2236-11-26 - Lights Out

Finn and Eva have a boxing lesson. Calamity ensues.

Date: 2236-11-26

Location: Gym, Deck 8, //Galactica//

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A good nights rest seems to have done Finn a world of good in most respects. Eva picking up his watch shift meant he was actually rested for his CAP shift the day after. And so, good to his word, Finn sent a message to Eva offering to show her a few hand to hand combat moves in the gym a few days later when they both actually had some time off. Limited as that time may be.

Finn is currently in the gym, warming up on one of the heavy bags. He's wearing standard issue workout attire, made up of sweat pants and the dual layered tank tops that the Colonial Fleet favors for exercise. And basically everything else. His hands are covered in light black sparring gloves.

It might just be that Eva is walking in, dressed in her sweats, with a towel over her shoulder and the last half of a chocolate chip cookie in hand. Not the most auspicious of beginnings. At least she seems to know her way around the place, even if you never actually see her in here except to climb the pile of mats. She weaves her way through the usual foot traffic, heading towards the tall blond. "Aerilon Prime." A flash of a smile. It's been a rough few days, but she's doing her best to put on her game face.

"Morning, Cherry..." Finn replies after hitting the bag a few times, exhalations of breath coming with each punch. He stops and rests a hand on the back to keep it from moving anymore. He breathing is a bit heavy, but not ragged and he's built up a bit of a sweat. He eyes the cookie dubiously, brow raised. "Carb loading?" He grins just a bit and moves over to his gym bag, from which he extracts another pair of sparring gloves.

"Morning. Reporting for duty." Pausing for a moment, cookie uneaten, she watches Finn complete his workout, or at least his warmup. Once he stops the bag, Eva steps over to where Finn is now getting out the equipment. She offers the half of the cookie to him, "This body doesn't make itself, you know. It takes a lot of hard work and effort." And no, she's not fat, but she's a bit softer than your typical work out every day sailor. It suits her, but it does mark as much more lax in her carb management than might be strictly ideal.

To be entirely fair, while Finn is fit, he isn't ripped beyond belief. He has the look of regular PT much like everyone else, and he has the added benefit of boxing to keep in shape, but he isn't sporting a constant six pack either. The grin grows broader at her words and Finn pulls off one of his black sparring gloves to take the cookie. He holds out the second pair of gloves to her in exchange for the half cookie. Seems like an even trade. "Tell me about it. I have to eat a salad sometimes to keep this up."

"I have never met a salad I liked." Eva hands off the cookie, slipping on the gloves. Clearly, she's not done it much before, because she does that usual amateur 'whack your hands together trying to get them on thing.' She takes a while to get them on, and you can forget about lacing them up. She'll just fasten the velcro with her teeth and hope it's good enough. "One of the docs on board threatened to put me on a piefree diet. Those were fighting words."

Finn eats the half cookie in three measured bites. The last bite is a bit larger than intended and it takes him a few moments to chew through it completely and swallow before he can respond, "I had one with steak in it once. And some cheese. That wasn't so bad." He pauses and watches as she puts the gloves on. He could help, it might even be polite, but there's something to be said for knowing what you have to work with. So instead Finn just watches and tugs his second glove back on. "Well, give it some time, and you can actually fight those mean ol' docs off when they try to take your pie away."

"I might be willing to try one like that. More steak and cheese, less leafy green roughage." Eva nods, sagely, as he offers his well-wishes, "Now THAT is a goal worth fighting for. I mean, if you can't defend your pie, what good are you?" Once she's got the gloves on fairly securely...she thinks, she steps back towards the mat. "I do have a favour. If you're going to beat the frak out of me, could I get a really good shiner? I think it'll make me look tough."

"It was pretty good. Not sure if they have them here on the Galactica though. The mess here doesn't seem to like mixing healthy with unhealthy on one plate." Finn comments rather offhandedly. It's likely not as bad as all that. He nods to her, moving towards the mat, stretching his arms across his body as he walks. "I'll teach you some pie defensive moves if you do a good job. Real ball busting moves." He nods with some surety. "And I'm not gonna beat the frak out of you. Mostly just need to see what we're working with. So we'll keep this easy. I want you to try and hit me."

