2236-11-19 - I Think We Did All Right

Priya and Calliope unwind in the wake of their first weeks aboard ship. No ensigns were harmed in the making of this scene (much).

Date: 2236-11-19

Location: Officer's Berthings

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Scene Number: 881

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It's just after their day shift that Priya saunters into the officer's berthing with a towel draped around her neck and the shaved side of her head freshly trimmed. Her dark hair is still shiny and wet, looking more like ink than it's usual brown, and leaves water spots on the front of her tank. The cut of the shirt leaves the burn scars and the tattoos on her arms exposed. Humming softly to herself, she drops down on her (lower) bunk with a soft groan and tosses her shower kit down next to her.

Calliope was on a 'late' shift last night - insofar as day and night even exist on a ship like this - and is currently stretched out in her bunk. Said bunk is open now, so she's probably not sleeping anymore, though it's hard to tell. She's got a pair of pink-tinted sunglasses over her eyes, and earbuds in. She's dressed in a sports bar and off-duty sweat pants and looks as close to 'chill' as one really can, in this environment.

Leaning back in her bunk, Priya eyes Calliope's 'chill' posture thoughtfully and slowly pulls the damp towel from around her neck. Balling it up slowly, she Pyramid-punts it across the berth, aiming for the Caprican. Missle ahoy!

,, Priya rolls Pyramid: Success (8 7 5 2),,

Calliope does not see that one coming. It hits her, and she squawks and flails around in her bunk some. Sunglasses askew when she comes up. "OHMYGODS!" she shouts, high-pitched. "You are dead, Tauron." Grabbing the towel and getting it into a snap-ready position. Retaliation is imminent.

Priya manages to maintain her composure. Mostly. Until Calliope sits up with her sunglasses askew, then she loses it devolving into laughter that leaves her bent over. "Bring it, haha Caprica," she challenges between snickers, flashing the other woman a crooked grin.

It's on now. Calliope hops down from her bunk and snaps the towel whip-like in Priya's direction. "Don't mess with the goat, baby. You'll get the horns!" She's laughing as she does it, though. Somewhere between a giggle and a wicked cackle.

,, Calliope rolls Melee (7 6 6 3 1) vs Priya's Melee (8 5 5 4 3 1)
Victory for calliope.,,

"What the hell are you doing - ow! - with goats on Caprica?" Priya counters, reaching for the towel and getting smacked with it.

"It's the symbol of my people. Or something." Calliope laughs again, and then balls up the used towel and throws it back at Priya. It's an easy toss to catch, rather than one that aims for more damage. Though she does aim at the other woman's head. She laughs again. "Ugh. I need to hit the showers. I didn't bother after I got out of my Raptor last night and I smell like stale flight suit."

,, Calliope rolls Pyramid: Success (6 4 2 2 2),,

"So you frak goats?" Priya teases, likely making Calliope regret having given the towel back so easily. "Didn't know that was a Caprican tradition..." She snatches the towel out of the air just before it can hit her face, grinning all the while. "You're probably not that bad. Or my nose has gone dead. One or the other. I needed a shave." Pointedly she rubs the newly sheared side of her head.

"What happens in Delphi stays in Delphi," Calliope intones slyly, hopping back into her bunk. She sits on the edge of it, with her legs dangling over the side. "So. What do you think of this place?" She probably means the battlestar. "It's a frakking trip, right? I mean, I'm not sure what I expected after training."

Priya pulls a face, lip curling as she drops back down on her bunk. "Gross." That is what she thinks of that idea. Leaning back into her palms, she tips her head at just what she things of the ship. "It's beautiful. In a way, but cold. You know? Still not used to not seeing the sun come and go," she offers. "Not this."

"Yeah. Not this." Calliope wriggles her bare toes. She's sanded off many of civvie parts of her grooming, but those are still painted glittery red. "I kind of like being out in space. Or I did when I was flying liners. Kind of made me feel like I was in my own little universe. This isn't that. This thing feels like a whole frakking city. It's so big I bare feel like I'm moving, until the jump engines kick. It's still weirding me out. But it is amazing. That this thing was even built, let alone that it flies."

