my head sometimes against the wall and listen to the symphony." She is counting in her head as she lifts the weights and talks. The girl can multi-task because she's got all of this going on and can still carry a conversation, "That's my favorite music...listening to machines."

Oliver shakes his head just a little with only a touch of a smile. "I'm not even used to it. Don't want to blow your ear drum out. But thanks." He appreciates her empathy that doesn't come with outward sympathy. She's counting in her head, but he's announcing every 5 reps. Asking a question after, "10. How long have you been a Marine, Sergeant?"

"Seven years sir. I joined as soon as I was eighteen," Brielle tells him a grin, "Best seven years..." The girl clearly loves being in the service, "So much better than where I came from." Now her accent if Virgon so it might resonate with Oliver, but a different region. Her cadence is that of someone from Hibernia if he has a fine ear.

Oliver chuckles shaking his head finding grim amusement in the fact that, "You were probably in boot camp when I was on my way out." Age gap much? "Were you Virgon Marine or...Hibernian Forces." He treads lightly calling it Forces instead of Rebels. Rebel being something he would have said 19 months ago. But he's trying his hardest to put all that human versus human history behind them and focus on the new united front they are going for here. "15. But I hear you there Sargent, a decade or two before you, but I did the same thing. Joined up soon as I could, put the farm way back in the rear view."

"Virgon Marines..." Brielle admits to Oliver after a moment of hesitation, "And I spent my first deploy dealing with Hibernian Forces...mainly taking apart dirty bombs so our Marines didn't end up on the wall." She keeps on going, letting him take over counting because the question did cause her to get off track, "And some folks from my old stomping ground feel...betrayed I guess. Not sure, cause I never went back to find out what they thought. But believe me when I say that when you're from New Castor, there's no damn loyalty. Especially some unwanted foster kid that was eating on the government dime and trying not to be the mistake everybody thought you were. You just want out, anyway you can get out and Virgon Marines found me first. I would have jumped ship to whomever gave me a pass back then." New Castor, the projects is probably one of the worst places to grow up in. She gives a half smile, "But...I try not to focus on the past, cause it already happened. And the future ain't set so I leave that alone. I try to live in the here and now. Makes stuff simpler."

Oliver doesn't hide the fact that this new knowledge about her service impresses the hell out of him. He doesn't smile though, he understands the feelings of betrayal that happen when duty comes first in your life. She's doing fine so he feels secure enough to remove one had from the bar to give a crisp marine styled salute down at her. "Well welcome aboard Sergeant, you did good." He retakes the bar "And... 25." Meeting her max rep for the set he helps her get the bar back onto it's rack. "No sweat. Or I should probably say, good sweat." Since they are both sweaty.

"Yeah...25. Pretty decent for a kid with little to no life expectancy. And yeah...I get that the government doesn't always give folks a fair shake and they have reason to be angry, but...those big 'bad' government officials were smart enough to take me away from my mom who cared more about her drugs and men than me, they paid for my room and board so I was able grow up enough to be freaking useful. I could sit there and complain, but I'd just rather be grateful that someone cared enough to make sure I had a chance," Brielle tells him softly, sitting up and stretching her arms, in between her reps, "And yeah...I like working out, helps get me centered when things are all buzzing in my head."

Oliver's head bobs as he listens to her. "Well just pretend this bar" He touches the weight bar, "Is a bar bar and I'm a bartender, not a spotter. Cause you're right. It is a great place to just get things out of mind, get them out, sort them out and the stuff you don't need gets worked right off."

Brielle gives him a grin and her whole face lights up when she smiles like that, "Gee...thanks. For listening. Jacob used to listen to me...back when we were growing up in the same hell. And I'm glad he's here...but I kinda get the feeling he's fighting his own demons so I don't like to unload." She lays back down and keeps working, "Most folks don't shine to me...cause of where I come from or at least in the old platoon they didn't. I'm hoping with us being a melting pot here, might give me a chance to get to know other folks." She takes the weights again and starts on another set of reps, "But if they don't, it's okay too. I got my sketching and work to keep me busy."

Oliver smirks a bit, "Yeah, this place is more like - 5 - a religious or professional hard core experience for Jacob then a social one. I'm a bit more on the chatty side and I don't mind taking it easy. - 10 - I think everyone is in the honeymoon stage right now. Nervous, but excited and their best behavior with everyone. I think we'll really see true colors after the first conflict. You just be careful when the bugle sounds. Alright?"

"I'm always careful," Brielle lies smoothly because she is in no way careful if those scars on her arms prove anything, "I'll keep my head down, do my job and try to blow some of those bastards to hell." She almost looks gleeful at that, "You know...this is the first deployment where I get to blow stuff up instead of disarming bombs." Like a kid in the candy shop, she can't wait to drop some C4 and other explosives down some Cylon gullets, "I am seriously looking forward to enjoying the other half of the job!" She's practically giddy at the thought. It's clear that demolitions wasn't just a slot she fell into, she really loves what she does.

Oliver chuckles, "Just remember if you blow off pieces, don't go to a hospital where doctors are still using cylon tech for parts!" He clinks his metal toes on the metal floor of the gym and even bends his knees to the give a whir and piston sound, just for her benefit. "Like making things go boom hmm? I didn't take you for a demo-girl, but I can see I misjudged a book by its cover." He winks down at her. "And 25! One more set. Nice job."


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