Eva rolls Athletics: Success (8 4 4 2 1)

Finn rolls Melee: Good Success (8 8 7 5 4 2 1)

"I think you just need to catch the right person's ear. I happen to have a very good friend who works in the galley." Which is probably how she ends up with all the cookies, cakes, and other desserts she keeps in her emergency stores in her bunk. She moves to the mat, squaring up with Finn. She has had basic self-defense training. That's part of your usual military education on Virgon. But that sort of thing might not translate to boxing. She moves in, starting out easy, aiming her right fist at Finn's chest.

Finn seems to consider that for a moment, watching Eva as she starts to square off. His gaze settles in on her shoulders, not her face. He watches out her weight shifts and moves. When the first comes for his chest, Finn smacks it away with his right hand. "Guess I need to make friends in the galley..." he muses, "Might be hard though, I got a feeling you're way more charming than I am." He shuffle steps to the right a few times and then adds on, "Commit to the punch. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and rotate your hips into it."

Okay, so she's not completely incompetent, but she's not passable either. Still, she has a good enough attitude, and when her hand is slapped away, rather than trying again, she takes the time to listen to Finn's instructions, before she tries again. She even looks down at her feet to make sure she's got it right before she tries again. "I think you'd be surprised. Not too many people seem to find me that charming."

Shuffle to the right, shuffle...And then Finn switches directions, circling to the left instead. He continues to move without attempt to attack, just keeps his hands up in a closed guard. He's patient. This is just like being a flight instructor, which he's done more than once. "So far I'm not complaining. But who knows, you could turn mean on me any minute now."

Eva rolls Melee (6 4 4 4) vs Finn's Melee (7 5 5 5 3 3 2)


Once Eva is sure that she's got the footing down right, which results in a few rounds of doing nothing but walking in circles and taking swings at the air, she moves in for a better shot at you, this time trying to get in low, maybe hit you in the spleen, or some other organ that happens to be located in your lower abdomen.

Maybe it's just that Finn's not really trying that hard, or maybe she caught him off guard. He had been watching her footing and then she came in for the shot to the spleen or flank. She catches a his left flank as he tries to pull away from the hit. The blow glances off, but she managed to land one on him. A slow nod is Finn's initial reply as he takes a few quick dancing steps back and to the right, "Nice...Real nice." he mutters quietly. "You learn quick."

"Well, it helps that you're not actually fighting back." Eva is a fast learner and her reflexes are good, but really it's just the fact that you're not presenting more than just a target. "I mean, if this were a real fight, I would probably be down by now." She moves in again, not going for the abdomen. She's trying to switch it up, catch you off-guard, as if, and she aims a shot at the left side of your head.

Eva rolls Melee (8 6 6 3) vs Finn's Melee (8 6 5 5 2 1 1)

Marginal Victory for eva.

That is probably a valid point. Finn could fight back, but it's pretty unfair to beat on someone who has no training. "We'll get there one day, Cherry Pie. Don't you worry. Just not today." And then her gloved fist grazes off the left side of his chin. It forces him to rock back a step and a grin slowly spreads across his face as he nods slowly to Eva. "Hell, that day might be closer than I figured." Still, he steps back into her reach.

"Oh frak!" Eva stops dead once she sees you react to her hit. I mean, she still remembers to keep her feet apart, but her hands stop, held chest high, "You okay, Farm Boy?" Clearly, she didn't expect to actually hit you." Once you step in again, she steps forward, a gloves hand reaching out to try to turn your head so she can see if she killed you. Kidding. But she is obviously concerned.

"Yeah, I'm good, Cherry Pie." Cherry likes Pie. He seems to like that name. Finn doesn't resist the attempt to see if he's ok. His hands fall to his sides, and his face is turned. His chin is red, but he'll be fine. "It was a good hit, but I'm good, honest." He pauses a moment and then asks, "You wanna keep going?"

Eva frowns, studying Finn's face, before she steps back, and nods, "A few more rounds, and then a break. I am not the young maiden fair that I used to be, you know." She moves back into position, lifting her hands back into ready mode. She does not, when she finally comes in, attempt to mess up your face again. This time, she tries to be tricky, trying to get in close enough to take a jab at your lower back. Get 'em in the kidneys and all.

Eva rolls Melee (8 6 2 1) vs Finn's Melee (8 5 5 4 4 2 1)

Marginal Victory for eva.

