2236-11-20 - A Little Night Music

Lucius and Tamlin bond over music and vastly different experiences.

Date: 2236-11-20

Location: Observation Deck, Deck 3, //Galactica//.

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It seems as if there aren't likely to be may quiet days left on Galactica, and so when quiet descends, it's best to take what you can get and run with it. The Obs deck is peppered people in various groupings doing....well, whatever it is people do when they're off duty. In that vein, a bright ball of orange is settled up close to the windows. Tamlin is already kitted out in her deck coveralls, but, for a wonder, they're actually clean, so she's likely on her way to duty rather than off. Once you can get closer, it's obvious that she's not quite curled up, rather, she's seated with her knees drawn up, a small lap harp between her legs, the frame leaning against her right chest and shoulder. The occasional twang of a string as she seems to be tuning the instrument. "What did those nasty men at Colonial Movers do to you?"

Another day, another evening spent patching people up from whatever accidents that happened to befall them. Living on ship, tight quarters, accidents happen. Random cuts to dislocated joints to minor bone breaks, it's not just seen in combat. And Lucky has had his fill for the day. He came right from the infirmary it seems, given he's still wearing his scrubs from his shift previously in the day. Thankfully, this is seems like the last vestige to be able to smoke without getting dirty looks, as he suspects there's double the standard air filtration just for the purpose. And the medical-related people already seem to have a particular corner for themselves. Name a nurse, and you'll probably find a smoker. It's a slow trot down to face the large thick windows that separate them from space.

Movement out of the corner of her eye lifts Tamlin's head from what she's doing, the instrument falling silent as she sees the man on a mission, as it were, approaching where she's seated. This isn't her first rodeo, and she knows how picky people can be about their particular spots, especially when it involved precious release. She straightens her legs, lifting the harp and setting it to the side to make it easier to stand, "You look like you've had a day, and here I am taking up half the floor space." Her voice is fluid, melodious, with that inflection that you can only get on Caprica.

If anything else, Lucius just screams Picon. Tall, blondish, tan like some sort of bronzed god. Though maybe not as tanned as he used to be considering he's been on a ship for awhile. "Nah, it's all good." he waves a hand at her easily. "Some of the other medics get their panties in a twist about it, I mainly just stick to over here because I don't want to piss anyone off with the smoke." And at that point, he does withdraw a crumpled package of cigarettes. Though his eyes first graze over her guitar before the woman herself. "Heeey, nice guitar you got there. How'd you manage to smuggle that thing up here."

Tamlin nods, settling back onto the ground, through she does scoot over a bit so he can get a clearer view, as they're quite close to one of the structural bulkheads that support the viewing windows. "Frak 'em if they complain. Unless there's a sign at the door that says no smoking, then, I'd say you can do as you please." She glances over at the harp, pulling it back into her lap. "It's a harp. It's the only one I could fit in my personal allowance. I couldn't get it in my normal trunk, since they rushed me off of Caprica, so I had to get the Movers to ship it to the shipyard. They just managed to find her in stores." The deployment to Tauran meant that most of the cargo from Scorpia had to wait to be sorted and delivered. Tamlin goes back to work, working through the tuning with the speed and ease of long practice.

"Luckier than me. Couldn't much bring anything with me when I came up beyond the player. So it's nice to see a real instrument around here." Lucius remarks, pausing to light his coffin nail. There's a puff. "Eh, I'm not here to rock nobodies boat. Just some yahoo who's college got blown up. Figured this was the next best place for an almost doctor to get any kind of work done. Or...well, feel like he's getting work done."

Tamlin looks up from the instrument, considering the man standing and smoking. It's a bit of a way to look, given his height and her seat, but she gives it a good go. "If there are things that you might need or want, the quartermaster has been forgiving." She dips her head in your direction, "Especially for those members of the crew who have been displaced by the war, or who can't manage to get back to their personal belongings." At the mention of his schooling, she purses her lips. A thoughtful, rather than a distressed expression, "How long did you have to go before you would have finished?"

"I had to graduate." Lucius deadpans, which ends in a mild chuckle. "I was just a couple months from graduating medical school, and then off to my residencies when Picon, or well, a lot of Picon was leveled, including Queenstown, which is where I was going to school. It' wasn't like Hyperion or anything, but it was bad enough." He manages a grin in regards to getting something up to the ship. "I doubt the quartermaster is going to allow getting my guitar sent up here. I'd have to get in contact with the band. I don't know if they'd even still have it." A pause, which turns into a frown. "Or even still alive." Guess he hadn't thought about that in awhile.

