2236-12-07 - Step Lightly

Things are afoot when Eva and Niemec meet in the Obs Deck.

Date: 2236-12-07

Location: Observation Deck, Deck 3, //Galactica//

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Scene Number: 911

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The Observation Deck is fairly quiet. There's someone in one of the furthest back sofas, watching some video or another on a tablet. Might be pornographic, but they have headphones in, so at least they're not disturbing anyone. Closer to the viewing window and slightly brighter lighting sits Niemec. The woman is scootched to the edge of the love seat she's on and dressed in off-duties; BDUs and the dual-tanks. She's got a letter unfolded in her hand, the envelope resting in her lap as she reads.

Eva pauses, just outside the entry to the obs deck, letting a couple of enlisted stumble out, her voice piping up, oh, so cheerfully, "Don't forget to cover now." Once the way is clear, she heads in. She's in her duty greens, but carrying a tablet under her arm along with a couple of heavy three-ring binders. She starts a circuit of the room, trying to avoid people when she can, apologizing when she cant, before she catches sight of her quarry. A wide arch along the window edge of the room, before she makes it to Niemec's seat, "I knew I'd find you eventually."

There's a glance up when she's addressed and Niemec does smile at seeing Eva. "Darn. And here I thought I was going to win our game of hide and seek." She leans back, carefully refolding the letter and tucking it into the envelope. This, in turn, is tucked into a pocket of her pants. She does slide over move to one side of the sofa, tilting her head at the open space. A silent invitation. "Whatcha need?"

Eva's expression falls quiet for a moment, in the wake of Niemec's quip, her reply perhaps encompassing more than their life on the ship, as they are both on the front lines of the Tauron engagement, an engagement that has grown quite dangerous quite rapidly, especially for the Galactica's raptors, "I will always find you, Antonie." A moment, a breath to break the dour air, and she catches sight of the letter, "Mail's in, then? I hope my Da sent more cloth. Oliver is a bigger man than I first estimated." She's been making various and sundry gear for him to use in the galley. "I brought you gifts." She holds out the binders. They're full of radio frequency thingamabobs.

There's a brief sort of faltering to Niemec's smile. It starts to fall away before shifting to something new. She reaches to take the binders from Eva, but just rests them in her lap before reaching to pull the other pilot in to sit alongside her. "Mail's in, yes. My family contacted me- well, my father, specifically. Apparently they've been hearing of our efforts in Tisza. Seems the Galactica might win over some folks down there. They're not too happy with Caprica, no, but the united forces?" She looks to the binders and flips the top one open. "Is this for that tracking plan? Where'd you get these?"

Eva plops herself down on her half of the sofa, having noticed Neimec's slightly less happy expression, "Too soon?" Probably. Ah well, that's a country bumpkin for you, no sense of proper interpersonal timing, "And was he happy about you too? Or does he think you should be down there in Tauron?" If she's going to put one foot in her mouth, she might as well go for both. "Yes. I remember you saying you thought it might be worthwhile to look at the sort of long distance radio the marines use. So I went down to their training area and asked for some. The engineers who maintain them said I could borrow them for a while." She holds out the tablet, "The ECO stuff was easier to find, that was in the ready room's training files. They use them for training, but also to help program the holoband training sims."

"No, not too soon. Ah-" Niemec's clearly at a loss for words and a bit of color spreads over her cheeks and to her ear tips. The woman takes a slow breath and looks down to the binder once more. "He is. Actually, ah... I've been told the Ha'la'tha is pleased with my efforts. I'm sure that's my grandfather's influence." She takes a breath and offers a slightly broader smile to the Viper stick as she accepts the tablet. It's looked over, as are the binders. Mostly considering glances at the moment, but it's clear she's already (at least mentally) marking some of the information as useful. "I can definitely put together a proposal from this." Another glance up to the other woman. "Thank you."

"I know I don't know anything about anything, when it comes to the rules you Taurans play by, but I hope they know how much you're doing up here, and they really appreciate what a sacrifice it is." Eva pulls up her feet, crossing her legs and settling in something resembling Indian style. "Remind me to buy your Grandfather a drink, if I should ever meet him." Drinking seems to be a thing people do to celebrate and whatnot. "I'm happy to help however I can. Even take the blame, if it comes to that. You know I don't know much at all about ECO beyond the bare essentials they teach you in flight school before they put you in the pipeline, but I can help with the other stuff. I could even pilot for you and you could be my backseater."

"My family knows," Niemec offers after a moment, lips tilting not a small smile. She shifts the binders to rest at her feet, reaching into her pocket to pull out the envelope. And a smaller packet from within, full of some sort of black powder. "I... need to find a tattoo artist on board. One familiar with Tauran methods." She tucks it all away again. "My grandfather is going to survive this war out of sheer grit and stubborn will. He'll want to make sure that after we win, no one tries to take advantage of Tauron." Again. As she talks, she shifts over, closer to Eva. The tablet does end up balanced in her lap, but the binders, yes, are left at her feet for the moment. "Ah, but don't you know? I'm a horrid backseat driver."

Eva looks down at the packet, brows furrowing, "Dry ink?" One would assume so, as Niemec did say she doesn't do jailhouse tattoos, "Seems as though this place is crawling with Taurans, someone has to know someone who can do the work you need. I'll post about it on the community board. Maybe ask around to some of the enlisted I know." Enlisted are great for passing info around and whatnot. If you give them the right incentives. "So you prefer to be the one in charge?" Eva doesn't scoot over, but she does reach out to take the tablet before it falls onto the floor.

"Dry, yeah. Travels better. It's... important to keep around. At least for those in the... family, as it were." Niemec's smile shifts; something more lopsided. "Guess this means I'm doing better than I thought. Admittedly, I was afraid that they'd shun m for having joined the unified forces. Seems it's quite the opposite. They like having a strong Tauran presence here." The brunette lifts a hand to brush fingers against Eva's hair. Much, much brighter than her own. "Mmm. Generally, but I can sometimes be persuaded otherwise. If sufficiently distracted, at least."

"Isn't it a bit heavy to have all that history all over you, forever? I mean, what if it's something you want to forget? I mean, I've seen some of your tattoos, it's really carved in there." And don't even get her started on the branding." She turns her head, studying the brunette as Niemec touches her hair. No frizzball today, still neatly braided. "If that means drunk or high, then I am so out of luck." Eva is so completely not the hookup when it comes to that sort of thing. "Alas."

"That's part of why we do it," Niemec offers, tone turning a bit serious. She seems content to play with Eva's hair for the moment. "To make sure we remember. Our history is a part of us. Every drop of blood, every tear, every bead of sweat. It's all part of who we are, part of who our families and communities are. So much happens, it could be easy to forget, especially as you move on. But it's important to remember where you came from." She might be loosening some of that braid. A bit. Maybe. At least not enough to really muss it up or pull it free. "Chocolate. Or if I really quite like someone," she answers, the first almost chipper, the second? Her tone slips more sly.

"I think I can understand the reasoning behind it, I'm just not sure I could really do it. Maybe a few things, the really important milestones, but," she shakes her head, which only serves to make her braid even more messy, "Too many things I'd rather not carry with me, maybe." The smile she offers to Niemec is slightly lopsided, "I'm not as strong as you are, Antonie." Eva looks away, eyes focusing on the planet spinning along, seemingly peacefully in the arc of the window.


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