2236-12-05 - Gotta Do Something More

Isolde approaches Kallas for a change of purpose.

Date: 2236-12-05

Location: Hangar Deck, Deck 6

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Scene Number: 906

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Kallas is crouched up on the wing of his Viper, flight suit half off with the arms tied around his waist. He's pointing out something to a deck crew member on the wing. Doesn't look angry, exactly, but definitely intent. Serious. The deckie nods, then Kallas nods, and then he's sliding down off the wing and leaving the tech to his work.

Isolde is off-duty, and that much is obvious from her chosen attire. She paces across the deck, hands sliding deep in her pockets as she moves. She knows where she's going even if she keeps looking around like she's not sure. She is headed toward Kallas's Viper, and the techie who is waiting at its struts. Fingers tighten nervously at the inner seam, seen only by the flexing of her forearms. She stands there for a heartbeat, uncertain, but then she clears her throat, "Sir?"

Kallas picks up a towel from the toolbox and wipes some grease off his hands. The CAG isn't afraid to get said hands dirty where his bird's concerned. He looks over when Isolde calls to him. "Asa." A brisk nod in greeting as he steps closer. "What's up?"

The techie stops fussing in her pockets, drawing her hands out to clasp her hands behind her back. She peeks over his shoulder as he approaches at his Viper, temporarily distracted. "Everything okay with your bird?" The question lingers there for a heartbeat, but then she's shaking her head, rubbing her knuckles together behind her back. "I wanted to talk to you about... somethin' I've been thinkin' about." She had really rehearsed this a lot better in her head...

"Left stabilizer keeps jamming up. White's on it, I'm sure they'll sort it out." Kallas squints at her, perplexed by her apparent nerves. "Something the matter?" He snorts, waving a hand back a the bird, "I mean, other than the obvious war against genocidal robots."

"I want to do somethin' more for Galactica... For the Colonies," Isolde says, falling into her script once she's taken that first leap. "I want to become an ECO." She doesn't stop once those words are out, moving forward quickly. "I've got the experience in the Raptors, and I know that I don't have all the combat experience, but I'm eager to learn." She bites slightly at her inner cheek, slowing down a bit.

That was definitely not what Kallas expected. "You want to become an ECO?" he echoes, looking like he figures maybe he didn't hear her right. Then he smiles patiently. "Asa, listen - you do plenty for the ship as it is. This place wouldn't function without people like you keeping the systems up and running. You know that, right?"

Isolde seems to have expected that response, and she sets her jaw a bit. "I know." She flexes her fingers slightly behind her back. "I know that I am very valuable in my role, and that you would all be lost without people like me... but..." She flares her nostrils a bit. "That's not enough for me." She works her jaw slightly, back and forth, almost grinding her teeth together as she does. "My dad would be really proud, you know... for me to realize playing computer nerd isn't enough for me..."

Kallas considers for a moment, the smile giving way to a more serious expression. "So, you sure this isn't just about wanting more now that you've gotten a taste of what it's like out there? Seen it before, you know - people get a taste for that rush." It's not accusatory, but more like concerned. He wants to make sure she's sure.

Isolde actually takes a moment, considering this -- which perhaps speaks a bit more about how her brain works. No abrupt, instinctive response, but a thoughtful one. Then she nods slightly. "I think it's both, Sir... wanting more of the rush, but also knowing that what I'm doin' when I get that rush is what I want to do, too."

Kallas seems to accept that response. "Fair enough, I suppose." He rubs his chin thoughtfully. "You rated on Raptors? I know you flew that bird back, but what flight experience do you have?"

Isolde was expecting a lot more points of argument -- in fact, she has several more in her list of 'Reasons Why This is a Good Idea.' She straightens up a bit, and nods. "With the Tauron military, yes... in mostly non-combat situations." Might as well be honest. Isn't like Kallas can't look this up on her service record. "But, I've done simulations in order to do diagnostics."

"Mostly?" he prompts curiously. "So what, it was mostly maintenance checkouts? I wouldn't have expected a systems tech to have been through flight school." Kallas seems pretty skeptical on this, but maybe they do things differently on Tauron.

Isolde shifts slightly from foot-to-foot. "Just once before... when the Cylons went..." The techie gestures off-handedly. Then she sinks heavily into her own feet, glancing beyond him again at the Viper. She then returns her focus back to the CAG. "Flight school seems awful generous... but I know the rough lessons around a Raptor. I like knowing about the things I work on, and I have flown some now and then before things went sideways."

Kallas nods when Isolde clarifies that she's not officially rated from flight school. Probably just a misunderstanding of what he was asking. "What about the rest of it? Plotting jumps, operating the ECM, the cannon?"

Now Isolde takes in a breath, holding it a moment. Then she shakes her head. "Plotting, I... I've had it explained to me, but that isn't something that they let people practice." People being civilians, that is. All the gunnery requirements are met with sober head-shakes, but she follows it up with a hopeful note of, "I'm a fast learner, Sir." And very eager, if her tone is any indicator.

Kallas lets out a soft grunt at that, nodding again. "Well, that's a big part of the job you know. You'll have to be rated on all of that before you can actually function as an ECO. Now normally that would mean flight school, AIT. But given your usefulness here, I doubt the brass would want to ship you off for that long." He lifts a shoulder. "Let me talk to the XO about it. See what we can work out. Ultimately it's not up to me, but... think you proved you can handle yourself with the way you brought that Raptor back. And we are down an ECO at the moment." Alas, poor Echo.

Isolde brightens just a touch, and Kallas is awarded a flash of dimples. But she quickly sobers, trying to resume her demeanor as her father's daughter. "Thank you, Sir." She glances at her watch then as if she gets a sense of her duty shift sneaking up on her. "Give me a chance, and I won't let you down." Mention of Echo does draw her chin down slightly, and she nods soberly. "Or Echo, Sir." She then takes a small step back. "I'll be back on deck in ten... Meatball is still picking up feedback in her helmet. I'm starting to thinks he's hearing things."

Kallas chuckles softly. "I wouldn't be surprised," is his wry remark about Meatball. "And hey Asa - whatever they say about it, you're not letting anyone down where you're at either. Don't forget that," Kallas says with an almost parental finger-wag at her. "Catch you later." And then he's moving back to check on the progress being made on his bird.

Isolde takes the finger-wagging with a small smile, and a little nod. "Thanks, Sir." She at least looks like she's buying into it, even if she's not 100% behind the encouragement. She starts off, hands back in her pocket, tugging at the inner seams.


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