Pulling her legs up, Priya crosses them as she sits back on the bed, tucking plain socks out of sight. "I like the sound of it. That jump and kick, reminds me there's something out there other than quiet," she admits, accent thick as she thinks aloud. "All new to me." Shaking her head, she tucks a lock of damp hair back behind her ear. "It's huge though. I love the sight of the new birds. Even with out nicks left on them."

"The Raptors are pretty sweet." A grin pulls crookedly at Calliope's lips. "Just glad I get to fly something with a jump engine. And some leg room. Have you looked inside those little Vipers? I'd lose my frakking mind."

"I taped your cup holder in. Not sure if it is gonna hold or if a tech is gonna peel it off." Priya flashes Calliope an excited grin in return. The vipers make her sigh. "They're all kinds of gorgeous and complicated."

"You're good people. Never let anybody say otherwise." Calliope gives Priya a thumbs-up, for the cup holder. Her smile widens when the other woman returns it. "Yeah, and they give you some heft. Like you've actually got something around you out there." Which makes her expression grow, just a touch, more serious. "That was a frakking trip, yeah? Being out there against the toasters?"

Priya snorts at the thought. "Never. I've got the bruises to prove that one." Calliope has seen her earn a few of them, depending on the shit talk floating around back in the academy. "Mhmm." Running a hand through her hair, she fingercombs a few of the tangles out as they talk. The shift in conversation is enough to causes her to blink up at Calliope, eyes dark and solemn and a little ruthless. "Felt good. Like we were doing something," she says quietly. "Blow them the hell away."

Calliope doesn't echo the 'it felt good part. She toys with her own pale blonde hair, which has a perpetual case of bed-head unless it's tied up. The gesture's thoughtful, and there's a pause before she says anything. "It felt real. Yeah. I get that. Like we were part of it. Not just...sitting in a classroom somewhere, being theoretically part of it. This whole thing still feels like a bizarre nightmare I'm ten seconds from waking up from most days. But doing shit is better than not."

"Caprica, I was part of it before I even got into that classroom," Priya says, dropping back into her bunk with a sigh. She stares up at the berth above her for a long moment, falling silent as her academy-mate continues. Finally, after a few minutes she offers, "I envy you. That it felt like theory."

Calliope makes a non-commital noise in the back of her throat. "Not much to envy. At least you knew what you were getting into." Her head tilts at Priya, hair falling to one side as her blue eyes regard the other woman. "Do you think I did OK? Out there, during combat flying? I mean, our ship got a little banged up, but the deck workers didn't seem too freaked out when we brought her back."

"Nah." There are several beats before Priya elaborates on what she means /exactly/. "I would have joined the Marines if I knew really what I was getting into... Didn't do any any flying really. Just surviving and most of that on the ground... I blew up my ship." Her mouth curves in a frown. Sitting up, she regards Calliope with a short nod. "Yeah. I think we did alright." Therei s a slight smile that follows that.

The smile's returned, Calliope's less crooked and thinner this time. "Yeah. I think we did. It was cool that we got to do it together the first time out. I was really glad you were in my backseat, at least."

"Nobody else I'd rather pop my fight cherry with," Priya says with a rough laugh, leaning her face into a palm. "Even if you are a dirty goat frakker." She couldn't have that be purely nice. "You did good, though."

Calliope sticks her tongue out at Priya, pairing it with a wink. But it's retracted soon enough, and she manages a serious, "Thanks." She leaves it at that, hopping out of her bunk again and finding a tank top to pull over her head. "Same, Tauron. Always. I better hit the showers now. Don't want to funk up my Raptor when I go out again. Catch you later, yeah?"

Even if her mouth lingers caught in a lopsided smile, Priya's dark eyed gaze is serious as it meets Calliope's. "Right." She sketches a sloppy wave at the other woman as she flops down in her bunk. "Mhmm. Unless I'm asleep."


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