When she steps back, Finn nods once to her, "Do I look more rugged now? Few more hits like that might make me better looking." And then once more he's moving again. Maybe that shot to the face hurt him more than he's letting on because her tricksy move to slip around and punch him in the kidneys works and Finn grumbles as he stumbles forward a step. He hops up and down a few times and then rolls his shoulders turning once more to face Eva, grinning at her, "Maybe you need to be giving me lessons?"

"You're already good looking, Farm Boy. As if you didn't know that." I mean, hello, he has a mirror, right? "Good enough to have a whole song written about you. I don't have that." She gets in another hit, and Finn's stumble barely manages not to avoid falling into her. Eva steps back, giving you space. That concern is evident, once again. She'll likely never make a boxer. She's too concerned about actually hurting you. "You could try swinging at me. Seeing if I can avoid you."

Knowing you are good looking and saying you are good looking are different things entirely. Farm Boy doesn't call himself good looking. "Pity song." he says with a quick smirk. "You could have one of those too." he notes offhandedly. And then he nods and brings his hands up in a close guard once more, shuffling towards Eva, "Alright...let's see then?" He jukes to the right and then throws out a quick under punch for Eva's stomach.

Finn rolls Melee (6 6 5 4 3 2 1) vs Eva's Melee (6 3 1 1)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

"Trust. She was not looking at you as though she pitied you." Eva starts to move, trying to remind herself to keep her footing, especially as she's not going to be on the receiving end. She's not that great at anticipating your moves, and she, rather than sidesteps your hit, mistimes it entirely and takes a solid hit to her stomach, her body reacting immediately as she doubles over, a loves hand covering her abdomen, "Half of a cookie's in there," she wheezes.

There's a roll of his eyes...and a smirks that belies the fact that he thinks it was a pity song. Still, he doesn't say anything else about that. Instead he takes a step back as she goes to grab her stomach after the punch lands. Huh. "Don't toss your cookies?" he offers up INCREDIBLY helpfully. Honestly, that was a gimme line. How could he not use it? "You ok?" he asks a moment later.

"I should have taken Antonie's advice. She tried to show me the holobands, and I threw up chocolate pancakes all in the ready room's trash can. I'll have to remember not to eat before I go to the gym." What a sad day that will be. She stands back up, taking a few deep breaths, "I'm okay. Come on, Farm Boy, do it again! I am so going to block you next time."

"Antonie?" Finn inquires, brow raised. Still, once he's sure she's ok he steps forward once more, hands back up again. "Yeah...I'm thinking it'd be best if you didn't puke up that half cookie..." He pauses and watches her for another moment and then nods once, "The good news is, you can eat after you work out." And then he once more moves in, weaving to the left, and throwing out a light jab at her face. Since the stomach is off limits and it really seems inappropriate to punch a girl in the chest. So...somehow the face is the best option.

Finn rolls Melee (8 8 6 4 3 3 3) vs Eva's Melee (6 6 4 3)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

"Niemec. Squeak. Rator Pilot." Eva is doing her best to move with you, trying to gauge when you're going to move in. "Anything I want?" To eat that is. You're too quick for her, though, and she takes one right to the right eye. Trust an Aerilonian to make good on a request. "Ow!" A glove reaches up to cover her eye, which, as one can imagine, just leads to her punching herself in the eye. "Frak." Eva will just stand there for a few seconds, as she gets herself back together. She lowers her hands, a grin lighting her face. "It's on now." She's actually going to try to get a hit in on you, while you're in fight mode.

That could have gone one of two ways, and luckily she isn't on the ground or crying or something. So this is better. "Don't think I've met her yet." Finn replies as he hangs back a few steps. He gives her some time to compose herself. He holds back a laugh when she hits herself in the face. He tries to ask, "Are you ok?" but there's a hint of a chuckle there. Finally though she is back in the fight and it's time to fight again. His guard is back up and he starts to circle again.

Eva rolls Melee (6 4 3 3) vs Finn's Melee (8 8 7 6 4 3 2)

Crushing Victory for Finn.

Eva's really trying this time. She swears. She's moving in, and out, not swinging at him, just trying to find a good angle. She takes her time at it too. Trying to box against Finn when he's trying to actually box back is a lot different than what they started out doing, which was just her using him as a human punching bag. Alright, folks, in she goes, once again trying for his face. You know since he got her last time.

So this probably isn't going to be Finn's finest moment in history. Another blunder for Aerilon Prime. So they circle and bob and weave. And when she ducks in to punch him in the face, he side steps the punch and swings out with a right hook, for the same spot he hit her last time. He shouldn't have used this move on an amateur.

