2236-12-03 - Warming Up

Cate seeks refuge in the rec room after the polar bear Raptor plunge into the lake.

Date: 2236-12-03

Location: Rec Room

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Cate sits on the couch, a woolen blanket wrapped around her. It's not really cold in here, but under the blanket she's still shivering slightly, her knees huddled up near her chest for added warmth. Her hands are poking out just enough to hold a cup of coffee so hot you can still see the steam rising from it. Her hair is damp, and her eyes are pointed in the general direction of the TV screen, which is playing an episode from the previous season of Game of Dragons.

"Ain't /that/ cold in here." Stefan's voice, from a couple steps behind Cate, as the Marine ambles around the couch to regard the medic with an amused look. "Somebody prank th' hot water valve in the head again?" Fresh from the laundry room, he carries a rough canvas duffel smelling of regulation-issue detergent over one shoulder.

Cate drags her eyes off the TV when she realizes someone's talking to her. "Oh. Hey. No, I wish. Mission in the mountains, and then our Raptor crashed into the damn lake. Cold as frakking hell." But hell wouldn't be that cold would it. Hush logic.

So much for a playful prank. Stefan's grin turns to an awkward /oh, shit/ sort of grimace as he rolls his shoulder and sets his laundry duffel down with a whispery FLUMPF against the floor. "Crashed? How in th' Hells did you crash? Ev'ryone make it?" He parks his behind on the edge of the cushion near Cate's updrawn feet, his grimace turned to a look of concern.

Cate raises the coffee to her lips to test it, but deems it still too hot for consumption. It's handy for warming up her hands though. She shakes her head slightly to Stefan's question. "Sarge was pretty frakked up. Dunno if he's going to make it. Everyone else got a little banged up, but we all made it out. It was the damndest thing. We're just flying along, and then bam - no power. Dropped like a frakking rock." Her voice is off from what Stefan is used to even in their limited interactions, clearly a little shaken up.

"Izzit happenin' more an' more or are we just hearin' about it more? How the shit are we supposedta get deployed iffin the Raptors keep droppin' out of the frakkin' sky?" Stefan's frustration starts ramping toward outrage until he pulls a sharp breath in through his nose. Simmer it down, soldier. "Freefall's frakkin' terrifying, innit? You hangin' in there okay?" He stands up suddenly, reaching a hand out. "Here. Gimme yer coffee a sec."

"I know, right? Bad enough having to worry about the Toasters shooting us down, now we gotta worry about the birds falling out from under us?" Cate rubs her face a little at his question. "I'll be all right. Thanks." Unconscious emphasis on the future tense there. The request for her coffee gets a perplexed look, but she obligingly hands it over.

Stefan sets the coffee down on a nearby table, then stoops to untie the top of his laundry duffel. "Here," he says -- and with a sudden grin, starts shaking out his laundry around and on top of Cate's huddled form. Fresh from the industrial-strength Battlestar driers, it's still warm. "This'll help." He steps back, hands on hips as he surveys his brilliant(-to-him) idea. "Oh. Hold still a sec." He reaches in, snags a pair of gold-and-red skivvies off her shoulder, dropping it near her feet. "Better."

Cate watches Stefan. "What the..." Then the arm clothes start to fall around her and she smiles. "You are officially my new hero. Frakking brilliant." She opens the blanket and drags some of the clothes under it with her. The skivvies are given an amused look. "Those don't quite look like regulation issue to me, Luz," she teases.

Stefan scratches his scarred cheek, weight shifting from one foot to the other in an overdone show of self-consciousness. "Shore leave outfit," he says, keeping a mostly-straight face. He picks up a few socks that tumbled to the floor, flipping them up onto the Cate-shaped laundry heap, then re-parks his behind on the couch and holds her coffee out for her to take. "No place better fer warmin' up than under all the laundry I ain't folding like I'm supposedta."

"Good to know," Cate says, taking back the coffee. It's cooled off enough now for her to dare a tentative sip. "Tell you what, I'll fold 'em for you when I can feel all my fingers and toes again." She sighs, the humor short-lived. "You ever been in a Raptor that went down?"

"Raptor, nah," Stefan answers easily enough. He pulls one knee up toward his chest, hooking his heel on the edge of the couch, and scratches at a hole forming along a seam. "Elevator lost primary an' backup juice on th' Eumenidos, tho'. Iffin there weren't mechanical brakes at the end, me an' the others woulda been jelly in orbit s'mewhere." His mouth purses into a thoughtful expression for a few seconds. "Still might take it over tryna get outta a Raptor inna lake, tho'."