"That not an insurmountable obstacle. The Navy has a good distance learning program, and they're fairly big on on the job training. I'm sure they could find a way to work things out in your current command. Especially if you were just towards the end. You'd just be needing to get signed off on your practical training." A hand settles on the body of the harp, "You're new to the Navy, aren't you?" She considers, seemingly glossing over the background of where you were on Picon. There's only so many times, in wartime, one can say, 'I'm sorry about that.' "All of the crew are allowed a certain number of personal effects. Just because you came here a little light doesn't mean you can't get what you need now."

"I could've done it before, but I didn't really want to go through officer's school. And most doctor's tend to be officers and that just seemed like a bunch of nonsense I didn't really want to deal with." Lucius tucks a drag on his cigarette, exhaling away from the other. "But yeah, Crewman. So pretty low on the totem pole when it comes to ranks. Can't say that really bothers me though, not planning on making it my life or anything. Just until the war is other, then it's back to Picon to rebuild." Thinking anything else is a road that leads to drinking, so the man doesn't seem to think of anything other than the fact they plan to win. "I don't mind being a Corpsman, really. I get to work, make all those loans I took out worthwhile, eh?'

"Believe me, you'll probably run into much the same sort of nonsense when you're back in the civilian world. Although I suppose it'll be worse then. Medicine is much more cutthroat out there than in here." Seeming to have satisfied herself that the harp is more or less properly tuned, she start plucking, something slow and easy, perfect for warming up her fingers, soft enough not to be too terribly intrusive for the other people on the deck, "But I can understand about not wanting to deal with all the red tape that comes with being an officer. That's the nice part of being enlisted. Most of the time, they pretty much just let you get on with things." She offers, as an afterthought, "Tamlin Dorn," she twitches a shoulder, as if to highlight her outfit, "Deck."

"Oh see, I can handle that just fine. Inner-workplace politics. Drama. That's all old hat for me. Practicals taught me that lesson pretty, and hey, I'm more of a people person anyways." Lucius smiles easily. "Mostly, I just can't ever remember military stuff. I barely made it through basic to be honest. The whole 'yes sir, no sir, how high sir'. I think I've only been yelled twice for not saluting an officer so far." He almost seems a little humored by it. "Doubt I make a good soldier, but I can say I'm good nurse. Doctor. Person." The smile continue, turning into a nod. "Lucius Reeves. Medical, obviously."

"I was more thinking along the lines of finding out that money, more than merit, is what decides who gets medical assistance and who doesn't. When you start seeing people getting turned away because they can't afford your treatment, or they can't get the medicine they need." She shakes her head, as if pushing old, bad, memories, "Don't feel bad about that. To be honest, most people can't, when they first come in, even if they like to claim, after a few years, that they knew everything immediately. Trust me, ninety percent of everything you do, I would say...up to the first year and a half, maybe two years is blowing smoke. Nice to meet you, Reeves."

"See, I didn't plan on working in a hospital. Never did to be truthful. Planned on opening a free clinic. Money, well, I never expected to make a whole bunch, but really, it was never the point. I just like what I do. It was either that or take over my dad's surf shop, but my older brother got dibs on that one first. Or well, I would've been in the middle of the pack for that. Even though I would've taken it in a heartbeat. But on the island I grew up on, and it was a small island, not going to kid you there, we had to take a ferry over to one of the smaller ones. The little satellite clinic they had was barely enough, and it only was used for emergency stuff. Not for every day, run of the mill sorta things. That...well, that was my plan. Still is, I guess. Besides, it's my personal dream to be able to walk a hundred yards from work and be on the beach." A grin at that. "You too."

Tamlin's finger skim along the strings, the melody turning slower, perhaps a bit more sad, as if the soundtrack in her mind was changing with her thoughts. Whatever else she might say about the man's dreams, she offers only, "That's a good dream to have. It's good to look forward to doing good in the world." A wrinkle of her nose, "Although I do not know about being able to walk to the beach from work. I couldn't handle all that sand. It gets into all the worst places." She lifts a hand, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, before she returns to the strings, "Big family? I have three younger siblings."

"Everyone's got to have one, I say. Otherwise, what the hell are you doing with yourself, right? Just sorta wander through life. And once you fulfill that, go find another one. I may be a beach bum, but at least I'm one with mild ambition." Lucius replies, although he seems a tad distracted by the playing. Always a fan of musical skill, this one. "Long showers, that my advice. Or well, maybe I'm just so used to it it's a apart of life for me. But, ah, yep, sure am. I am smack dab the middle child of seven kids. Three brothers, three sisters." There's a sly, stage whisper. "My parents really like each other.'

Tamlin stops playing, a hand alighting on the strings to stop the sound. "I would say the work needed to become a doctor is a little more than 'mildly ambitious'. Tamlin scoots over, despite the fact that there isn't anyone else actually on the floor she's sitting on, "You can try her out, if you like. She's pretty mellow." She lifts the harp, holding it up so that she can pass it to you, if you choose to sit. It's a bit too large for a standing harp. "She's in G, at the moment." A grin, at the final revelation, "If that's true, you might have a few new ones by the time you get home. War time has a way of doing that."