Well, she did ask you to hit her, right? Eva's move into Finn is just the perfect storm of one bad fighter (Eva), one good fighter (Finn) and just the right side of her face at just the right moment. Her attempt to hit him is really just the perfect setup. His fist makes contact with her face hard enough to drop her to the mat. Not by thirds or halves, just down. An absolute and totally righteous knockout. Eva flies back, landing on her back on the mat.

Well shit. Finn watches with a wince as Eva falls back to the mat and lands on it. He moves quickly over to his gym bag and then brings it over to her, sliding down to his knees and pulling out a small medical kit. "Frak, frak frak frak frak..." he mutters and pulls out a bottle of smelling salts, uncapping it and wafting them under her nose to try and wake her up. That's going to really hurt.

Eva looks, all things considered, rather peaceful. Well, no, she just looks knocked out. But she is still breathing, and the lungful of smelling salts that hit her system after the second or third pass, brings her up sharp, her body jerking up from the mat, a gasp filling her lungs with, hopefully, not ammoniated air. She falls back to the mat, awake again, but looking completely disoriented. It was a really, really good hit.

Luckily, Finn has done this more than once. His first aid knowledge is limited, but he's boxed enough to know how to use smelling salts. As soon as the gasp happens, he pulls the bottle away and puts the cap back on. Next he's got his water bottle out, "Deep breaths...A couple small sips of water and you'll be fine." Except your eye. That's gonna be frakked for a little while.

Eva waves away the water bottle, trying to sit up a bit first, "Gotta sit up." Probably for the best, or she really will lose that cookie. Once she manages to sit up, one hand steadying herself on the mats, she does reach for the water bottle, with a, "Thank you." But she can't quite grip it with the gloves on. She's more mad about that than not knowing just how she ended up on the ground. She starts shaking her hands, trying to get off the gloves, trying to get the velcro off.

Having dealt with these gloves all the time, Finn has his off pretty quickly and he reaches out to help her with the gloves, "Let me help you with those. You did really well in there for your first time." His gaze flickers to the eye and he winces once more. So she said to hit her, but he is going to feel like shit for a while about this.

Eva is still pretty out of it, but she can still see what Finn's doing, especially as he's pretty close to her. So she can see where his eyes are going. A "thank you," as he helps her get her gloves off, before she finally takes that water bottle. A few slow sips, just as he instructed. "So tell the truth. How bad is it? The face."

Finn watches as she drinks the water and then quirks a quick grin, "It's gonna hurt...And it's gonna bruise up." A beat pause and he adds on, "But, on the plus side...it's only one eye...And you're so pretty, no one will even notice. Promise." Be helpful and complementary after knocking a woman out. That's the ticket.

Eva lifts a hand, now thankfully without a glove, towards her eye. But she stops just shy. She can already feel the heat coming off of her skin. She just sits there, not saying a word. Just casually sipping her water, before she looks over at the man next to her. "I am going to get so much cred from this." She breaks into a grin, "This is the best thing that's happened to me all week." She finally hands back the bottle, "Thank you for the compliment." She turns, a bit too slowly, if the fact that she sways a bit dangerously is an indication, as she looks around, "You got a mirror? I want to see." Hands on the ground, she'll try to start getting up.

Her response is definitely not what he was expecting. There's a momentary look of relief and Finn nods to her. Definitely could have gone worse. "You'd probably have gotten more credit if you'd done that to me..." he notes quietly. As to a mirror, he arches a brow and glances at his duffel bag, "So...yes...I do. But only for shaving." Because why else would he have one? He pulls out a shaving mirror and holds it out to Eva. "Take it easy now. If your head is spinning, you should stay down."

Eva looks over at the younger Captain, head tilting to the side, "You want I should hit you now? We could match." A snort of laughter, really a snort. She has that sort of laugh that people usually make fun of. "Thanks!" She's happy enough to accept the mirror, turning her head, gingerly, this way and that, to try to see her eye. "Wow, my eyeball is bloodshot." Yeah, it was a hell of a hit. She giggles, more than a little loopy for sure. Holding out a hand, "Help me up, I wanna go see this for real." Which means a bigger mirror. The pair will eventually get up and moving, the shaving mirror exchanged for the larger mirror in the locker room. Oh yeah. Eva is going to have the most righteous of black eyes. "Next watch is on me, Farm Boy."


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