"That sounds awful," Cate says, a measure of sympathy in her voice. "We made it out okay - the ship stayed afloat for a minute. Still not something I'd care to repeat." She continues to sip at the coffee, letting it warm her up from within. "You ever watch this show?" she asks, glancing at the TV for a more neutral subject.

"Frakkers were damned clever 'bout it. Took the backup power first so's the alarms didn't go. Wait fer ev'ryone to pile in the elevators, cut th' primary, an' down they go. Like cuttin' the lines on a parachute but then packin' it so perfect you never know." A frown starts to grow on Stefan's place, the more of the story he spins out, until he dismisses it all with a tense shrug. He leans back into the couch, seeming grateful of the change in topic, but snorts dubiously at the question. "Weren't nothin' but bare asses an' tits front an' center when I saw it. That 'un there's wearin' something, must be Season Three or Four." Beat. He scratches at his cheek again. "I mean, I ain't gunna complain at no tight-body parade, but I wanna see them special effects they coded up. Makes Caprica nearly worth savin' when they do shit like that."

"Damn," is Cate's glum response to the story about the elevators. She nods to the screen, snorting. "Yeah, that seems to happen a lot. Not one of my favorites, but somebody else started it and I just let it play. Wasn't really paying attention." She arches an eyebrow at his comment. "Not a big fan of Caprica? And anyway, didn't they make this one on Picon?"

"Ain't good enough to enjoy, ain't bad enough to change," Stefan quips, flopping his head on the back of the couch to watch the show from beneath his brows. "Eh?" is his eloquent answer to Cate's question about Caprica. "Who /is/, I reckon, after they cooked up this shit soup fer the rest of us, yeh? Just like 'em to make a mess an' make like it ain't on them to clean it up." Broad shoulders twitch in a faint, dismissive shrug. "Didn't realize this weren't a Caprican show, though. Suppose I oughtta- ain't like Picans are much in fer wearin' many clothes."

Cate tilts her head. "C'mon, can't blame a whole damn colony for one nitwit's science project gone awry." She shrugs then, too, about the show. "Anyway, yeah, I thought someone told me it was filmed on Picon. I don't know though. Could be wrong."

Fade on Stefan's connection dying. Some time later...

It's getting late, and the rec room is pretty deserted. But Cate's sitting on the couch in front of the TV, watching... wait, is that porn? Oh, no, on second glance it's just one of the more risque scenes in Game of Dragons. It's not particularly cold in here, but she nonetheless has a woolen blanket wrapped around her, knees drawn up under her. She's holding a cup of coffee, sipping at it idly.

Jake still looks like he's still on duty, but the fact is that he's just gotten off shift and doesn't feel like going to bed just yet. So to the rec room he goes. Unlucky him has been shoved on more late night shifts than he'd like, but someone needs to be in the 'ready-to-go' room if the call goes out. He's in the midst of walking across towards the vending machines when he takes notice of Cate. And then some woman moaning on the screen. Dead stop. Yeah, he's gonna look at the tv. Oh, it's Game of Dragons. So it's high-production values porn. "Wow. OKay, yeah, that's something great to walk into." And he's totally going to stand there and watch the rest of that sex scene. "Her nipple to breast ratio is kinda weird. Too much of the latter, not enough of the former." He stifles a chuckle then, looking over at Cate. "Good, making sure you got both hands visable. Don't need you going blind on us."

Cate jumps at the voice; she didn't hear him come in. In truth, she wasn't paying much attention to the screen, preoccupied with her own thoughts. "Figures you would notice that," she notes, but doesn't entirely disagree. Then she snorts weakly. "Yeah, as if I'm going to be fooling around in the rec room."

Jacob is Recon, it's sort of his jump to be able to get the jump on people. Then again, she just could've really been into it. Or thinking. But he's going to think she was totally into it. "All I'm saying is you're going to get a boob job, at least make sure you got the nipples to make it look good." There's comment that's on his lips, a joke maybe her chest, but he probably shouldn't say that at the moment. But man, can tell he wants to say it. "I dunno, you wouldn't be the first. Heard a Captain caught a pair of crewmen getting dirty in one of the rec rooms last week. Don't know if it was this one or not." He retrieves his drink and then comes back over. "You want company or you want me to get lost?"