"Shit, don't get me started on that. Alicia was the youngest when I left. she was ten. Then Derrin, fifteen, Jana, twenty-two, me, Castor, 26, Tatti, 28, and finally Nector, 30. There's a lot of us, but yeah, I wouldn't be shocked if this war drive the 'rents to have another three. And, I don't honestly know if I'll be able to handle it at that point. But, I come from a large family known to have their own large families." The harp is taken, turning it over slightly, trying to get a handle on it. "Not like my guitar, but the same idea." There's some plucking. "A little higher-pitched than my acoustic." Fingers then start to dance over the strings, suggesting music may of been more than just a hobby. But it's something light, airy, even.

Tamlin shifts on the floor, turning so that she can watch you pluck at the strings of the harp. From the feel of the instrument, you can tell it's both old and well-maintained. It's a working, rather than a show, instrument. "At least you're of an age where you can avoid being at home when the diapers need changing. I got roped in with my brother. He was two, when I enlisted. The twins are only seven. I was thankfully deployed all the way through and up to potty-training. Not that I see them much. I'm sure they think of me more as that weird aunt that shows up ever once in a while than their older sister." She reaches out indicating the levers on the tops of the strings, "If you want to tune her to a different key, C is here, usually," she indicates one strong which is a brighter red than the others (the other red one seem to be spaced so that they would be the whole notes on a keyboard, "and the sharping levers allow you to sharp the strings to change keys."

"Well, my older siblings had to deal with me as an infant, it was only fair I that I had to deal with my younger ones when they were that age too. Hopefully not so much now, but it was never something that bothered. I think mom just liked being pregnant. And raising kids. Dad's shop and mom's job, I wouldn't say were rich or anything, but we were never poor either. Though I really wished we could've moved into a bigger house once I started dating. Zero private space." Lucius notes, tone a bit amused. "Think your brothers are going to be out at night, and figure that's the perfect time for your girlfriend to come over. And just when you're in the midst of getting her bra off, bam. Door opens. Ah, memories." It is possible to be whimsical and sarcastic all at once? With him, apparently. "No, don't need much in the way of tuning. I like how different it sounds. Probably wouldn't of worked well in the band, but it's a got a sound I like. Different. Not to say I don't love my guitar. I do. But I just don't think I'm going to get enough room to ferret it away somewhere and nobody has yet made one that's collapsible. Though, that's a gold mine if someone ever figures that out."

Tamlin doesn't even bother to try to hide the face she makes at the revelation of having so many siblings to diaper, "Oh, no, no, no. That is so not me. It's not that I mind getting dirty, I mean, you should see me after a shift. It's just...the sort of thing that comes out of babies is just not natural." A upward tilt of her lips, not quite a smirk, but definitely not a good humoured expression, "I think my mother might have liked being pregnant, but my father needed her too often to support the business. She spent so much time being on his arm, we were mostly raised by our nannies and the household staff, my brother and I, I don't honestly know how the twins happened. I suppose we all paid our price in support of Dorn BioPharma." Thankfully, your story is just what she needs to lighten the mood. "I think I was lucky in that respect. I tended to have whole wings of the house to myself. My dilemma was how to get them in past security." She offers a smile, considering, as she watches you play, "There are different sized ones. I seem to recall seeing tiny ones on Leonis, I think?"

"I suppose I'm numb to it. After having been up to my elbow in someone's stomach when I was on Picon, baby puke seems to be the least of my worries these days." Lucius remarks. "I was going to be a surgeon, had some training for it, so I maybe I'm just used to seeing what people look and feel like on the inside. Or the fact that when I was ten, one my siblings decided to coat me when it started coming out of both ends. I haven't looked at creamed corn the same way since, I will say that much." He still continues to play, and it almost seems automatic, how the hands just sorta move of their own volition. The fact that she may of come from a larger family doesn't seem to phase him, or at least it's not commented upon. "Lucky you, I mean, all that privacy. I had to go to the beach for that. Around high school, I started doing more camping on the beach, just to get away from a packed house four bedroom house. Which sounds like a lot, but with nine people living in it and sharing bedrooms. Couldn't even jerk off in peace. Watching porn was a task, let me tell you." A nod in regards to the instrument. "Yeah, I've heard of them, never played them myself. I prefer the full-size stuff. Plus I don't have the voice to go with it."