"Never really understood the draw of plastic surgery. Getting cut on just to look better." Cate muses, then seems to notice his expression. "What?" Maybe she's just prompting him to say it, but given her distracted, blank look it's quite likely she's oblivious. "Huh. Must've been pretty desperate," she concludes about the canoodling crewmen. "You can sit down." She gestures to the couch. “I wasn't really watching this. Someone else had it on earlier and it just keeps playing the next episode then the next... I haven't bothered to pick something else. So if you want to, go ahead.

"Oh, nothing." Jacob takes a seat next to her, twisting the top off his drink. "You just had the perfect ratio, that's all. I was a big fan of the color." Either he saying this to thoroughly embarrass her, flatter her, or likely both. "I mean, why do you think we've never run across each other in the shower?" Funny he should mention that, but they actually haven’t caught each other changing or showering. Has he been avoiding her? "I'd stare, other things will probably happen and I'll have a hell of a time trying to explain that." A glance back at the screen. Thankfully, there's no sex going on at the moment. Give it five minutes. "Nah, I'm good." he says in a fashion like he's waiting for the next one.

He seems to have succeeded in both, judging from the way her head ducks even as her cheeks color. They were a little pale, actually, now that he's closer and has a better look. "Oh." She offers a weak smile. "Well. Um. Thanks. Here I thought we just had the world's worst timing." She allows her gaze to drift back to the screen. It's a safer target. "I remember watching this with you. Never did get much into it."

Jake grins, as if that was the reaction he was looking for. "You were were the cutest when you blushed. Though if I remember correctly, you only ever did that when it was with people you were attracted to." Is...is he flirting with her? Boy, doesn't that seem like it's been forever ago. Though maybe a good feeling? Or maybe because that was one of the ways he tried cheering her up when she was obviously down. "Honestly? It was okay. I wanted to see what the big to-do about it was. I do love me some fantasy, but I always thought it focused more on the boobage than anything else." Beat. "...I don't know why I'm complaining about that. Though, if you were ask me? I always enjoyed watching standup with you more."

"Deb and Tommy weren't in the habit of making me blush, so... not really a fair assessment." Cate points out, the faint smile fading when she thinks of them. They were really the only two that Cate and Sean spent any appreciable time with. "I liked watching standup," she says, clinging to the safer topic. But even that doesn't last long, for after a minute or two of watching the dragons burninate something on screen, she says abruptly. "Our Raptor crashed." Her voice has that soft, vulnerable quality that she's always had when she's upset.

Deb and Tommy are a couple of subjects that Jake is going to steer clear of. Especailly because they both died with not the best opinion of him. Really, Deb hurts more. She never got to know the entire story. Never will, and that fact will eat at him for a long time. "Would you rather watch that?" he offers before she starts on the more sensitive topic. "I heard you went out on a mission. I wasn't called up for it." Frowning, he watches before taking the initiative and scooting closer to her. She used to lean against him when she was like this. It's an offer, albeit an unsaid one.

Cate shrugs a little. "If you want, sure." When he scoots closer, she glances his way, lips drawing together. After a few moments, brow creasing in indecision, she does finally lean sideways into him. "I hit my head on the bulkhead, and for a few seconds... all I could think about was the train."

And in her leaning against him, Jacob assumes the position of putting an arm around her, silently allowing for some well-needed cuddling on her part. Just letting her lean there against him. Without a word, he flips through the selection on the screen before picking out something they've likely seen but not recently. Probably just be background noise. The fact that she talks about the train makes him sigh. "I'm sorry. I know how hard that was for you when it first happened. Sorry you went back there."

Cate blows out a soft sigh as well. "Can't ever seem to leave it behind entirely," she says glumly. "But thanks." A few more beats pass, and she says, "You always were good at cheering me up." Her eyes are on the screen, but just background noise.

"I don't think you ever will." Jake's reply is soft. "Just how I don't think I'll ever leave the wedding behind. For a couple reasons. It will always be there, but that doesn't mean you can't...find some kind of happiness, even while living with it. Lords knows we could use a little of that every now and again. Especially these days." He's not really paying attention to the tv either, shrugging. "I don't ever do much. I just don't like seeing you unhappy, babe." He stiffens a second after he realized he said that. "Er. Sorry. That...slipped." It's easy to fall back into old habits with her.

"Yeah," Cate agrees in a solemn, quiet tone. "And I know. I don't, like dwell on it all the time. Just... sometimes it sneaks up on me." The slipped name causes her mouth to quirk up for a second. "It's okay," she tells him softly. Old habits aren't all bad. She closes her eyes, and just listens to the jokes while she lays against him. Just like old times.


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