There's a chuff of humour from Tamlin as she settles back on her hands, sitting comfortably and listening to you play. While there are some people who treat their instrument as entirely too precious and don't even allow other people to hold them, she obviously doesn't mind allowing the harp to be played by someone else. Especially given your natural skill with the stringed instrument, "You could say that all of that experience at home actually prepared you for what you're going to be seeing now." She lifts her hands from the ground, leaning forward to touch your own, shifting them down on the strings. "It's easier like this, and you can damp the strings with your thumbs, you see? It reduces the strain when you're playing with two hands." Such a small instrument could be played one handed, as with a lyre, or two handed. As for the luck, "Greener grasses, I suppose. What I remember feeling, was just intensely lonely. I could wake up in the morning and go a whole day without even hearing the sounds of anyone else in the house but myself. I used to hole myself up in the kitchen, just to be close to other people...I do miss the peanut butter cookies though. I was fifteen when my brother was born, so we never had much to do with each other except when we had to do things as a family." A snort of laughter, "You must feel right at home on a ship then. People on every side. Thank goodness for holobands, though, I suppose. Find a quiet space somewhere in some unused section of the ship, bring a camp blanket."

Be it far from Lucius to say not with help when it comes to playing a instrument he's never touched before. Stringed instruments have similarities but differences too, and he's not about to assume that he knows better. He lets her hands guide his to better spots. "Huh, never thought about that. I guess I'm so used to having a pick in my fingers I forgot what that was like." The matter about people and family, he sorta shrugs. "Used to yeah, sure, you could say that. Liking it is something different. I mean, I can operate just fine on this ship, all of us crammed together like a can of sardines. Used to that, it's old hat. But what I wouldn't give for a couple of days by myself. So, I come here, if only cause it tends to be less crowded. The pool is nice, but it lacks that natural feel of the ocean. Plus, I like stepping in wet sand. Reminds me of home." There's a small laugh at that, taking the burning cigarette he was holding between his lips and flicking ash into a nearby ashtray. "Different sides of the spectrum, eh?"

Tamlin nods, understanding, as she settles back, "The harp is difficult, in a way. You have to really get in there and use your hands." A moment to consider, "That's not the right word. It's just more...visceral, I think. I don't play the guitar, but I've seen it played. The pick saves your fingers and allows you to play more quickly and fluidly with less strain on your hands." Her own hands, are calloused and scarred, both from years of playing and from years working on the deck. " I should take you on a tour of the ship some time. There are a few quiet places you might like. Especially down in engineering. You can sleep and never once hear someone banging around in the bunk above you. All you'd need then was a nice sandbox." More soberly, she nods, "Yes, I think so. I think, growing up, we would have both envied the other's lifestyle. But things always look better when you're not actually living them."

"Heh, yeah, there were more than a couple times when I first starting out that I had to stop playing because it was too painful as a kid. And then my friend told me about using picks. Which I had no idea about at the time. Saved me a lot of pain that way. Figure it's for the best. I want to have some sensation in my fingertips if I play on eventually getting the surgeon degree." Lucius finally stops playing, handing the harp back to her. "I like it. It's a good instrument. Reminds me enough of my guitar that I'd kill to get it back." The idea of a tour he seem amicable about. "If you want, sure. I don't really get out a lot. I mean, enough to know my way around so I don't get lost but...most of my time is spent in the bunk, infirmary or here. Mess hall and rec rooms are avoided mostly because while I say I'm a people person, solitude is nice after a shift. Then again, I'm fairly certain a lot of people feel the same way. Again, used to it, can live in it, just would prefer not to at times." Then a nod, a longer, more contemplative puff taken off the smoke. "Grass always greener, eh? All that kind of jazz. I hear you there. For as much as I might bitch and complain, it's really not all that bad."

Tamlin accepts the harp back, settling her comfortably into her lap. "I think a pick is to your advantage because of the materials as well, right? Most of her strings are nylon." Mostly nylon with a few wire wound on wire strings. "Guitars use steel core, if I recall correctly. That's a hell of a lot harder on your hands." She takes a deep breath, before she levers herself up to a standing position, "We'll find a way to get your guitar back to you. I know a man who knows a man, I'm sure." She takes a few minutes to work out the kinks of sitting for so long, before she retrieves the harp, "Well, I'd be happy to take you now. I actually don't go on duty for a few hours." She indicates her coveralls, "I gave up most of my clothing allowance to fit her in my trunk, so I wear what's handy." Once she has the harp settled against her side, she tips her head towards the exit. "If you'll just walk me down, and let me drop her off in the berthing, I'll show you all the good haunts."

Lucius gives a nod, standing up as well. "Hey, that sounds good to me. I'm off for the night. So besides a date with my pillow in a while, I got nothing else better to do at this particular moment." The cigarette is put out in the ashtray, and he gives a light stretch. "You lead, I'll follow."


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